3.1 treadmill miles tonight to take the 2016 #runstreak up to 60 days and approx 230 miles

February total at 97.16 miles – not huge by any stretch but I’m still fairly proud of the number since several of those miles came from treadmills in hotels. It took some effort to keep the run streak alive through vacation in February but I managed it.

Through January and February my running has been fairly unstructured – just run every day, no matter what…just make it happen. That hasn’t resulted in big miles but it did what it needed to – it made me stop talking myself out of running. Tired? Too bad. No time? Bah – it takes less than 10 minutes to do a single mile.

Hell – I fell asleep so fast and hard on the couch tonight that I dropped my phone right in the middle of reading an article. But I still did 3.1 easy miles.

My motivation and mental stamina appear to be back. Initial goal of the run streak has been achieved.

Now for the next thing.

March and April are going to get more structured and ramped up. I will soon be putting up another post on what I have decided to do for upcoming races and why I chose the races I did but the heart of the matter means more structured mileage is required.

Stick around – the next 3-4 months should be interesting…

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