4 mile training run in 30 minutes – nice to do some sprints – surprisingly I am enjoying interval work

Did some pretty hard pushing on the treadmill tonight – I started with a 2.5 minute warm up at 12% incline for 0.17 miles – good leg stretch to start as I was feeling a bit tight.  The actual run was intervals tonight and I alternated a minute at 7 mph and a minute at 10 mph for 10 minutes and then started alternating a minute at 7 mph and 1.5 minutes at 9 mph.  Over a half hour I totalled 4 miles with about 3 minutes of walking in there and a few minutes at 7.5 mph and 8 mph to round things out.

I have done more miles in a half hour but those were usually alternating 7.5 and 9 mph periods and I wanted to do a bunch at 10 mph tonight so I backed off the slower portions of the run and allowed a bit more walking.  Totalled less mileage but pushed the cardio system a bit harder and gave me some confidence that I can push pretty hard if I need to.

Weight was up a bit today – I had a day off work yesterday and between too many carbs and spending a bunch of the day working at the computer the number climbed a bit.  I don’t think the peanuts I decided to snack on yesterday helped matters too much either – way too easy to eat too many of those little buggers.  So I measured out several individual portions of peanuts into baggies for lunches and snacks which should help me keep a handle on how many of them I am eating.  Weight was 221 this morning when I got up and 220.5 after supper and the evening run – so I can tell it is already starting to correct but I need to get back on course – I want to be down closer to 210 by the end of November.  Focus time!

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