2017 Goofy Challenge trip plan – looking forward to this trip!

My Goofy Challenge trip this year is kind of different from any other Goofy or Dopey Challenge I have ever done.

I will be going to Orlando completely on my own. In the past, I have always traveled with my wife, or my wife and kids, or with my brother for Walt Disney World Marathon weekend and of course that means my schedule was never fully my own. So that is something I definitely am looking forward to for this trip – having complete freedom to figure out what I want to do and how I want to spend my time. I can’t wait to wander around to wherever my whims take me at any given time.  I will be bringing my DSLR to take pictures and I will be having fun doing that as well.

On Thursday the 5th, I will need to be up and at the Winnipeg airport around 3 am or so Central time and I will get into the Orlando airport around 1:30 pm Eastern time after hopping through Toronto.

From there, it is straight over to catch the Magical Express to my first hotel (I ended up having to do a hotel switch part way through the trip this time).

After some quick running around to sort out my park tickets, I expect to get to the race expo between 4 and 5 on Thursday. After getting the expo swag back to my hotel room I will be heading into Epcot for the evening and looking to wander the Boardwalk area after the park closes.

I am staying in the Boardwalk area and will be getting up early on the Friday morning to come out to cheer on the 10k runners! Not exactly sure where I will be hanging out cheering everyone on but hopefully I will see folks I know.

After hanging around and having some fun, I will need to change hotels on Friday. My plan here is to get moved as early as I can and enjoy either Magic Kingdom or maybe Hollywood Studios for the afternoon and early evening. Maybe some time at Disney Springs too?

Saturday will be the half marathon – so up way early again. I am not going to put any speed pressures on this race – just want to enjoy the atmosphere and take it easy.

After the race, I will head back to the hotel to get cleaned up and then decide what to do next. Probably a park but maybe Disney Springs – I am definitely going to be playing this one by ear.

Sunday – full marathon – another early morning. Again no time goals here but I will be trying to keep a steady pace and see where that leads with my ankle. If I start having issues, I will have to protect it and slow down – this one might finish with a nice long walk…

After the race – back to the hotel and if the weather cooperates, I would like to do some swimming to stretch things out (and maybe do some laundry being the exciting person I am). I will play most of the day be ear and then I expect to hit Epcot until it closes – I think they have some later hours for Disney resort guests that night, so I will be taking advantage of that.

Monday – my last day – I will have to check out of the hotel but I don’t have to be at the airport until 5ish so depending on Magical Express timing I am hoping to hit a park in the morning and afternoon.

So that is my basic plan but I am really excited to just go and wander wherever I feel I want to go – I have never had that freedom at Disney World before and I think it will be pretty awesome! Looking forward to the trip!

Ok – last post of then night – time to enjoy the New Years celebrations. Happy New Year!

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