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8.37 miles in 1 hour @ 1% – very solid run that takes me beyond the 1000 miles mark for the year so far!

Hit the treadmill as soon as the kids were down for the night – I felt strong right from the beginning and kept pushing at a nice steady pace through the whole run. In the end I did most of it at a solid 8.5 mph.

That felt really good and I realized as I was looking at my tracking speadsheets after the run that this one had pushed me over the 1000 mile mark for the year – it took me until October 20th last year to get to the same point – that is a pretty significant improvement. After this run I am at 1007.7 miles so far.

I am kinda stunned looking at how far I have come in the past year – still lots of miles to go before the Dopey Challenge in January, I’m looking forward to seeing where I am at that point!

8.15 miles in 1 hour @ 1% – wrapped the knee to make sure it didn’t cause any issues and kept things steady – good run

Right after work today, I spent a half hour in the pool splashing around and doing swimming pool resistance training (arms and chest) before supper.

Since I had had issues with my knee yesterday I made sure to put a brace on it before I got on the treadmill tonight. I’m glad I did…it hurt for a bit around mile 7 but I was able to work through with the support from the brace.

The run was solid – after a few minutes slow to warm up I picked up the pace and kept things at a solid 8.2 mph until the 30 minute mark. At that point I did a minute walking and then pushed back up to 8.2 for 10 minutes and then 8.3 mph to finish out the hour. This gave me 8.15 miles for the hour. Even with the knee issues this was a good run.

It was nice to get that confidence builder in as I have been feeling a bit burnt out this week.

5 miles in 35:51 @1% – would have been faster but knee went wonky…hope that’s temporary…

I got in the pool for a little while tonight with our son – swimming around I managed to get some resistance exercises done which felt good. I hadn’t managed to get in the pool for a few days because of cool weather so it felt to get in tonight.

After I got him to bed I hopped on the treadmill to do my scheduled 5 miles and maybe a bit more – was surprisingly stiff and tight after having been in the pool for 20 minutes, so I had to take it easy and work into it. It took about 5 minutes to get settled and then I got into 1 minute splits – 1 minute at 8 mph and 1 minute at 10 mph.

By about the 15 minute mark though my right knee was hurting pretty bad and starting to feel like it couldn’t take weight. It did the same thing during the Manitoba Marathon about mile 14 and back in May before I hurt my hamstrings so I wanted to make sure I backed off and prevented a real injury.

After some walking and some test runs at 7.2 mph and 7.5 mph I eventually got back up to 8 mph by the 30 minute mark. At this point it seemed to ache a bit but was holding weight well so I thought I should give things a bit of a push. So I bumped things back up to 8 / 10 mph splits and stuck with that until the end of the 5 miles.

My best guess is that I was not running with proper form and that tweaked the knee because it seemed ok later while I consciously watched my form. It is still aching a bit now but it doesn’t feel like anything was actually damaged so here’s hoping it is ok for a scheduled 8 mile run tomorrow!

On a side note – I picked up Weird Al’s new CD today – Mandatory Fun – lots of great songs! A few work well for my running play list as well so that’s a bonus! I listened to the CD on my run tonight and it worked pretty well. I will be adding “Foil”, “Word Crimes” and “Tacky” to my running playlist for sure and I will see what else I add later.

13.1 miles in 2:05:30 – rough slog to get done today brings me to just around 58.5 miles this week

Yeah…I don’t think the beer and pizza late last night helped my run much today. It was a pretty tough push to even get within 10 minutes of the time it took me to do the same distance yesterday.

That being said it was also my 5th day in a row of running (45.42 in those 5 days) and it might be my single highest mileage for a 7 day period at 58.5 miles.

I had thought about doing another 5 miles today but with some nasty looking clouds rolling in (which did nothing in the end) and how rough I was feeling on the run it was easy to convince myself to stop at my scheduled point and walk away.

Overall my legs are feeling good, tired but good. What stopped me today was more mental than anything so that tells me I am pretty much ready for the Dopey Challenge in January already! With around 6 months to do that is a pretty good sign – my Dopey Challenge (Goofy Challenge) training plan has be training pretty hard in the next 6 months so if I an pull off the training consistently without getting injured then I should be set up very well for the Challenge.

I’m going to say at this point I am feeling pretty good and I am optimistic that the Dopey Challenge won’t feel like a death march as long as I continue my training properly!

13.1 miles in 1:55:59 on a warm and sunny morning. Definitely felt good to go a bit faster on a longer outdoor run

…and I only almost got run over once. By a cyclist not following road rules – that stop sign meant you sir! Good thing I am always watching for that sort of thing, especially on residential area intersections. Lesson in that – Keep your heads up folks!

Anyway – no harm done and I wasn’t going to let that ruin my run.

The planned run today was 3 laps around my neighborhood for a total of 13.1 miles. I knew it was going to be a little warm (but not too bad) so I brought a bottle of fuel figuring I wouldn’t need most of it but it was good practice to use it anyway.

First lap was pretty strong and I did it in about 38 minutes (same loop that took me about 41 minutes yesterday – so my head was definitely more in the game today) and was still feeling strong.

Second lap was very good as well but was probably the slowest at just over 39 minutes (included a 45 second walk break to get some hydration about half way through the lap).

Third lap was very good as well – could tell I was dragging a bit and was getting hungry but I knew I wanted my time for the lap to be near where the second lap was so I kept pushing. In the end the time for the lap was a bit under 39 minutes making it faster than the second lap.

In the end the full run was 1:55:59 – that’s the fastest I have done that distance outside when not actually in a race. Race PR for the half is 1:46:00 so I wasn’t near that but it was a very good run and certainly helped boost my confidence!