4.4 miles in 38:58 outside – nice sunny morning! Temps still below freezing though but getting better

Whoohooo – 4 day weekend!!! And so far I am on track to get 4 runs in outside this weekend.  I will be doing 4.4 mile laps during the runs – 1 lap today, 2 tomorrow, 3 Sunday and ? Monday. On Monday I want to do 3 laps for sure but maybe more if I am feeling good.  If I do more than 3 laps I am in Disney World Marathon Dopey Challenge territory for the weekend.  That would be cool to be see that I am close to ready for Dopey with almost 8 months to go! Knowing that I could continue to train as I have been without stressing about completely changing things in my training schedule right away would be nice as well.

The run itself today was good – I always run better with a nice sunny sky. No aches or pains – things felt pretty slow to start today but I settled in after a mile or so and had a nice relaxing run. I like when there is no drama!

I am breaking in a new set of shoes this weekend as well since my current outdoor pair is close to 300 miles and they will be done before my next race at the WPS Half marathon on May 4th so I want to break in a new pair now so that they are ready for the race.  My current outdoor pair have been cleaned up and I will be running them on the treadmill until they are toast.  My current treadmill pair gets put on hiatus until that point and then I will bring them back into service.  That treadmill pair is getting in the high 200 mile range as well so both of those pair will probably be done by summer time but the new outdoor pair should be good until after the Manitoba Marathon in mid-June.  Between my various shopping trips I still have 3 pairs of Nike Pegasus shoes waiting to come into service (1×30+ LE lightning, 1×30+ and 1×29+) and my hope is that I can make them last until the Dopey Challenge without having to buy anymore shoes! Even with the really good deals I got on these shoes that is still a lot of money sunk into foot gear for this year of running!

The Nike Pegasus 30+ LE lightnings I am breaking in are a half size larger than I am used to and they felt like skis initially but once I got used to them I am really liking them – I might have been wearing shoes a half size too small before!

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