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Finally found a way to incorporate my runDisney pins in my running pride wall

For a while now I have been wondering what I should do with the various limited edition Disney pins that I have purchased over the years for the runDisney Disney World Marathon.

I’m not really someone who collects Disney pins (I would rather collect the medals instead of the pins) but I have bought the race pins for almost every runDisney race I have ever done and they have just been sitting on a shelf. I wanted to do something relatively cool with them to put them up on display.

After ages of indecision it finally came to me. When I did the 2014 Disney World Half Marathon with my wife (as part of my 4th Goofy Challenge) I wore a bit of a costume. During that race I wore a Disney foam shield and sword and a cape (although the cape ended up just being hung over one shoulder since it was kid size).

I realized that I could push the pins into the foam of the shield and they would hold well. I also realized that the 3 sides the shield also worked well with the 3 main pins for each of the 3 pins (half, full and Goofy) for the Goofy Challenges I had done. I could put the Goofy Challenge pins along the top, the half marathon pins along one side and the full marathon pins along the other. And any other pins such as 5ks, 10k and Dopey Challenge could find a place on the inside areas of the shield.

Once I hit upon this idea, I figured I had to make sure the pin collection was complete for the Disney races I had done. After a quick tally I found I was missing 4 pins – my first Disney full marathon from 2008 (not part of the Goofy Challenge) and the half, full and Goofy from 2013. For the 2008 race I didn’t know that Disney pins were a thing so I hadn’t bothered to get one. For the 2013 set, I had figured that I wasn’t going to do anything with the pins anyway so why bother to spend the money on them. So now that meant I had to find these pins somewhere knowing that the 2008 was the 15th anniversary of the WDW Marathon and 2013 was the 20th anniversary, meaning that if I could find them, they weren’t going to be cheap.

So long story short on those after scouring eBay and a few online stores I was able to find them, pay way too much for them and the exorbitant shipping to Canada and finally get the complete set of all the run Disney races I have done (so far).

Final tally of the pins to put on:

  • 5 Goofy Challenge (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • 6 WDW Marathon (2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • 5 WDW half marathon (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • 2 x 5k (2012 (from an old unofficial Dopey Challenge), 2015 (from an official Dopey Challenge)
  • 1 Dopey Challenge (2015)
  • 1 x 10k (2015)
  • 1 Canada flag Mickey ears (gift from my brother from 2015 Dopey Challenge trip>


…wow Disney has a lot of my money…

As I said above I put them on the shield with the Goofy Challenge pins along the top in chronological order left to right.

shield top

shield top


Then the half marathon pins on the left side chronological top to bottom.


shield left

shield left


Next the 5 full marathon pins done as part of Goofy Challenges matching chronological top to bottom on the right hand side.


shield right

shield right


The single marathon I did from 2008 was placed on the tail of the lion.

The Dopey Challenge went on the lion’s crown.

The 2 5ks were put at the bottom near the point of the shield.

The 10k was placed near the bottom as well on one of the feet.

Then the Canada flag Mickey ears went on top of one of the upper paws of the lion.

I then mounted the sword matching the shield in the hand holds on the back so that the tip and hilt were visible when hung on the wall.

shield and sword

shield and sword


The shield was then hung on 2 holders, on which I also put on my pair of Schwing wings that I used as part of the 2014 races as well.

Then it was topped off with the cape.

This was all then hung in with all my other medals and finish certificates as part of my run pride wall.

shield on wall

shield on wall


The rest of the run pride wall includes:

  • various running bibs stacked – no real sorting there just most recent on top
  • running medals in the center – halves and fulls are split up based on Disney and non-Disney with most recent on top. Goofy medals have 2 pegs to themselves – 1 for past and 1 for the most recent – I love how the 5th anniversary (my 1st Goofy) and the 10th anniversary (my 5th Goofy) are readily visible. Dopey is on the wall on its own. 5k and 10ks on the left. And the extra special 12 hour at the top of the wall in a place of honour.
medal hanger

medal hanger

  • Along the top are my Dopey Challenge finisher certificate, finisher certificates for my half and full PR races and a pic of me from about mile 22 of my first marathon.
top row

top row – PRs finisher certificates

  • Along the right are all my Goofy finisher certificates and my single Disney marathon certificate from 2008.

