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2 easy treadmill miles tonight to finish up the January 2016 run streak – now bring on February!

Definitely off to a great start for an attempt to run streak 2016!

The run tonight brings me to a total of 132.2 miles for the month – my best since 140.1 in August 2015. I only had 3 months greater than 132.2 in 2015 (March, May and August) – granted I had 11 months greater than that in 2014, Feb being the only one with less at 104.91 miles. So this was a great start but looking at things realistically I know that I still have a long way to go to get back to my previous heights.

Run streaks can be pretty interesting – they can break you and drive you into the ground if you aren’t careful but they can also build your resilience. So how am I doing so far? Not too bad actually – not broken yet anyway. I have seen solid recovery in endurance and a bit in speed as well. And I am still enthused about continuing the streak – which speaks volumes as well.

So how did it work for me and how did I manage to stay healthy? Getting better at long distance running involves a few basic things in my mind:

  • consistency
  • dedicated speed work
  • rest

How do you get the third one when you never take a day off? By remembering that not every run needs to be a sprint or a death march and being willing to do a light jog of a mile some days or even doing run/walk cycles to work the legs differently than a straight run. Basically – if I was tired I would just make sure I got on the treadmill do to do a mile and sometimes that mile would turn into 4 or 5 because the tiredness was just mental (this is the building the resilience thing). And sometimes that mile would just be a mile and when it was the trick was remembering that it was ok, part of the plan and would mean I would be stronger the next day.

I also knew going into this that i had a lot of rebuilding to do so I didn’t plan on doing 3 and 4 hour long, slow sessions this month and not beating myself up in that way probably helped me keep healthy and strong. These runs will need to come back into the mix as I start getting back up to marathon training levels and we will see how they impact my energy levels and enthusiasm at that point.

The runs this month by the numbers:

101.2 miles inside on the treadmill – 31.18 miles outside. Total mileage should swing more toward the outside side of things but some viciously cold weather this month kept me inside on some of the¬†weekends. Also most of my long, slow runs are done outside and if I haven’t added those in the mix yet that skews the numbers a bit.

I never did more than 1 rest day (1 mile day) in a row – that is a pretty good sign in itself that my energy and enthusiasm were strong.

There longest runs were in the 9-10 mile range and there weren’t many of those – they went well but I was very conscious of making sure I didn’t burn out.

So what of February? It should be interesting keeping the run streak going as there are a couple weeks of vacation/travel coming up. We have a few days of road travel planned and I know at least one of the hotels we are staying at has good treadmills so those days should be straightforward to get the runs in. There are also flight days – both days have flights late enough that I should be able to get my run in before leaving the hotel. The other days? The real days of the vacation? Well the run trail at Port Orleans Riverside at Disney World are pretty damned good. As long as I can get up before the kids each morning, a peaceful mile or 2 should be more than possible.

That means I should be able to keep the run streak going but 10-20 milers are very unlikely for most of the month. So don’t expect huge mileage for the month but I will do what I can to continue this 2016 run streak!

Yay! I think I deserve a beer.


4.42 treadmill miles tonight – takes me to 106.85 for the year so far – run streak is working well

Since my last post I did a 1 miler on the 22nd, 5 miles on the 23rd, and 8.85 outside (whoohoo!) on the 24th.

I planned to just do a mile tonight but things felt good so I kept going and finished off a loop of one of the training maps on my iFit enabled treadmill. So that took me through 4.42 miles instead of 1. My legs feel pretty good too so that is a nice surprise!

That also takes me up to 106.85 miles for the month (and year I guess) so far. That is the highest total mile month since August last year (110.74) and I suspect that I will push over that tomorrow as I continue the run streak and my personal Run to the Goofy Challenge (1928.75 miles from my house to Disney World according to Google).

July 2015 I did 140 miles so I suspect I won’t hit that number with 6 running days left in the month although it is possible if I can get in a long slow run on Sunday in the 15-20 mile range. We’ll have to see if that happens.

Even if it doesn’t happen, what I have managed to do so far this month for miles is a significant improvement over the past 5-6 months and I am already pretty happy about that. Bonus points for staying healthy and motivated at the same time!

I am looking forward to continuing the streak and seeing where I end up!


10 treadmill miles tonight plus 1 yesterday keeps this run streak thing going!

One easy mile on the treadmill yesterday to keep the streak alive and then 10 tonight to try to start building some more endurance again.

Tonight’s run consisted of multiple changes in pace and a total of 4 minutes of walking as I tried to keep my brain occupied. Maximum speed was 8.5 mph for a 2.5 minute stretch and slowest running speed was 6 mph.

All in all it felt decent to get a longer run in again and I don’t feel that fried either. So positives all around!

It was also nice to burn off some work stress tonight…only 9 work days until vacation!

5 treadmill miles tonight – running streak continues – so far 76.5 miles for the month. Improving!

I posted a few of the run streak runs on Twitter but haven’t posted on the blog here for a few days, so time for a recap!

The last run I posted was on the 14th so:

15th – 1 easy mile at about 11 pm – just sneaking the run in after 6 hours of laying new flooring in the family room.

16th – 4 afternoon miles on the treadmill – was not up for the -40 weather for an outdoor run. Run was basically a progressive speed run and I averaged 7.5 mph for the overall run.

17th – 5 miles on the treadmill in the evening – started it slow because I had a rough headache and figured I would only pull off a mile. I slowly started to feel better and I started to speed up as I did. Headache finally went away after about 2.5 miles and I was able to push pretty well through to the end of the run. I started at 6 mph with the headache and finished up at 8 mph.

18th – 2 miles broken up with several distractions – I thought I would run longer on this one but I was doing some computer repairs at the same time and had to keep starting to click a button and then get back on the treadmill. Still, it would have been easy to stop after a mile and just finish up the repairs so sticking it out to 2 miles was win.

19th – 5 miles with some decent pushing – hit 9.2 mph on the treadmill for a 2 minute stretch. Not where I once was but that was a very good push and it felt good to feel the burn.

Overall that keeps the run streak alive and I am at a total of 76.5 miles so far for the month. Compared to 2014 that isn’t a huge number but compared to most months in 2015 it is pretty damned good. 2016 is definitely off to a positive start.

4 treadmill miles in 29:42 for day 14 of 2016 run streak

With a medium speed mile yesterday and haulin pretty decently tonight I have hit just under 60 miles so far for the month. I am definitely starting to get re-energized. I still have a long way to go to get back to where I was but I see signs of life at this point.

I wasn’t sure how much I was going to be able to do tonight or how fast I would be able to run either. We are replacing some flooring this weekend tonight was prep time – ripping up some carpet and spending an hour or 2 on my knees did not do wonders for my back or my legs. But I got on the treadmill and decided to push and see what would happen, and it was surprisingly good!

Tomorrow is flooring night so I will probably only get 1 mile in to keep the streak alive, but hopefully it will be higher mileage over the rest of the weekend.