4 miles in 34:20 on the treadmill – making up a few missed miles from this morning’s freeze out

With lots of stuff going on lately I have been kind of hemorrhaging training miles and I wanted to put a stop to that! This morning’s run was pretty chilly and snowy and I called it a bit earlier than what was scheduled as my feet were wet from snow melting into my shoes and they were starting to freeze a bit. Called that run to stay healthy.

But I wanted those miles – so tonight after the kids were put to bed I got back on the treadmill for a relatively easy 4 miles on the treadmill. I thought about doing a bit more but decided in the end to call it a night at the 4. It made up a bit more than what I missed this morning so there really wasn’t a reason to hurt myself tonight.

On top of that I have 48 miles scheduled this week and depending on my home schedule I may try to sneak in a few extra miles so I wanted to make sure I got some rest tonight.

A nice positive is that I felt good for that 4 miles, mentally and physically. Excellent! That gives me a nice boost going into 2 back to back high mileage weeks.

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