All in all a pretty busy wall!

full running pride wall

full running pride wall

8.72 miles in 1:24 – very hot and humid this morning. Rain at about mile 6 helped

My training mileage this week hasn’t been all that great to be honest.

I got in an ok treadmill 5 miler on Tuesday and then a very good 8.85 miles outside yesterday and then this morning’s run was a bit of a struggle.

I put up twitter posts of the first two of those runs but as a recap – Tuesday was 5 miles in 38:14 and then Saturday’s was 8.85 in 1:18:46 and I felt very strong on Saturday’s run.

I had planned to get up early (expecting the puppies to get me up around 5:30) so that I get in a 20 miler this morning before it got too hot. But I didn’t plan on not falling to sleep until well after midnight (closer to 1 am) then being woken by a thunderstorm around 3 and then by our son having gotten sick around 4. Luckily he is feeling much better but it took a solid 30-40 minutes to clean up his room. The dogs were of course up with all the commotion so they were off schedule. By 5 am, everything that needed to be done was sorted and I could have gone running then but I was looking at less than 3 hours sleep so I figured I would lay on the couch and set an alarm for 6 and then go after that…I know I heard the alarm but it was closer to 8 before I was conscious again. So by the time I got myself moving it was closer to 9 and already very hot and humid – not sure what the temperatures were but they felt pretty oppressive.

So I changed up my plan and decided that I would just do 5 miles and look at getting in the long run tomorrow morning instead. With that in mind I didn’t bring a drink with me as it was going to just be a short run. Then I changed my mind and decided to try a new route through a new subdivision…which ended up being longer than I expected. Instead of 5 miles I hit 8.72 miles in the end. The pace was pretty steady even with the heat but interestingly my speed dropped off a bit around the 6 mile mark right around the time the rain started. The rain helped cool things down a bit and I would have figured my pace would have picked up a bit but instead I slowed down. I was probably just a bit burnt by that point and the damage had already been done so the cooler temps just weren’t able to have the desired effect. Plus the lack of liquids probably hit around then too.

I hadn’t brought liquids with me for the run yesterday either and didn’t see the same speed drop off but it was cooler yesterday so I was sweating quite so bad either. Another reminder to drink when it is hot outside…

This morning also marks the 2 week point leading up to the Manitoba Marathon. Frankly, I am not ready. My last run greater than 13.1 was 18.2 miles on March 22nd. And on March 29th I did a double run day to hit 20.12 that day (13.1 afternoon + 7.02 night). Both of these days were prior to me getting sick in early April and the lack of running that resulted from that. So basically I haven’t done a really long run in months and haven’t done one since I got sick so I’m not sure if I am even capable of a marathon at this point.

And that is why I want to try to do a 20 miler tomorrow – to get that confidence and to understand where I am. It probably won’t be fun but I think it needs to be done – but like always, life has a way of changing your plans.

At this point I know I am capable of still doing a sub 2 hour half marathon but I am not sure what I am capable of after I get past 13.1. So my current guess (which may change tomorrow) is that I will try to go easy on the first half and be in the 2:00-2:10 range and then do what it takes to finish. I suspect I am going to be closer to 5 hours – which is frustrating but at this point I have to take a step back and treat the Manitoba Marathon as part of my training for the 12 hour Lemming Loop in early October.

The Lemming Loop is my goal race for this year now that the Dopey Challenge is done and I won’t be training for any of the Walt Disney World Marathon races in January 2016. My goal for the Lemming Loop is to at a minimum break over the 50 mile mark (hit 49.278 last year) but would love to make it over 60 miles. I am going to say my actual goal there is to complete 2 marathons (52.4 miles) and every step after that will be a bonus.

Beyond running I have been trying to get other exercising in as well – I am still doing my daily chin ups, triceps dips and push ups and 1-3 sets of swimming pool resistance training exercises every time I get in the pool.

Look for more posts and updates on the site soon as I build out my plan for the Lemming Loop and training for the summer.