3.6 miles in 30 min on the treadmill – just taking it easy on an unscheduled run tonight

I didn’t have a run scheduled tonight but I figured I would put in a few miles anyway to build a bit of a buffer for the week. Work looks like it will be hectic this week so I wanted to make sure I got my miles in early in case I am too torched to run one night.

I also wanted to catch up on last night’s The Walking Dead, so I figured I would take the run easy and watch that at the same time. Didn’t work out very well – lots of talking this episode and I was having trouble hearing it over the treadmill (and couldn’t put in headphones because the Wife was out and I had to listen in case the kids got out of bed).

So after about 6-8 minutes of that, I switched to some marathon videos and push the speed up a bit (but not too much). Was planning on about 3.3 for the half hour but hit 3.6 instead.

Not too bad – helps burn off some take out from the weekend, so I will take it.

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