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6.04 miles in 48:00 @ 1% – good solid pace run. Feeling good as training continues for the Manitoba Marathon on Fathers Day.

Strong solid run tonight – felt good throughout. No aches or pains – still feeling good and healthy in the 2nd last high mileage week before the Manitoba Marathon. Attitude is staying healthy as well which is a nice improvement over last year.

I decided to run a steady pace tonight – so I set the treadmill at 7.5 mph and went for a half hour without a break. I then walked for a minute before running again. I added 3 minutes of 9 mph in there to make up for the walk and hit just over 6 miles in 48 minutes.

Steadily eating through the miles leading up to the Manitoba Marathon!

5 miles in 34:42 @ 1% incline – felt really good. Had to delay the run as the cat expressed her displeasure at something, on my shoes.

Yeah…I went to put on my shoes to get on the treadmill and smelt something a bit odd. Realized the cat had relieved herself on my runners for some reason. In the laundry with those! Then out came the disinfectant and some other cleaners and I cleaned up around the area of the treadmill and where my shoes had been.

I didn’t want to use my outdoor shoes on the treadmill as they were a bit muddy so grabbed my next set from the cue, laced them up and got going. Not too bad a thing though – the current treadmill pair are probably going to be tapped out for mileage in a couple weeks anyway – this gives me an excuse to break in a new pair so that they are ready when that pair is done.

A bit of a delayed start to the run but in the end it was a very strong run…potentially the fastest I have ever done the 5 mile distance on the treadmill. 34:42 @ 1% incline. I did cycles for the run 1 min at slower speed, 1 min at faster, 1 min slower, 2 min faster and then repeat the whole 5 minute cycle until the 5 miles is done. I kept the slower speed at 7.5 mph through the run but for the faster run I started the first cycle at 9 mph and then upped the speed by 0.1 mph every cycle so that between 25-30 minutes the faster speed was 9.5 mph. I knew I was going to probably only have one cycle left if I pushed at that point so I bumped the slower speed to 8 mph for that last cycle and the faster speed to 10 mph. That was a bit tough, but felt really, really good.

Apparently only 32 days until the Manitoba Marathon – in the second last heavy mileage week before the taper begins. Attitude is good – going to keep pushing hard!

2 runs today – total of 17.65 miles

Mothers’ Day today so I wanted to make sure to go get a run done before the wife got out of bed.

I needed to get 18 miles in today and by the time I woke up I realized that wasn’t going to happen before breakfast so I headed out to do a shorter run. I did 2 laps around the neighborhood for a total of 8.83 miles in 1:19:22. My right knee wasn’t feeling great for the first lap but it slowly sorted itself out and the run was decent in the end.

Rolled through the day and then after an early Mothers’ Day supper of Chinese food and a bit of a break to digest I headed out for a second run to see if I could get myself closer to the 18 mile total for the day. The first part of the second run felt pretty rough, I almost stopped in the first 5-10 minutes! But my Garmin didn’t register a signal until about 4-5 minutes in when it did I was way over my normal easy pace. I backed off and after a little bit I was able to settle in and keep going. I did the evening run of 8.82 miles in 1:18:31. A faster pace than the morning run! I did get some more tweaks from the right knee again but not too bad and I was able to work through it pretty well.

So total today was 17.65 miles – 0.35 short of my scheduled mileage but still pretty good. Now 2 more hard weeks coming up before taper begins for Manitoba Marathon in June!

5 miles in 37:22 @ 1% – quick indoor run this morning – felt good

Things have been a bit tight for time around here the past couple days!

  • I missed out on my run on Thursday night (that was more due to exhaustion than a time crunch though),
  • I couldn’t run last night as it was way too late after we got home from the kids’ swimming lessons,
  • couldn’t run outside this morning as the wife had to be out of the house early to go help her Mom with a garage sale and I was looking after the kids and then
  • there is the potential I will miss my run tomorrow due to Mothers’ Day stuff.

I couldn’t 3 days without running by missing today (with the potential of missing tomorrow making 4) so I distracted the kids for a half hour and quickly put in 5 miles on the treadmill. I didn’t do a crazy run, instead I did a more steady run to simulate what I would have run like outside this morning if I could have.

Felt good through the run – no aches or pains or anything like that – I also felt positive and focused throughout. I think I am fully recovered from my half race last Sunday and can start the hard push to the Manitoba Marathon with 5 weeks to go as of tomorrow morning!  …Must stay focused!

10 miles in 79:20 @ 1% – nice strong and steady run – recovery from WPS half and training continues for Manitoba Marathon

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do another shorter recovery run tonight or a longer training run and I still hadn’t decided when I got on the treadmill. So I started off nice and steady and when I hit the 5 mile mark I was feeling really good still so I decided to push out to an hour.

Once I hit the hour I was just over 7.5 miles in so I figured I would finish out a 10 miler as long as I was still feeling it. In the end I finished it out and my pace was actually better than what I ran on Sunday to set my nice new half marathon PR.

All in all a nice run – feeling good and confident heading towards the Manitoba Marathon in June…but way too early to get cocky.