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5 miles in 36:45 on the treadmill – time to start putting some speed work back in the plan!

Alrighty – not to get back strong into training. 3 races over 4 weeks (2 halfs and a 12 hour 49.28 mile run) – didn’t really train in that period, it was more like keeping the legs loose between races. I certainly wasn’t very focused on training as I was more worried about being rested for the races.

But those races are done now and I need to get some speed back (at least in my head I do anyway). So tonight’s run went back to my 1 minute at 7 mph, 1 minute at 9 mph, 1 minute at 7 mph and 2 minutes at 9 mph intervals. I just kept doing those 5 minute cycles until I hit 5 miles.

It was a bit harder than I remember it being from a month or so ago so I definitely lost some ground on the speed side of things but hopefully I can get that back fairly quickly while still pushing the longer mileage runs on the weekend.

Something like 11 weeks to Dopey Challenge in January – I am ready endurance and cardio wise. Now to get better!

WFPS Half Marathon 2014 race report – 1:47:51 – 177 overall. Slower than a month ago? What happened?

Gotta start with saying the WPFS Half Marathon was fantastically run – very clean and organized. Fantastic volunteers – overall just great.

It was a changed course this year as one of the parks decided not to let the run go through this year. This took some of the scenic aspects out of the course and put the first several miles on pretty bland city streets. Nothing too exciting there but about half way through the course got a lot more scenic which was nice.

Weather was perfect too – cool but not too cold and no wind. Great conditions with a nice sunrise.

So what happened? Why was I slower? Well – probably a few reasons but I will get to that.

I went into the race not really sure how hard I wanted to push and thought about lining up around the 2 hour mark and taking it easy – I certainly wasn’t out to prove anything this race. In the end though I saw the 1:45 pacer and figured I would line up near him and if I had to back off I would and still maybe be close to my 1:46 PR. I wasn’t training lately to go extra fast so I didn’t think a PR was likely but stranger things have happened.

So I followed the 1:45 pacer and felt strong and was able to keep up nicely. Around mile 6 or so I was actually ahead of him for a bit and still feeling good. He did end up passing and around mile 8 I had to stop for a quick walk. I was able to push the speed and had him well in sight until mile 10ish when I stopped for a second quick walk.

Then around mile 11 I was going strong and still well on track for around 1:46 and then I accidentally pulled my earphones out and couldn’t get them back in without walking again.

Got going again but didn’t have a lot more speed left – steady but no burst power.

Coming up near the end I was still going strong and passing a few here and there and also being passed – but still good. Got around mile 12.5 and saw some guy was trying to race me – kept looking around to make sure I was still behind him and I could tell he was struggling – weird. I could have blasted past him – was feeling damn strong but that isn’t my game and I didn’t want to risk tripping or causing a problem. Just stayed nice and tight and let him have his finish. My PR wasn’t there so there was no point in going crazy.

No tummy troubles or equipment issues at all – was comfortable the whole race.

So I’m not entire sure why I was slower than my race a month ago but I think there are a few reasons:

  • to start with I wasn’t hungry for it – didn’t put any pressure on myself
  • I haven’t done any real speed work in a month (not since the Fort Garry Half Marathon 4 weeks ago) – everything since then has been about endurance and running on tired legs.
  • That being said the legs are probably a bit tired too – especially after running a 12 hour damned near 50 mile run 2 weeks previous
  • I haven’t been as focused on speed training since I set my half PR back in May so I have probably been slowly training myself to be a bit slower all summer (especially since I was looking at that 12 hour run)

So lots of reasons why I wasn’t faster – but still I ran a strong half and felt comfortable enough to contemplate a run later that night. I have trained and locked in endurance and quick recovery – just what I need for the Dopey Challenge in January.

Now that tells me my training plan is working and I will be ready for Dopey – that being said I will most likely make sure that I push my speed work harder over the next couple months!

Again – a great race! Half marathon #14 in the bag.

