4 miles in 31:58 – Testing out Hoka Bondi 3s on the treadmill – need to know if they will work for an unplanned half marathon on Sunday

Just a short run tonight to see how well my new Hoka Bondi 3s will work. More specifically I tried one run with these shoes before and had an abrasion on my ankle because of them – the run tonight was to test out a theory on how to prevent the chafing.

See the post on the abrasion linked above for more info but the fix attempt today was to use medical tape to cover the area where the abrasion was and see what happens.

As a nice surprise, it worked!

Which is good – on a whim I signed up for the Winnipeg Hypothermic Half Marathon coming up this Sunday and I want the trail soles of the Bondi to run through the ice and snow on the trails!

I really hadn’t planned to do this run but looking at the running I have been doing the past couple weeks, I realized that I need to focus and a race may be the slap I need to get things back on track. That is the hope anyway!

Damn it’s going to be cold.

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