4.5 miles in 40:40 – nice steady run – body felt good but mind was elsewhere – so was Garmin – says I did 14.1 miles…

Nice slow and steady run outside today. Nice and sunny – maybe a touch cool but perfect for a run.

I had no aches or pains – body felt good! My brain however was elsewhere – I could not focus so my body defaulted to a slower steady pace. Even still it was nice to see that the body’s default pace now is faster than it used to be. Gives me a bit more confidence as I get into the last couple high mileage weeks before the Manitoba Marathon taper.

My Garmin watch was acting goofy too – it took about 4 minutes for it to get a satellite lock this morning – so for those first 4 minutes I couldn’t tell my pace and it wasn’t tracking distance. I went to check it again at about 10 minutes in and it was tracking pace nicely finally but at that point it already had me having done over 10 miles. ┬áSo no distance at 4 minutes and then 10 miles at 10 minutes…hmmm that makes 10 miles in 6 minutes or less = 100+ miles per hour!! I wish! Luckily I was doing a lap I do around the neighborhood frequently so I know what the actual mileage was.

Hopefully that is just a weird glitch for the watch and not a sign that is getting ready to give up the ghost. Not really wanting to drop the cash right now on a new running watch…although some of the new Garmins look really nice…


  1. Bill says:

    I read about your GPS failure last night and thought about how I felt when that had happened to me. Then I had the chance to re-live it this morning. The first 3.5 miles I had no GPS, and once I did get it back – no bonus 10 miles!

    • Ted says:

      Thanks for the comment Bill.

      They are great tools but sometimes can mess up in weird ways. The same watch had me jumping in a retention pond over the winter that was a 1/4 mile off from where I actually ran. Kinda funny.

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