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5.38 miles in 39:55 on the treadmill tonight to finish out 150 for March. April = more!

Definitely a very solid run tonight with some time spent up near and at the 9 mph point. Frankly I just really wanted to get the run done tonight and get on to other things!

It certainly took some work tonight to get motivated but after about 10 minutes I settled in and managed to get pushing. This is one of those times where doing treadmill miles helps me…I didn’t really feel like pushing but as long as I could force myself to bump the speed up 0.1 or 0.2 mph every minute or so then I could make myself really move. Then once I got the heart rate up and the blood flowing it was much easier to motivate.

Feeling good and strong, if a bit tired after 150 miles this month (with over 90 of those miles in the past 2 weeks) – I only pulled off 75 in February and around 100 in January (including the Dopey Challenge). So that I still feel strong and healthy is a very positive outcome for the month. But it also shows I still have a lot of work to do to get back up to my peak – I haven’t been under 150 miles in a month since last June (besides Jan and Feb this year) so even though 150 is a positive it shows room for improvement.

Let’s go April!

Weekend running recap – total of 29.12 miles – mostly outside for a change!

Ok – I put my weekend runs up on twitter but didn’t get a chance to blog it at all.

Saturday – got out and did my scheduled 9 miles – went pretty well even if it was a bit chilly and icy. It is starting to warm up though so I am looking forward to more miles outside. Was a bit slower – 1:22:38 for the 9 miles.

Sunday – It being spring break here in Canada, we decided to take the kids out for breakfast this morning as a bit of a treat. So I didn’t get moving and on the treadmill until the afternoon. I figured I would watch movies and get my 20 miles in. I got to the end of the first action movie and finished out 13.1 miles in 1:50:24 and I found the thought of going for another hour on the treadmill kind of horrifying frankly. So instead I showered and hung out with the kids, had supper, rest a bit and then headed outside to finish up.

The second run was 7.02 miles in 1:01:24 – glorious outside, a few clouds but a nice sunset and I got to run in shorts! Felt very good and carried a very good pace in the end too. Quite happy with that and I am glad to see that my quick recovery abilities are still there!

Looking at my totals for the month and I am at 144.62 miles in with 2 days left to go. I have a 5 miler scheduled for Tuesday but I will make sure to bump that to get 150.

I am on my way back!

5 miles in 38:23 tonight – not bad after 18.2 miles on Sunday

Tonight’s run was pretty smooth – no drama, which is always nice. After an 18.2 mile run on Sunday I wasn’t sure how the legs would do but they appear to have recovered very well!

Tonight I started with some time at 7 mph before bumping up to 8 mph for most of the run. I did a few surges at 9 mph (for a total of about 3 minutes over the whole period in 30-60 second chunks) and had 1 minute of walking. Finished out the 5 miles in 38:23 with a 1% incline.

I tweeted that I did an 18.2 mile on Sunday but didn’t put up a post about it. I was pretty exhausted that night (especially after the headache and nausea I had the day before) and even though I woke up about an hour before I wanted to get rolling and thought about heading out early, I decided I needed that sleep. So I put my head back down figuring I would get up in an hour…so I ended up getting out of bed 2 hours after I wanted to get up…

That meant I was on a bit of a time crunch to get the long run in. So I grabbed a bottle of liquid fuel and headed out – in the end I hit 18.2 miles in 2:55:36. A very solid run and I still felt pretty good after the run and could have kept going. But that whole time crunch came into play. So I didn’t get my planned 20 miles in but I did get in a nice solid run at a very steady pace – so I at least came out with confidence that I haven’t completely lost my endurance!

On a side note, I have mentioned it before but I definitely noticed it again this weekend – my current treadmill is definitely pushing me harder. Similar effort outside versus inside seems to get me better results outside right now compared to the treadmill. That is kind of backwards to the way treadmills usually end up working but if it means I have to push harder on the treadmill, so be it. That can only help my running overall!

