4.02 miles in 30 min – a bit of stronger push finally – maybe I am finally pulling out of vacation mode

I have definitely not been pushing the speed or the miles the way I should be lately. A few factors played into that I think. A week vacation and a wicked cold with a major cough pretty much killed most of the last 2 weeks. Before that I think I was in a bit of a post Dopey Challenge funk.

I may have finally shaken that funk (and the cough) and hopefully I can start pushing myself to get my speed back up.

Tonight I started out at 7 mph for a couple minutes then bumped it up to 8 mph for 3 before backing down to 7 mph for a minute. Then 8 for a minute, 7 for a minute and 8 for 2. I repeated that 5 min cycle a second time and then decided it was time to push a bit harder. I switched to 1 min at 7, 1 min at 9, 1 min at 7 and then 2 minutes at 9 mph for 3 five minute cycles until I hit the 30 minute mark.

It was definitely a tough go but it certainly feels to have broken back into being able to do 4 miles in under a half hour. I was in that ballpark regularly back in October but after the treadmill issues I had in November and December, I haven’t been in this range for 3 months. I have some work to do to make up some lost ground here!

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