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13.1 miles outside in 1:57:55 with temps just below freezing and a light dusting of snow – very good winter running conditions

Very decent run today – the weather conditions were just about as good as you could hope for for a winter run. There was a touch of a biting wind but it was only a factor when running into it with no cover (maybe 20% of the run so not too bad).

Felt very good and strong – lots of focus this morning which was a nice change. Speeds were very consistent – I did 3 laps around the neighborhood to make up the miles and the laps were all within a minute or 2 of each other.

Happy with that one! (fastest outdoor run since my last half marathon race about a month ago)

6.2 miles tonight on the treadmill in a steady 51:55 – nice to get it done early tonight! So much less exhausting that way

I managed to get on the treadmill early tonight for a change – feels good to get on the treadmill without feeling like I am already asleep.

I have 10 and 18 mile runs scheduled this weekend so I wanted to make sure I took it fairly easy tonight and saved up some energy. So I did the first 4.2 miles at a steady 7 mph and then went into some speed cycles to finish out the last 2 miles. I did those with 2 minutes at 8 mph and a minute a 7 mph before repeating the cycle.

Legs felt great, never felt out of breath and my stomach wasn’t feeling off like it was last night.

All around a very decent run!

5 miles in 39:29 on the treadmill – stomach wasn’t feeling quite right but was still able to do a decent run

I’m still waiting on parts for my stronger treadmill so I knew I was going to have to use our older machine tonight and that meant no speed work (it just can’t handle it).

On top of that my stomach wasn’t feeling right but luckily that didn’t really impact the run.

I basically spent most of the run doing a minute at 7 mph and 2 minutes at 8 mph finishing out my scheduled 5 miles in 39:29 – not too bad a run – definitely slower than I want to try to push the 5 mile runs in my schedule but it felt very good to go a bit easier and let my mind go a little.

Feeling good and healthy! Always a positive!

10 miles in 1:21:19 on the treadmill – started late and wasn’t sure I had time for the full 10 but got it done – now hopefully I can sleep tonight

After a bunch of family stuff I got a late start on the treadmill tonight so I wasn’t sure what I would get done but managed to push out the full scheduled 10 in a very decent time.

Found out that some of the warranty parts for our main treadmill are back ordered so I need to keep running on our old machine without breaking it. That means I can’t push the speed work too much but I was able to do not too bad tonight and get a decent average speed in the end.

10 miles in 1:21:19 @ 1% incline with 2 minutes of walking thrown in there. Definitely not my best but all things considered I am happy with that run, especially since it almost didn’t happen.

Rest day tomorrow before heading into a 4 day series of runs scheduled at a total of 38 miles including an 18 miler. The 18 miler will be outside for sure so here’s hoping the weather forecast of 2-3 inches of snow that day changes! Well at least running in snow strengthens the legs!

4 miles in 34:20 on the treadmill – making up a few missed miles from this morning’s freeze out

With lots of stuff going on lately I have been kind of hemorrhaging training miles and I wanted to put a stop to that! This morning’s run was pretty chilly and snowy and I called it a bit earlier than what was scheduled as my feet were wet from snow melting into my shoes and they were starting to freeze a bit. Called that run to stay healthy.

But I wanted those miles – so tonight after the kids were put to bed I got back on the treadmill for a relatively easy 4 miles on the treadmill. I thought about doing a bit more but decided in the end to call it a night at the 4. It made up a bit more than what I missed this morning so there really wasn’t a reason to hurt myself tonight.

On top of that I have 48 miles scheduled this week and depending on my home schedule I may try to sneak in a few extra miles so I wanted to make sure I got some rest tonight.

A nice positive is that I felt good for that 4 miles, mentally and physically. Excellent! That gives me a nice boost going into 2 back to back high mileage weeks.