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Haven’t posted on the site in a couple days – weekend recap

So this week hit 8 weeks until the Dopey Challenge in Disney World in January. I am ready but I am having issues getting motivated and a few things are conspiring against me so that I seem to be coasting instead of driving hard to get better.

Basically my treadmill is down while I wait for warranty parts to show up – I can still get in steady miles on my wife’s treadmill but it can’t handle me doing speed work so the wall breaker for it keeps tripping if I push hard. Plus the weather outside turned nasty cold (even for November in Winnipeg) with snow (with an inch of snow or so forecast for today on top of what we already have received). This has made outside running a bit tougher than I would like and since it is fresh snow with some ice under it speed work outside is mostly out of the question too.

Over the past 7 days we did a couple nights away for a family road trip, our daughter had her 6th birthday (followed by a birthday party which was exhausting), I had a sick day where I couldn’t do anything energetic like running and combined with all the other kids’ activities for the week we haven’t had too much spare time.

Combine all that and it feels like I am coasting at a point in marathon training where I should be at peak intensity. Feeling that is giving me issues with motivating myself as well. Bah!

I’m not trying to complain here just give an honest assessment of where my head and training is at this week. Acknowledging that I need to find a way to kick my own ass and get the mileage back up and pick up on the speed work.

So runs that I haven’t mentioned on the site yet (I put some of it out on twitter but not on the site):

Thursday – No run – sick and didn’t go to work that day – probably felt ok to run that night but didn’t want to risk retriggering the nausea I felt earlier in the day.

Friday – didn’t get on the treadmill until after the kids’ swimming lessons – put in 5 miles in a steady 40 minutes on the wife’s treadmill – about 7.5 mph is about all it can take from me.

Saturday – 8.85 miles outside in 1:23:56 – slow and cold with a strong wind. Dressed for it but it was definitely slow

Sunday – not a lot of sleep last night and I was exhausted from everything non-running that had to be done on Saturday. Started out hoping to get out to 13.1 miles but called it after 9.25. Cold and a bunch of fresh snow – hands were frozen (need warmer running gloves apparently) and my feet were soaked inside my shoes from snow falling in and melting. I mentally and physically could have kept going but at 9.25 I was close to my house and it made sense from a health perspective to stop considering cold wet feet that were getting colder. On a side note it has continued to get colder and keep snowing since I stopped. Glad I got out running when I did. In the end the 9.25 took me 1:32:58 with lots of slow road crossings and some fighting with my gear to get it to sit correctly (my hood especially did not want to sit correctly – it either wanted to blind me or pop off).


So what is coming up this week? Well – I need to get motivated and pushing again. The warranty parts for my treadmill were supposed to show up Thursday or Friday this past week so I have already sent a query to the manufacturer to see what is going on. I will be pushing that harder now – I need that treadmill back! I need it to do speed work and I need it for days like today where it is not healthy to keep running outside.

I will be pushing the treadmill folks and I will be trying to get lots of miles in on the wife’s treadmill even if they are slow. I can at least push the mileage even if I can’t push the speed.

I also need to get back on track with my diet – between the road trip and birthday and birthday and party this week my weight is up a bit and my diet is off. So I will be trying to clean that up for sure.

I will also be trying to add some more light weight lifting back into my mix – I already do daily chin ups and triceps dips to strengthen my arms and shoulders but I am adding in push up as well (with some planking in there too). But I think I will be adding in more arm and shoulder lifting free weight exercises (which will also help to strengthen the core a bit) and I need to start adding squats back into things as well.

Lots of plans for the week so hopefully I can motivate my way through things and get things back moving in the right direction!

8 miles in 66:07 on the treadmill – easing back into it after a couple days off for a family road trip

8 weeks today until my travel day for the Dopey Challenge in January at Disney World. It is time to refocus and get pushing again!

It is safe to say that for a good chunk of October I was coasting and a bit burnt out. The darned near 50 miler at the Lemming Loop sandwiched between 2 half marathons left me drained but happy. Since then I have had a rough time when I try to get motivated for each run – basically my brain is telling me “Don’t worry! We’re ready. We’ll do fine” and it has been a hard fight to push past that little voice.

