4.45 mile sunny afternoon run. Starting August off right! Post also recaps runs from earlier this week.

When I woke up this morning my left ankle was bugging the crap out of me so I didn’t want to run on it. Instead I got in the pool for 45 minutes and did some laps as well as several sets of resistance exercises.

As the day moved on I also had to help my wife install a pool pump for one of her customers – the mosquitoes feasted well on me…I’m probably down a pint or so. Some more physically labor there bringing in the new pump and taking out the old.

And then after a quick lunch, I realized I needed to get a run in today somehow. It was a bit warmer out than I normally like to run in but not nearly as bad as earlier in the week so I decided to suck it up and run right after lunch. I probably ran a bit too early after lunch but there were no catastrophic repercussions so it’s all good.

I did one lap around the neighborhood (4.45 miles) in 39:34 – a very solid run considering the heat.

On the run I also tested out a cheap Bluetooth behind the head set of headphones, hoping that they would help cure me of my habit of accidentally yanking my headphones off mid-run. They worked not bad for such a cheap set – not great sound but passable for running. However they did drop out several times which seemed odd because I didn’t have the same issue when I wore them to do some yard work and around the house. I did notice after the run though that my gps running app was wonky too and only had captured chunks of the run. I suspect the phone was having issues with having the gps app going, the bluetooth enabled and playing music. Unfortunate really but I will do another test soon to see if that is really what is happening.

So earlier this week I had a few runs that I tweeted about but didn’t put up on the site:

Monday – I did a 15 miler in significant heat and humidity (was hotter in Winnipeg that day than Orlando both in real and feels like temperatures). I did the run attempting to fuel solely with water. It ended up being pretty slow and there was a fair bit of walking in the last mile or so. I usually fuel long, slow runs with flat coke but decided I need to train a little cleaner so went with water instead on this run. A good thought really but in that heat it was too easy to bonk without some extra fuel coming into the system. Still approx 2:40 wasn’t too bad all things considered.

Tuesday – I wanted to do a quick lap around the neighborhood to prove to myself the hot 15 miler the day before didn’t break me. There was a storm coming in but the radar seemed to indicated I had about an hour to do a 40ish minute run. Apparently I didn’t – I got about 3 miles into the 4.45 mile run before the rain started and within minutes it was coming down in buckets! The delay between lightning flashes and thunder was almost nil – the storm was right on top of me! I tried to run faster and cut some corners to get home quick but I was slowed down because my shorts were so water logged that I had to hold them up! Saw a runner much more dedicated than me in the park I took a short cut through – she was doing speed drills in the middle of the storm! Or more accurately she was resting and stretching between speed drills so it looked like she was just standing there in the storm…maybe not the wisest thing to stand in the middle of an open field in a thunderstorm…but I can’t say much since I was out in it too… In the end 4.25 miles in 40:08

Thursday – 6 miles on the treadmill 47:22 – decent run with some speed work

Friday – 3 miles on the treadmill in 22:50 – some more speed work but not too heavy. Takes my July miles to 140.1

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