4.45 miles in 40:25 – heavy humidity but decent time – wasn’t thinking and wore cotton shorts = wedgie

The weather forecast last night had thunderstorms for this morning so I had resigned myself to running on the treadmill…but since the forecast was incorrect I got up early and got in an outdoor run after all.  Very toasty with the humidity though so I only did the scheduled one lap around the neighborhood instead of the 2 I had thought about doing.

Typing this while doing laundry…I ran out of dedicated running shorts so I wore a pair of cotton exercise shorts instead…good thing I was still wearing a running under layer because the shorts still kept trying to give me a wedgie!  I can’t believe I used to run all the time in those kinds of shorts – I must have been constantly dealing with massive chafing.  Yay for the advances in running gear in the past decade!

A good run – felt solid the whole way and no pain or tweaks from anything. Excellent!

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