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With 4 miles today I hit 143 miles for June and a grand total of 900 so far for 2014!

With a total of over 17 miles for Sunday and Monday I have managed to hit a grand total of 900 miles so far for 2014!  A very strong year for me so far. I hit a total of 1400 miles for all of last year and I should hit that by the end of September this year so I am looking at some fantastic mileage (for me) for the year.

Still a lot can happen in the next 6 months but at this point if I follow my training schedule I should be over 2000 miles for the year come the end of December. If that happens it will by far be my highest mileage year ever! Very optimistic at this point for the Dopey Challenge in January for sure!

So what has gone into that 900 miles? Well we are talking:

  • Total of 2 full marathons and 2 half marathons
  • Highest mileage month ever in March – just over 200 miles
  • under 17 miles off schedule (short), almost all of that due to one injury (means I was very dedicated to my schedule so far this year)
  • One injury – pulled hamstring while compensating for a hurt knee – luckily it wasn’t too bad and after a few days I was able to run again and recovered to near normal in a couple weeks
  • Landed on my ass a grand total of 3 times – once slipped on ice and twice tripping on rough sidewalk (both of these in one run)

Overall I am proud of how the running has gone and I am excited to see where I get to by the end of the year – 2000 mile year? Another half marathon PR? Lots of possibilities!

I am also excited to see where I will be when I hit the Dopey Challenge in January 2015 – my goal for that is to be at the point where I will be able to do a strong marathon time while still taking in as many sights and character picture spots as I can.

Bring on the next 6 months!

4.45 miles in 40:25 – heavy humidity but decent time – wasn’t thinking and wore cotton shorts = wedgie

The weather forecast last night had thunderstorms for this morning so I had resigned myself to running on the treadmill…but since the forecast was incorrect I got up early and got in an outdoor run after all.  Very toasty with the humidity though so I only did the scheduled one lap around the neighborhood instead of the 2 I had thought about doing.

Typing this while doing laundry…I ran out of dedicated running shorts so I wore a pair of cotton exercise shorts instead…good thing I was still wearing a running under layer because the shorts still kept trying to give me a wedgie!  I can’t believe I used to run all the time in those kinds of shorts – I must have been constantly dealing with massive chafing.  Yay for the advances in running gear in the past decade!

A good run – felt solid the whole way and no pain or tweaks from anything. Excellent!

5.35 miles in 40 min and then 20 minutes in the pool = energized!

Tonight I hit the treadmill while the wife took the kids into the backyard pool – this gave me some incentive to get through the run fairly quickly so I could go join them.

I did a 5 minute warm up at 7.5 mph and then did most of the rest at 8 mph with some stretches at 9 and 9.2 to get to 5.35 in 40 minutes. One of my calves felt tight but didn’t cause any grief, no issues from my knee or hamstrings though so that seems to have passed for now. Overall a good run.

Right after that I hopped in the pool to cool off and hung out for 20 minutes cooling down and doing some minor resistance exercises – that definitely helped the legs.

Rest day tomorrow! Whoohoo! Unless it doesn’t rain then it is lawn mowing day and my legs will get some working out after all.

8.04 miles in 1 hour – that felt awesome! especially considering I had a massive headache an hour before getting on the treadmill

Yep – a massive headache while I was in the pool with my daughter about an hour before I was going to run. It had to have been something I ate today causing it, whatever it was at least it disappeared before I had to get on the treadmill.

And in the end it was a very good run. I started out doing a 5 minute warm up at 7.5 mph and then I bumped my speed up to 8 mph and kept it there for 20 minutes, then I did 2 minutes at 9 mph, 1 minute at 8 mph and then 2 more minutes at 9 mph. At this point I decided to walk for a minute and then put my speed in at 8.2 mph and kept that there for 14 minutes. I then backed off to 8 mph for 10 minutes. This took me to 55 minutes and I knew I needed to get a bit faster than 8 mph to hit 8 miles for the hour at this point so I did 1 minute at 9 mph, 1 at 8, 1 at 9, 1 at 8 and then finished off the last minute at 9 mph. This put me over 8 miles for the hour (8.04 miles).

I felt great through the whole thing, focused, not metal barriers to break, and no issues with my knee or leg. Cool. I will take that any day.

5 miles in 34:04 @1% Strong return to speed work – felt good and no nagging knee issues. Whoohoo!

So tonight I knew I needed to get back into the speed work. I had no desire to get on the treadmill at first but I figured if I did speed work I would get the blood pumping quickly and it would set a positive tone for running this week.

I started out doing 1 minute at 7.5 mph, 1 minute at 9 mph, 1 minute at 7.5 and then 2 at 9 to finish off 5 minutes and then I would repeat the 5 minute cycle without stopping. After the first cycle was done though I knew I wanted to push harder – so instead of bumping to 9, I decided to bump up to 10 mph instead. I’m not quite at the level where I can maintain 10 mph for 2 minutes without taking a break after so I would do the 1 minute speed periods at 10 and then the 2 minute speed periods I would do 1 minute at 10 and 1 minute at 9.

This worked very well and I was quite surprised to see that I had no issues with my knee at all. I expected the high speed would trigger an issue but it didn’t. Significant positive there!

I finished out the scheduled 5 miles in 34:04 – fantastic speed for me and may in fact be my fastest ever for that distance. Cool. I have a strong based laid – where can I build to from here? Time will tell!