5.1 miles in 40:02 @ 1% – hamstring is not perfect but much better – gives me hope for Manitoba Marathon

After blowing off my 20 miler over the weekend due to nursing a hamstring issue that I really did not want to aggravate, I was a both hesitant and driven to get on the treadmill tonight. On one hand I wanted to make sure to get in a good solid run but on the other I didn’t want to push too hard and re-injure myself.

I started out at 7.2 mph and did that for 4 minutes and everything felt good in my leg, so I bumped the speed up 0.1 mph. And every 4 minutes I kept doing that ending the run after 4 minutes at 8.1 mph. The hamstrings definitely felt a bit tight but other than that everything else felt solid. Definitely felt I could have gone longer!

It is good to know the leg is solidly on the mend. That puts me in a weird spot though – I am in my taper for the Manitoba Marathon on June 15th which should help ensure I continue to heal up but I also keep looking at that missed 20 miler wondering if I should try to make it up…

Looking at my scheduled mileage I think I can safely bump up my upcoming Sunday run from 13.1 – but bump it to what? Part of me says all the way up to 20, another part of me says just leave it at 13.1. I think I might compromise and hit around 17.5 miles instead. This would still be a very solid long distance run where I could practice my final fueling plan and lock down my confidence for the race. I’m not sure though – I seriously do not want to get injured again and blow the race completely so I think I will go out with the plan to do the 13.1 but carry extra fuel so that if I am feeling good I can keep going. That is my current thought right now…but Sunday is a long way away!

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