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13.1 miles total today – brings November total to 201.8 miles – highest month ever! Tough running today though

Woke up this morning to see that the temperatures were showing as -36C (-32.8F) with wind – and with a 20 miler planned I realizedĀ could not get that 20 miles done outside safely. I also couldn’t put that kind of stress on the treadmill (I’m still waiting for parts for my big one and our old one would definitely break down if I tried it on there).

I thought about a few different ways to get in the run but never really found something that would work for the family schedule today. But I did get a ray of hope from the weather forecast – it is showing much, much, much better temperatures for next weekend – that weekend was scheduled to be relatively light – so I made the decision to let the 20 miler go for this weekend and do it next weekend instead. I would then swap in 13.1 miles instead (broken into 2 runs) for today.

I got on the treadmill and did 2 light miles (17:08) and then got on with the rest of the day (which included getting the Christmas tree up and some of the decorations).

Then this afternoon, once there was time, I put on many, many layers of winter running clothes (up to and including 2 pairs of gloves) and headed out into the cold (it was -32C (-25.6F) with the wind when I went out). I quickly realized that I made the right choice not doing the 20 outside this morning – I almost went over on an ankle several times in areas that hadn’t been cleared from the Friday/Saturday snowfall (3-6 inches) and they were still clearing the neighborhood so the clear spots I did hit wouldn’t have been clear this morning (increasing the danger). I also realized about 5 miles in that some areas that were under even 3 layers of clothes were starting to get the tell tale cold burn – I finished off a shortened lap and got inside. In the end I got 6.4 miles in 58:47 outside – considering the cold and rough terrain that was a decent time.

I then dropped several layers of clothes, switched running shoes and got on the treadmill. I finished out 4.7 miles in 40:03.

That brought the total for the day up to 13.1 miles. Not quite what I had planned but I salvaged some good mileage and most importantly came out of it healthy!

That run then brings my total for the month up to 201.8 miles – my highest mileage month ever and my 3rd month ever over 200 (all 3 this year). So a great month for mileage…but can’t seem to shake a bit of disappointment for the month though.

I did not get in the speed work I wanted (damned treadmill parts) and I actually had 12.3 more miles on the schedule than I completed for the month (it was always an ambitious month in the schedule). I think my biggest disappointment is still missing the 20 miler today though – always hate missing those.

But still doing very good and I am looking forward to going into my last month of training for the Dopey Challenge!

Wow – just checked mileage for the year so far…1803.859 miles…can I hit 2000 this year? I hit 1400 last year so that would be a hell of a jump!

10 miles this morning on the treadmill and then outside for a half hour of cross training (snow shoveling)

I had planned to go for a longer run this morning in the fresh 3-4 inches of snow but timing of some family responsibilities and my son being sick moved me onto the treadmill instead.

I kept a fairly steady pace for most of the run averaging 7 mph for the first half hour and then closer to 7.5 mph for the rest of the run. For a good chunk of the last bit of the run I was doing a minute at 7.2 mph and then a minute at 8.2 mph – doing a bit of training to ensure I have fast recovery times. That and reminding the body that it can go faster than I have been pushing it lately.

Overall a good run that I am glad I got done even if I am a bit disappointed I didn’t do it outside – winter makes you adapt!

Then I shoveled for a half hour to clear the driveway and front walk. The sun is out but you can feel the cold starting to creep in…

Which means it is now time to figure out what I am going to do with a scheduled 20 miler tomorrow with windchills predicted down to -32C (-26F) – I really don’t want to lose any bits or pieces to the cold but I also don’t think the treadmill could take me beating it up for 20 miles straight. Current plan is to bundle up with as many layers as possible and get out there and get as far as I can – even getting 13.1 in and finishing up the rest on the treadmill would make me happy. I will have to play that one by ear.

Either way I dug the Christmas decorations out of the crawlspace today because I can’t imagine crawling around in there tomorrow after a 20 miler!

7 miles in 57:41 on the treadmill – nice, simple run – no drama – always a positive!

I managed to get on the treadmill early this eveningĀ and knocked a couple extra miles over my schedule. It felt good!

I did the first 3 miles at a steady 7 mph and then slowly increased speed from there up to a max of 7.8 mph for 5 min finishing up with a final time of 57:41 for 7 miles.

It was a nice, clean run with no drama – just smooth and steady. Excellent!

10 miles in 83:39 on the treadmill – legs felt surprisingly good after a harder weekend of running

A very decent run tonight – I was concerned it was going to be a bit of a write off after the many miles put in this weekend those fears were unfounded.

I was able to do a steady push at 7 mph for the first 6 miles or so then I got a bit bored and upped the speed a bit. I didn’t go crazy (maxed out at 7.5 mph) but I did make sure the legs could push even when extra tired.

That felt good!

But man I am not enjoying these 10 milers on Tuesday nights that I currently have in my schedule – with other family responsibilities I don’t get started until around 9 meaning that I’m not done and out of the shower until 10:45….and my heart rate is up too high to go straight to sleep. That means I am probably going to be up to midnight tonight or later, so tomorrow morning will come awful early. That lack of sleep is a diet killer (I start to substitute carbs for sleep – not good) and makes it harder to push strong on training runs. Only a couple more of these left in the training plan leading up to the Dopey Challenge but in my next training schedule I will make sure to put in a max run of 5 miles on these nights!

Always learning!


18.1 miles in 2:52:23 – a bit slippery out there – can tell it really worked the stabilizers

With the 18.1 miles done today I am done my first true Dopey Challenge dry run for the races in January.

Thursday I did 5 miles, 6.2 on Friday, 13.1 yesterday and 18.1 today – total of 42.4 miles in 4 days as opposed to 48.6 for the actual challenge but it shows I am in a good place with 46 days until the challenge begins!

I felt very good on the run today and could have kept going quite easily but I have a 50 mile week this next week as well so I need to keep something in reserve. Plus I have to go spend some more time outside in the cold putting up some Christmas decorations.

Weather today was very good (for winter in Winnipeg) – hovering right around the freezing mark with no wind – dressed properly it was gorgeous out there! I’m glad I got it done when I did though since the weather is supposed to take a big turn for the worse in the next hour or so (high winds and deep wind chills and a couple inches of snow – might have just had my last really good outdoor long run until spring…)

Being right around freezing there several slippery ice spots and some loosely packed snow that can be very unpredictable – I almost fell once but otherwise it wasn’t too bad. Still I can tell it really worked the various stabilizing muscle groups in my legs and in my core as well. That is one positive about winter running – your legs do get stronger all around.

Very happy with the run today and how well I did. My confidence and conditioning for the Dopey Challenge is definitely there – but it is still way too early to start to taper. Lots more running to go!