4.45 miles in 40:14 bringing May to 144.27 – not too bad considering I lost over 23 miles due to hamstring issues

One slow and steady lap this morning around the neighborhood – hamstrings never gave me any issues but my right knee was aching a bit. It was compensating for that knee that ended up causing me to pull my hamstrings on the right leg a week and half ago. I will have to watch that knee and see what is going on with it. Maybe the next couple weeks of taper here will help?

The run today brings May up to 144.27 miles out of a scheduled 163.6 giving a difference of 19.33 miles off schedule this month. Checking the schedule I see that I actually lost a total of 23.82 (including a 20 miler) due to the hamstring issue. That means I was 4.49 miles over schedule up to May 21st when I damaged myself.

Taper continues for the Manitoba Marathon on June 15th – I have a 13.1 mile training run scheduled tomorrow but part of me really wants to bump that up to 20 miles to get the 20 miler I missed back. That kinda means I’m not really tapering at this point though and I’m not sure what the effects of doing a 20 miler 2 weeks before a full would be. I really want to break my full PR of 4:15:01 this time and would doing the 20 miler be too much during taper and cause me grief for the full? Probably not too badly but with the knee ache I had today doing the shorter run, taking it easy on the knee is most likely the wiser course of action…but that doesn’t make it an easier decision at this point.

I probably won’t decide until tomorrow morning. I will have my fuel ready to go for a 20 miler but will only bring along enough for 13.1 and if I am feeling good and want to keep going I can stop at the house at the end of a lap and grab more fuel at that point. Sounds like a plan!

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