So my wife Heather and I took the kids on a bit of road trip for a couple days – no running at all, just some splashing around in a pool and some walking (well a lot really) while doing some shopping. Just a mental recharge and reset so that I can dig in and push hard for the final approx 50 days of hard training before the taper. I have several 18-20 milers on the schedule and they are going to have to be done in the snow – so getting the mind reset was crucial to making sure those runs happen.

With all that in mind I was very tempted to blow off a run tonight after our kids’ karate and music lessons (separate lessons but karate music lessons sounds like a cool concept) but I did force myself to get going in the end.

Didn’t really do any speed work though as we are still waiting on the parts to fix my main treadmill and our old backup doesn’t really like the pounding when I try to run faster. In the end though it was a respectable 8 miles in 66:07 that felt nice and easy. I’ll take that as a confidence booster as I try to kick my butt back into gear.

Alrighty – good start – let’s keep it moving!

10 miles in 78 min on the treadmill – hit a nice zone! Felt good.

I managed to get on the treadmill relatively early tonight – kind of a nice change.

I started out with 5 minutes at 7 mph to just stretch the legs out a bit and then worked my way up to 8 mph and stayed there pretty consistently. There were a couple points where I backed off to a walk or a slower speed but the vast majority of the run was kept up at 8 mph.

Things definitely felt good and I was able to stay at a very good pace. It was one of those nice runs where pushing a little didn’t take your whole focus – I was able to push the speed while still letting my mind work on other things.

Lots more miles to go this week though – still have a 5 miler tomorrow, a 10 on Saturday and 20 on Sunday for another conditioning check for the Dopey Challenge in January. Should be interesting!

5.25 miles in 39:27 – nice leg stretch on the treadmill – strong run but not pushing crazy

Started out tonight not being sure how well things would go. I skipped my run last night to cover some family responsibilities and I didn’t have time to make up for the full missed run tonight. Wasn’t feeling great most of the day either. So when I got on the treadmill I didn’t know if I would be able to push hard or if I would even want to try. Fighting both physical and mental issues.

I took it easy to start with at 7.5 mph for a mile and then figured I was up for a better push than that so I bumped to to 8 mph for 8 minutes. I was still feeling like I could push a bit harder yet so I bumped it up to 8.5 mph and did that for another 8 minutes. At that point I wasn’t feeling pushing harder so I backed off to 8 mph and just kind of zoned out. Ended up at 5.25 miles instead of 5 since I zoned nicely and wasn’t paying attention.

So in the end I didn’t push too hard but I was able to hit a nice zone so pretty positive overall.

18.1 miles outside in glorious sun! A bit cool but no wind so was a great run – 2:46:20 – trying to get my groove back!

I got a late start today (even with the extra hour to sleep due to the time change) but was determined to get in the full 18 miles with a decent effort. For most of October I felt like I was dragging my ass so I wanted to make sure I was pushing again.

I didn’t know how well the run would go today as I spent 5 hours in the vehicle yesterday going to visit family after doing a 10 mile run. Kind of expected them to be a bit dead….and they were at the start but they loosened up well.

The run today was a combination of asphalt, cement and gravel for a nice mix on the legs and a change of scenery. Unfortunately most of the gravel was on a 2-3 person wide trail that gets busy with dog walkers if you get out there too late in the morning (like I did). Most of the dog walkers treat it like an off-leash dog park and that can get tricky to keep the speed up. Most of the owners would heel in their dogs if they saw a runner or biker coming but others…well not so much.

Not that big a deal but I should try to hit that trail earlier if I am going to do it – granted we will probably have snow in a month or so which will shut that down as a trail for running anyway. But something I will have to watch out for.

In the end the run went quiet well – had a bit of walking but not too much overall and I slowed down a bit after about 2 hours but not horribly so.

Anyway – I nice confidence restoration run – was starting to get concerned that I had lost my ability to go at a decent pace outside!