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8.85 miles outside in 1:18:53 – felt good to get outside for a while. Strange that it seemed easier than the treadmill lately.

A couple solid laps around the neighborhood this morning, continuing my push to get back to higher mileage.

There was some fresh snow and a few very uneven areas where some drifts started to melt yesterday and refroze. But other than that winter running conditions were good – not much wind and temperatures were bearable. (that being said the predicted above freezing temperatures for this week are going to be glorious when they get here…)

Ran very well and felt strong. Both laps were fairly consistent for speed and required effort. Surprisingly the speed I was going and effort I was putting into it felt much easier than the equivalents on the treadmill lately. I’m not sure why that is but I my current theory is that the new treadmill is actually set up to provide a workout a bit tougher than the equivalent outdoor run. If it is that would be great – makes that treadmill an even stronger training tool and when I start to get to run outdoors more I might be able to surprise myself!

In the end the 2 laps took my 1:18:53 – not PR pace by any means but still very solid. I’m quite pleased with the run today!

7.5 miles in 61:25 on the treadmill tonight. Trying to rebuild some endurance.

I knew I wanted to get a bit further tonight to start rebuilding some endurance so I started off slower and tried to build up the speed slowly over the run.

I started off easy tonight and did the first 10 minutes at 7 mph and then bumped the speed up to 7.2 mph for the next 10 minutes. From there I bumped it again to 7.4 mph to finish out a half hour.

I then walked a minute before starting to run again. In the end I got up to 8 mph for a 6 minute stretch as my fastest speed.

Not too bad all things considered. I have definitely fallen since last October but I can see sparks of hope that I can climb back up to where I want to be!

Must keep pushing!

5 miles in 36:52 on the treadmill – strong push tonight. Definitely felt good!

Did not feel like running tonight but forced myself to get on the treadmill anyway by convincing myself I would do a fast 5k and call it.

That worked pretty well – once I got the blood flowing I figured I would go to a half hour instead and should be over 4 miles…hit just about 4.15 miles at the half hour mark…then decided that I couldn’t leave it there…and ran out the last little bit to get 5 miles.

In the end I hit the 5 miles in 36:52 – a very solid run – I even hit 9 mph for 3 minutes at a stretch a couple times.

Still got something! Now to get better.

Ok – trying to build up motivation to run hard again! Signed up for Lemming Loop 12 hour run in October

Well – with the Dopey Challenge completed and run well in January, I am finding that my motivation to train is kind of gone. I have always been better at hitting a goal than maintaining.

I will be pushing to hit hard in the WPS Half Marathon in early May – so that is a speed goal but I need something to make me want to go long too. Manitoba Marathon is a maybe but if I don’t hit my speed goals for the WPS Half then I want to use the half at the Manitoba Marathon as a backup.

That leaves the Lemming Loop in October in my mind (race is run by Trail Run Manitoba and takes place at the Living Prairie Museum here in Winnipeg – very well run race and super facility) – last year I did 49.2785 miles in 12 hours after really only training to do 50k (which I hit in about 6 hours)…and it has been hovering in my mind for a while wondering what I could do if I trained longer and harder. So goal is definitely is to break 50 miles – I’ll leave that as the goal right now and see how training progresses and maybe I will increase that further.

I thought long and hard about the 24 hour race as well…but I am just not ready to pull the trigger on that yet. If I meet my goals then maybe I will go for it in 2016…

Now…time to revisit my training schedule….

7 miles in 60:52 on the treadmill this morning – testing out run/walk cycles on the treadmill to relieve boredom

So since the Hypothermic Half Marathon last weekend my brain absolutely refuses to run outside…but I am having trouble convincing myself to go long on the treadmill. I used to do runs between 1.5 and 3 hours all the time and was able to keep myself focused…but I seem to have lost that in the past year or so.

To try and recover that I decided to try run / walk intervals to help break up the monotony a bit and see if that works…and it did not bad.

I did 10 minutes at 7 mph to warm up and get things started, then did a minute at a 4 mph walk. I then repeated 9 minutes at 7 and 1 minute at 4 until I hit the 50 minute mark. At that point I had to hop off the treadmill for a couple minutes – when I got back on I started at 7 mph and then every minute I bumped the speed 0.1 mph until I hit 8 mph at the hour mark. I ran at 8 to finish out the last little bit I had left to do to hit 7 miles and ended at 60:52.

That worked pretty well – I could definitely do that for longer periods and will look at trying that next weekend. If I am to regain a bit of the tracking I lost over the past couple months and then keep moving forward I need to make sure I am not skipping my long runs due to weather.

I ran today in my Hoka One One Cliftons – again they worked well on the treadmill and made sure my legs weren’t beat up during the run. Mileage on the Cliftons is now past the 335 mile mark which is about where I have been having to retire my Nike Pegasus 30 over the past couple years. The shoes show no sign of stopping yet!

Ok – lets make March count!