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5 miles in 35:24 on the treadmill – good push trying to get some speed back

Felt strong tonight! I was able to push really well and never felt like I was dragging my ass. That was a nice switch.

Started out doing 7.5 mph and 9 mph 1 minute intervals and quickly bumped it to 8 and 9 instead. My legs got a bit tired but cardio wise things were good. Lets me know that I should be able to start pushing even harder to get some more speed back in the legs.

Definitely a good thing to see that I am also starting to recover – I think 2 half marathons and a 12 hour damned near 50 mile run in 4 weeks was a bit much. I really felt like I was dragging my ass on my training runs and so far it looks like I am going to be behind on my scheduled mileage for the month. That isn’t a good thing but it can mostly be attributed to the 12 hour run which wasn’t originally in my schedule so even though it was a hell of a run it drained me pretty good and I missed some other runs because of that.

With the strong run tonight though I am optimistic for November – time to hammer hard for the last 2 months of training going into the Dopey Challenge!


7.5 miles in 57:29 on the treadmill – feeling pretty good but more than a little lacking in motivation

My treadmill is down for repairs right now so I got on the wife’s tonight and I just really wasn’t feeling it. I did do 7.5 miles in the end with some speed work up to 9 mph but it really felt like I was just going through the paces and not truly pushing myself. That is something I am going to have to work on. October has been a long rough month at work and I am going to be happy when it is done and things settle down a bit.

I didn’t put up a post for my Sunday runs – did a 13.1 mile run outside in 2:00:37 (just taking it easy and letting my mind wander a bit) before I ran out of time to do some family stuff. Got on the treadmill later in the evening figuring I would get another 5 in but the treadmill tripped out again at 2.2 miles shutting things down.

I won’t be running on that one again until it gets repaired – looks like just under 600 miles before failing? Ouch – ¬†that being said it looks like I averaged over 8 mph for those 600 miles. I don’t think when they put the ratings on these things they expect a 220 pound man to hit greater than 8 mph for very long…

Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to fix but until then I will be doing a fair bit of work outside (yay there were flurries today!) and then the indoor miles on our old treadmill that my wife Heather has claimed. I will try not to break that one…

4.45 miles in 38:27 outside – bit of a colder wind than expected but nice to get the sun!

Just a quick run through the neighborhood this morning while Heather has the kids out at their first curling lessons for the year…guess fall / winter is officially here.

Not too much to note about the run – it went well with the only issue being a cold wind that I hadn’t expected or dressed for! Wasn’t a big deal though since it was just a short run but the wind did slow me down in a few spots.

Overall decent run!

5 miles in 38 minutes tonight. Small victory tonight since I almost didn’t run. So tired after the kids’ swimming lessons

I had a bugger of a time convincing myself to get on the treadmill tonight. Just exhausted after a long week. The kids’ swimming lessons tonight after supper didn’t help either – just wanted to curl up in bed and read. But I managed to convince myself to at least do a little bit.

So small victory there.

Started out doing 20 minutes at 8 mph and then I walked for a minute. Almost got off the treadmill there but convinced myself to get going again. To help motivate myself I did my 1 min slower / 1 min faster / 1 min slower / 2 min faster cycles- helps keep the brain active. And basically pushed that out to 36 minutes when I bumped down to 7.5 mph to ride out the remaining few minutes. Finished up 5 miles in 38 minutes.

Pretty decent considering I had no desire to run at all.

5 miles in 36:10 – strong push tonight – feels good. Nice to be done earlier in the evening so I can relax!

I did some maintenance on the treadmill last night hoping it would clean up the breaker trips that have been happening but no luck Рbreaker tripped part way through the run again. Probably means the belt is going Рlooks like I am going to have to put in a warranty call soon.

Besides that the run went well – I pushed pretty decently on the speed again tonight doing 7.5 and 9 mph periods giving me a total of 5 miles in 36:10 at a 1 incline.

Legs feel good, body feels good. That means I am coming out of the racing period back into training still healthy and relatively undamaged! Nice!