4 miles in 33:07 @ 1% – took it slow – legs are feeling tight and sore so didn’t push too hard, just worked out the kinks

Legs were feeling pretty tight tonight and felt like they might cramp if I pushed too hard so I had to let any thought of speed work go for tonight.  Tonight is also the start of 2 back to back tough weeks in my training plan so just wanted to make sure I did the run without breaking anything (45 miles this week and 50 miles next week with a 19 miler and 20 miler in the mix).  In the end was able to do a pretty solid run, just not particularly quick.  It worked out the kinks so hopefully the legs feel good going into a 9 miler tomorrow night.

We have company over with a young child so with the running around we have to do with the kids’ music lessons I probably won’t be able to get on the treadmill tomorrow night.  I won’t be able to start running until probably after 8 pm and the visiting little fella will be too close to let me get on the treadmill and let him sleep too.  So I will have to be doing my run outside tomorrow night – my first night run outside in a few years.  My route is pretty clean without too many gotcha’s that I need to worry about tripping on, etc so that shouldn’t be a problem but I will still have to be more careful than normal out on the run.  I did do some dark runs recently when I was trying double run days back in late September but they were only a couple miles in the morning so it is not quite the same thing, should be interesting.

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