4 miles tonight in 29:11 – Apparently son’s birthday cake was full of rocket fuel…

I ended up missing out on a planned run last night as we took our son out for supper for his 9th birthday. By the time we got back and got the kids to bed, I had no energy left for running.

So I figured I needed to get some┬árunning┬ádone tonight even though we did his actual birthday cake tonight. After a swim with the kids after work then some big pizza for supper followed by the birthday cake, I didn’t think I would be able to do too much…but I had to try!

I decided that I would try to just do 2 miles fairly quickly and call it a night. Amazingly as I was going, I kept feeling a bit stronger and stronger. I think the birthday cake was kicking in.

I hit 2 miles at just over 15 minutes and decided to see if I could push out a total of 4 in less than 30 minutes. It took a major effort but I made it happen – 4 miles in 29:11. At the 3 mile mark I was thinking about trying for 5 but I realized that 4 was the max for tonight as I got closer to the 30 minute mark.

Pretty happy with the run in the end. Happy with the effort and results but very happy that I managed to make myself run at all!


I have fairly hefty mileage planned for the weekend – it is supposed to be cooler so hopefully the mental game is there and I can make it happen!

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