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6 miles in 43:26 – brings July up to 201.02 miles – best month ever! I think I deserve a beer.

I did a 10 miler last night in 74:16 on the treadmill that I didn’t post about (I did tweet it but didn’t put anything on the site). After and during that run my knee was really hurting – the same way it was back in May before I pulled my hamstrings – so I went in the pool right after the run to try to stretch and work it out. It did seem to help as I had no issues with all day today. Whew!

Run tonight was 6 miles in 43:26 and the knee seemed ok – no real issues at all – I could feel that it was tight and not really happy but no pain. I started the run a bit slower to see if anything was going to happen but as I continued without problems I started increasing the speed. No issues or worries. That’s nice to see.

I am glad tomorrow is a rest day and it is supposed to be nice and warm – there will be relaxing by the pool (and some stretching in the pool) tomorrow.

I’m thinking I might get in the pool tonight even to make sure the leg is good but I should go hydrate first…maybe some kind of beer like liquid…

7.06 miles in 49:00 on the treadmill – felt very good but a slight knee twinge near the end

I had 5 miles scheduled tonight but after a bunch of time in the pool (including some resistance training) before supper and a half hour walk with the wife and kids after supper, I was feeling pretty energized. So I decided to go pretty strong and see where I got to in the 45-50 minute time frame.

I did no walking and I was constantly ramping my speed up before bringing it back down to a steady pace before ramping up again. I hit 10.2 mph for 1 minute which is the fastest I have gone in quite some time.

At about the 48 minute mark my knee started acting up and I pushed on for an extra minute to see if I could get it to settle but in the end I stopped at 49 minutes with a very respectable 7.06 miles. A good run but I will have to watch my form more closely to keep the knee issues away.

5 miles in 36:46 @ 1% – testing out redesigned Nike Pegasus 31s – worked quite well!

I decided to do a quick unscheduled run tonight to test out a pair of Nike Pegasus 31s I bought last week. The shoe is fairly heavily redesigned and I was not sure how they were going to work for me, so I wanted to give them a test go before I put them in the rotation for my regularly scheduled runs. The change in the toe-heel height difference and the fact I had to get a different size shoe than I normally do had me concerned.

My legs were shot today after being back to work after a week off – they did not want to be under that desk! So they started to rebel a bit when I started running but that was the legs and not the shoes.

I started out a steady 7 mph just to make sure I wasn’t going to have an immediate bad reaction and to try to work the kinks out of my tired legs. By the time I hit the 5 minute mark I was starting to feel better in my legs so I pushed a bit higher up to 7.5 mph. I did that for another 5 minutes before bumping up to 8 mph for 5. At this point I was pretty sure I was just going to do 2 miles and call the run a success but at the 15 minute mark I bumped the speed to 8.5 mph and everything seemed to click. By the time I hit the 20 minute mark I knew I was going to do a full 5 mile run. I bumped the speed up to 9 mph and then to 9.5 at the 25 minute mark.

I stopped for a 1 minute walk at 30 minutes and them hopped back up to 8 mph and then bumped the speed 0.2 mph every minute until I finished the 5 miles in 36:46.

All in all a very good run on tired and sore legs.

The shoes did really well also, I really thought the toe-heel height change was going to be an issue because I could feel it when walking around in the shoes but on the treadmill it didn’t appear to be an issue (maybe because of the incline?). I will have to try them outside as well to see how they work for me out in the real world but so far I am surprised and happy!

I also did some swimming pool resistance training tonight before supper – so a good calorie burn all around tonight.

13.65 miles in 2:06:59 – bit of a cooler morning but pleasant for a long slow run

I apparently have to change up my standard neighborhood running loop. The loop is around 4.45 miles for one lap but due to scooting around portions I can make a clean 13.1 miles from 3 laps.

I have been noticing lately (and it was really apparent this morning) that I am running way slower than I would expect when doing this loop and I am finding it hard to keep motivated when I run it. That was really obvious this morning when I was having trouble staying motivated on what would be the first lap of 3, my speed was way low and I seemed to have no energy. I was actually dreading doing the loop 2 more times after I finished the first one.

So I made the decision to take a longer loop that is a bit over 9 miles to force myself to stay motivated (and to make it harder to stop early!). I haven’t done that route very often since it goes through a local nature park that is quite often not opened early enough for my runs. Lately I have been running a bit later on the weekends but the heat usually makes me stay closer to home in case I run out of liquids.

Part of that longer trail (around a mile) follows the same route as my usual shorter loop but as soon as I was through that section I could actually feel a difference in how I was feeling – both mentally and physically. My speed picked up as did my motivation. I was running faster at the 2 hour mark than what I had been at the 20 minute mark. Definitely a mental barrier there.

In the end this had made me realize I need to map out a new local running route – probably something around 4.5 miles long.

On the positive side today part of my run was on the Thundering Bison Trail – a strangely appropriate description of my running style I think. “Giant hairy beast stomping across the prairies” Or something like that…

Thundering Bison Trail

Thundering Bison Trail

8.85 miles in 1:18:40 on nice sunny morning – just relaxed and enjoyed the movement

No running yesterday but I did spent a good couple hours in the pool with my brother and the kids. I did some swimming pool resistance training while I was in there as well as 12 minutes of deep water running with my Aquajogger vest. It felt good to work the legs without pounding the joints.

The run this morning started a bit later than expected (up late with a backyard fire and a few beverages). With those few beverages I knew a fast run wasn’t likely to be in the cards so I figured I would just settle in and enjoy the run and the quiet.

I did 2 laps around the neighborhood – the first faster than the second by a little bit but pretty steady paced overall. Not worrying about speed work for a change felt pretty nice. That seems to be the way my runs go – outside are about distance and steady pacing and treadmill runs are about pushing speed barriers. It’s a pretty good mix that seems to work well for me.

Long run tomorrow – 13.1 miles planned but might go longer if I am feeling it.