4.21 miles in 30 minutes @ 1% incline – nice strong run – felt good. Rest day tomorrow then 9 on Sat and 19 on Sun

Solid run tonight – felt really good.  I started with 7.2 mph and 9 mph one minute intervals with every second 9 mph interval lasting 2 minutes.  Did that until I hit 10 minutes and then did 2 minutes at 9 mph for every minute at 7.2 mph finishing the second 10 minutes with a 3 minute 9 mph interval.  I then repeated what I did for the second 10 minute cycle in the third.

This gave me a total of 4.21 miles in 30 minutes @ 1% incline.  Things felt like they were falling into place and it would seem that I have managed to push my rest pace up to 7.2 mph.  I will have to see what that translates to outside if the winter ever goes away.

And on that note – winter certainly looks like it is hanging around – it got up to near freezing the past couple days and that cleared the paths a bit but they are now calling for an inch or 2 of snow tonight and high winds tomorrow…so welcome back snow drifts.  It is also supposed to drop to -17 C (around 0 F) tomorrow afternoon and stay in that range over the weekend.  They aren’t calling for near freezing temps (or more specifically near thawing temps) until mid next week.

This could make things a bit rough going into this weekend and next.  I have a 9 mile scheduled on Saturday and a 19 on Sunday which I would prefer to do outside.  The temperatures will be cold but at least they will be at a level I can dress for but the trick will be whatever snow drifts build up tomorrow. If the paths are plugged I will be doing the treadmill again if just to avoid hidden ice from the freeze-thaw-freeze cycle we are in right now.

The next weekend I then have a 10 mile and a 20 mile scheduled…I really hope the paths are clear by then…

Ahhh winter in Winnipeg!

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