4.45 miles outside in 35:22 – not bad considering how I felt through the night and most of the morning

I had 9 miles on the schedule for this morning but I woke up around 4 am feeling pretty awful with a headache and stomach issues – I tossed and turned until probably 7 am before I fell asleep, to be promptly woken before 8 by the kids. So considering I probably fell to sleep around 1 there wasn’t much rest last night!

I was still not feeling good when I got up and the wife took the kids to their last curling practice for the season. I had a bit of a bite to eat and took something for my head.

I finally started feeling a bit better about 30 minutes later but by that time there was no time to run before I had to get to the curling rink to pick up the boy to take him to his robotics class.

Still wasn’t feeling that great after that and after lunch but we went out to do some shoe shopping because the boy had outgrown the last of his running shoes. While we were at the store I noticed that they had Nike Pegasus 30s on the shelf…? Odd since the 31s have been out for a year or so. Now I love the 30s but I am not overly fond of the 31s – in my mind they broke them – the 31s aren’t as cushy and the change in the heel to toe ratio is not to my taste. The changes for the 31s were basically my reasons for finally trying Hoka One One Cliftons. I love the Cliftons as well and I am glad I have discovered them because they are great for doing the real long distance runs without destroying my legs. But there is just something about the 30s for shorter runs and halves that just works for me.

I actually decided to retire the last pair of 30s I have last night and my knee started hurting when I did a short run in them. I figure I should have been able to get another 30-50 miles out of them but my knee disagreed.

But now here were 30s….did they have stock in my size? They did! They were also doing a buy one get half off the next pair promotion so got them to check on a second pair… Score! A second pair in my size! Awesome!

This basically means I can use a pair on the treadmill, have a pair for quick runs outside and use my Hokas for longer runs. I am fully equipped again!

So, now we get the shoes home and I am actually feeling ok…I figure I should get out and do one lap around the neighborhood at least so that I got some miles in today. I put on one of the new pairs of Pegasus 30s and off I went. I also decided to wear shorts instead of leggings because even though it is back below freezing again here I am done with winter!

I started off feeling a bit slow but didn’t really know how fast I was going because it took a few minutes before my Garmin finally synced up – apparently I wasn’t going slow after all. In the end I ran one lap (4.45 miles) around the neighborhood in 35:22 – that might be the fastest I have ever done one of those laps. Pretty solid run!

I was starting to get a headache again by the time I finished so hopefully the issues from overnight don’t come back and wreck my scheduled 20 miler for tomorrow morning.

5 miles in 38:27 on the treadmill – legs are feeling a bit beat up on the treadmill so set it to have a bit more give

My legs have been feeling a bit beat up this week and it seems to have to do with the treadmill. A good solid run on uneven terrain over the weekend didn’t have the same result so it does seem to go back to just the treadmill runs.

The treadmill has settings for making the running surface more or less firm and I have been using it at full firmness to better mimic outdoor running on pavement and cement but maybe it is too firm? I backed off the firmness for the run tonight to test things out and see what happens.

It did seem to help – the run tonight was a strong one but my legs feel pretty decent compared to the last 2 nights. The big unknown will be how they feel tomorrow morning. I’m betting pretty good at this point.

So maybe that issue is solved and I can concentrate on effort on the treadmill instead of worrying I am going to break something.

Five miles tonight in 38:27 – a good chunk at 7 mph, a few minutes at 7.5 and most of the rest at 8 mph with the last 27 seconds done at 9 mph. No walking.

I’m feeling good and I am looking forward to logging several outdoor miles this weekend.

I might also get a couple miles in tomorrow night – new deck and belt has finally shown up (been waiting since December) for our lighter duty treadmill that my wife mostly uses and I will probably do those repairs tomorrow night. I will then need to put a few miles on it to make sure I have the belt aligned, etc so that my wife can use it on the weekend. I will be glad when that treadmill is finally back in full working order!