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9 miles in 70:30 on the treadmill tonight – felt harder than it should have. I’ll blame that on lack of sleep at this point

A decently strong run tonight with a good chunk of it run at a steady 8 mph. I was definitely feeling like it was taking some work to get moving – even at the half hour mark I was feeling the strain even though I was going slower that what I did last night. But I’m also not getting enough sleep lately (I think it is still to do with the time change) and that seems to be costing me.

Still 70:30 for 9 miles is more than respectable.

I also did 5 miles last night that I didn’t get around to posting – finished that off in 38:18. A pretty good run as well with no issues or drama.

Two days into my new training plan – so far I am on track…a bit too early to get cocky though!

Updated my current training schedule – time to kick my butt into gear!

I finally decided it was time to get serious about moving again! After feeling a bit drained and unfocused after a strong Dopey Challenge in January and low mileage since, I am starting to feeling a bit more energized again.

So I am taking that energy and enthusiasm and translating that into my planned running schedule to take me up to the end of June 2015. Hopefully I can maintain that enthusiasm and drive and follow through!

You can see the updated marathon training plan here.

11 treadmill miles tonight in 89:08 – pretty solid – watching a good action movie helped!

Definitely a good run tonight – I wasn’t sure where I would get to but I knew I needed to get a decent length run in.

So I strapped on my Hoka Cliftons, put The Hobbit – Battle of 5 Armies on the monitor and got moving.

Things felt good right from the start – basically did 10 minutes at 7 mph, 10 at 7.2 and 10 at 7.4 before walking for a minute. Bumped the speed up to 7.6 for 9 minutes, 7.8 for 10 and 8 mph for 10 to hit the hour. I then walked another minute before hitting 7.2 for 9 minutes, 7.4 for 10, 7.6 for 5 and then finished out the last 4 minutes and change at 8 mph.

The movie was a good distraction (mostly because there wasn’t a lot of talking – just sword fights) to keep me going and changing the speed now and then helped from getting into a rut as well.

All in all, I am quite happy with the run and feel pretty good. So far it looks like the weather will be fantastic for running this weekend so I hope to get out there both Saturday and Sunday this weekend!

…alright, I think I deserve a beer.

5 miles in 36:15 – some intervals today to try to get the energy flowing. Felt surprisingly good.

I was fighting a headache for about an hour before I got on the treadmill – contemplating not running but figured I would hit the treadmill hard and it would either cure the headache or make it bad enough that I had to stop. And if I had to stop at least I would have done something.

Ended up with a very solid run out of the deal – first part of the run was 1 minute at 7.5 mph then 1 minute at 9 mph until I hit about 16 minutes and then I did 8 and 9 – gave me my fastest half hour this year so far (about 4.17 or so). At the half hour mark I walked for about 45 seconds before getting into more intervals to finish off 5 miles at 36:15.

All in all a very solid run that gives me hope that I can recover some of the speed I have lost since late last fall.

As a bonus the headache is gone as well. Whoohoo!

3.6 miles in 30 min on the treadmill – just taking it easy on an unscheduled run tonight

I didn’t have a run scheduled tonight but I figured I would put in a few miles anyway to build a bit of a buffer for the week. Work looks like it will be hectic this week so I wanted to make sure I got my miles in early in case I am too torched to run one night.

I also wanted to catch up on last night’s The Walking Dead, so I figured I would take the run easy and watch that at the same time. Didn’t work out very well – lots of talking this episode and I was having trouble hearing it over the treadmill (and couldn’t put in headphones because the Wife was out and I had to listen in case the kids got out of bed).

So after about 6-8 minutes of that, I switched to some marathon videos and push the speed up a bit (but not too much). Was planning on about 3.3 for the half hour but hit 3.6 instead.

Not too bad – helps burn off some take out from the weekend, so I will take it.