5 miles in 38.5 minutes – decent strong run. Feeling good going into the WFPS Half on Sunday!

Haven’t posted anything in a few days so here is a bit of a recap:

Oct 11th – Saturday – 10 miles outside – legs were trashed after and realized that the shoes I was using were at 340 miles when I was done – maxing out at around 320/330 lately with that type of shoe. Apparently when those shoes are done, they are DONE.

Oct 12th – slept in way late – very unusual for me and it cost me my 18 miler that day but all things considered I probably needed the sleep. Still, I did manage to do a bunch of yard work getting rid of a bunch of chores going into fall.

Oct 13th – day off and got in 4.45 miles in the morning to make up a few of the lost miles yesterday – was a nice run outside.

Oct 14th – started on a 10 mile run on the treadmill but the breaker tripped and I ended up stopping at 6 miles. Not sure what is going on with the treadmill – it is well lubricated and I can’t find anything physically wrong with it so I don’t know why it is crapping out. Was pretty pissed after I finished off though and my foot slipped on the edge of the treadmill deck causing me to reach out to a shelf to steady myself…and then I knocked my Lego Millennium Falcon off the shelf. That is going to take some time to fix…

Oct 16th – 5 miles tonight in 38:30 – treadmill breaker tripped on me again after 4.15 miles and I finished off the last 0.85 on the wife’s machine. I don’t have another treadmill run scheduled until Tuesday so I will have some more time to investigate the machine to see if I can figure out what the problem is.

Only a few training miles left now until the Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Services Half Marathon (WFPS) on Sunday. This is my last race until Dopey Challenge at Disney World in January and I want to do well. That being said I am not hugely motivated to go crazy on the race and hurt myself either. So I’m not sure what my plan will be for the run besides to finish but I will be thinking about it and hopefully know what I am doing before I toe the line on Sunday morning!

5.25 miles in 39:00 – nice strong run – managed to trip the breaker on the treadmill though

Hope I didn’t break another treadmill.

It had tripped last night as well but I just assumed it needed a lube – did that this evening before the run and still ended up having it trip again. The belt also seems loose. I tightened the belt as well and I will have to wait until my next run on the treadmill on Tuesday to see if that worked or not.

The run itself was good – legs felt a bit tired at the start of the run but after a few minutes they felt pretty good and I was able to bump the speed and did some intervals. Feeling pretty good!

5.75 miles in 42:30 on the treadmill – feeling strong – official number for 12 hr run came in 49.28 miles

Final numbers came in for the Lemming Loop today – made 49.2785 miles in 12 hours. Kind of disappointed that I didn’t hit 50 but I take solace in the fact that I could have made 50 quite easily with another 6-7 minutes. I just took too many walk breaks and I was still very functional when done. If it had been a 50 mile race, I would have finished. That and all the wandering around I did before and after the race I did over 50 miles that day.

But didn’t get it done in the 12 hour limit and that is on me. Still proud of what I accomplished there though considering I was maybe trained to do an okĀ 50 km run – that I got that close to 50 miles makes me pretty happy.

The run tonight was interesting. I had no desire to get on the treadmill at all – just plain exhausted and just wanted to rest tonight. But I forced myself to get on the treadmill figuring I would do a few miles to stretch the legs and call it a night.

I started out at a relatively slow speed and after about 4 minutes I bumped it up a bit and then again 4 minutes later. I kept that speed for about 20 minutes before bumping it up again. Time just flew by – that is one thing I got out of the 12 hour run – 5 miles doesn’t seem all that long a run anymore…

I hit the planned 5 miles and felt like continuing at least 1 more mile – got about .75 miles into that mile before the breaker on the treadmill tripped. Damn.

Going to have to do some maintenance on the treadmill tomorrow night. I lubed it a couple weeks ago but I might have messed up the belt tension. Won’t know for sure until I investigate further tomorrow.

All in all a good run tonight and I seem to be back close to 100% after the 12 hour race on Saturday. I am very happy about that!