4.45 miles in 40:01 outside this morning. Paths are a lot better but still icy enough to slow me down – but nice to be outside!

Felt good to run outside this morning. My stomach felt a bit off when I got up but went out and ran anyway and had no issues.  I did feel good mentally and physically but had to slow down quite a bit due to ice in shaded and sheltered areas.  Still – it was great to be outside and I am looking forward to 13.1 outside tomorrow as well.

Cabin fever hit my wife and I pretty hard today and I realized that even if we couldn’t use the pool we could get the hot tub ready and running.  So we dug it out of the snow and cleared a path around the pool to help the snow melt.  With some luck the hot tub should be up to temperature tomorrow or Monday!  That will be awesome and will feel great to be able to hit it after my longer runs.  Whoohoo! Looking forward to that!

Getting the pool ready

Getting the pool ready


Almost ready!

Almost there! Hop in!

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