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8.85 miles in 1:22:28 outside – sunny and warm morning! Right into the pool after done the run!

Got a late start for the run this morning – sun was up and strong when I got started. It has been a while since I have had a warm morning to run in so I enjoyed it and didn’t push too hard. Could feel the impacts of the heat on my performance though. I will need to remember to bring liquids with me on even medium length runs for the summer!

Right after I got the run done I hopped in the pool for 20 minutes to stretch out the legs and get some resistance exercises in for the upper body.

I also got back in the pool for about an hour tonight to hang with the kids.

Today we also went to see our son’s end of year concert for his music lessons – he did awesome in front of the crowds! The kids’ swimming lessons are done for the summer too, and only a few more days of school – summer vacation is coming up fast!

4.45 miles in 43:03 outside – very pleasant morning, slow run though – hips very stiff – will have to get in the pool later to stretch out

Felt good mentally out there – was even up earlier than I planned to make sure I got the run in (very busy day planned today). I could tell very quickly though that my right hip was very stiff and sore and it wouldn’t let me go all that quickly. It felt like that the whole run so I just took it easy and let my mind wander while I was running and just enjoyed the quiet.

43:03 is probably the slowest I have done my neighborhood loop in a long time but I got it done and it will be an active day so hopefully I can get it stretched out.  If thunderstorms hold off I should be getting in the backyard pool for an extended period later this afternoon / this evening and I will spend some time stretching the hips out then as well.

Other than the hip though there appears to be no fallout from the Manitoba Marathon last Sunday – right knee and hamstrings are fine, no toe issues, mentally still invested in running.

Positive all around!

Updated my training plan for summer maintenance, 2 halfs in the fall and Dopey Challenge in January 2015

Now that I have completed the 2014 Manitoba Marathon it is time to review my training schedule, update it for solid summer maintenance and for running 2 half marathons in the fall. And of course to cover off training for the 2015 Dopey Challenge!

Current summer maintenance and 18 week Dopey Challenge / Goofy Challenge training plan are linked here.

Some links to previous plans and my analysis of how I think I did following those plans and how well they worked for me:

4 miles in 29:49 on the treadmill – nice clean run. Not pushing too hard as I let my legs recover from the weekend.

A solid run tonight with no drama. Started out at 7.5 mph for 5 minutes and ramped up to 8 mph for 15 minutes. I then bumped my speed 0.1 mph every minute until I hit 8.5 and did that for 5 minutes. Then ran the last 49 seconds at 9 mph.

Finished strong and feeling good!

6 mile shake out run after the Manitoba Marathon – 43:55 – tons of energy! Whoohoo!

After supper tonight I spent an hour in the pool playing with our daughter while the wife had our son at a birthday party. I did a bunch of swimming pool resistance exercises for the upper body while in the pool as well and made sure to get the legs all stretched out.

After we got the kids to bed I then hit the treadmill planning to do a minimum of 4 miles but hoping to get 6 in. I figured I would take it easy as I didn’t know what kind of condition my knee was going to be in. I didn’t need to worry in the end – it felt great and I had no issues at all.

I started with 5 minutes at 7.2 mph, then did 15 minutes at 8 mph, 5 minutes at 8.5 and 5 minutes at 9 mph. I backed off a bit and did 5 minutes at 8 mph, 5 at 8.5 and then a minute back at 8. I then pushed out the rest of the time at 9 mph to hit the 6 mile mark. Very strong run – I felt like I had a ton of energy, cardio was strong and no issues with my legs after being pounded on the weekend.  Excellent! All those miles I put in training have paid off!

Now to keep motivated!