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5.9 miles in 51:55 – knee was still an issue and compensating for that gave me a massive leg cramp. Yay!

I was supposed to do a 10 mile run today and I started out relatively slow since I wanted to make sure my knee was ok since it was hurting during and after the run yesterday.

The knee did hurt for about a mile or so but it was more of an ache…but I must have been running funny to compensate for it because the back of my right leg cramped up something fierce. I was able to keep going by slowing down and throwing in some walking but it was not pleasant.

At around 4.5 miles the leg cramp seemed to have gone away but then the knee went off. At that point I stopped for a bit and did about 5 minutes of walking. Once everything settled down I tried again at a slow speed and got a bit further but the leg cramp just got worse again after that.

I basically had to decide if it was worth it to do a long slow slog to finish out the 10 miles or call it and hope I can get healthy for the weekend. I have a 5 miler planned for tomorrow, a 10 for Saturday and a 20 for Sunday. I need that Sunday run to go ahead as my last long run before taper begins for the Manitoba Marathon.

In the end I decided I had to let the run go. One of the important things a runner needs to learn is when something is uncomfortable and when something is actually hurt – and I had progressed to the point where something was going to get hurt.

I am disappointed at this point but still hopeful. Cardio wise the run was beautiful, I am ready for the distance, I just need to do it without hurting myself!

I will see what happens tomorrow but I am prepared to let the 5 miler slide as well if it will get me healthy for the weekend. Fun times!

5 miles in 34:17 @ 1% – felt really fast today – might have done something to my right knee though…crap

Very fast run for me tonight – 5 miles in 34:17 @ 1% incline on the treadmill. I did running cycles 1 min slower, 1 min faster, 1 min slower, 2 minutes faster (so total a 5 minute cycle) and repeat until hit the 5 miles. Slower speed tonight was locked at 7.5 mph and faster speed started at 9 mph and I bumped that by 0.2 mph every 5 minute cycle, maxing out at 10 mph for the last cycle and the last partial cycle. Total of 5:17 at 10 mph.

Unfortunately my right knee was hurting a bit during the run but I thought it was like the past couple treadmill runs, as long as I kept going it would sort itself out. But the pain – well not real pain, more like hurt / uncomfortable…maybe like the body is trying to tell you something… – the hurt kept coming back but never seemed to slow me down.

I kept checking to see if my form was off or if I was running a bit strange on the treadmill but that all seemed good.

I realize now that the issue is probably my shoes – my current treadmill pair just hit 300 miles. I have been averaging between 320-340 miles for the make of shoes I use so this seems a bit early but something is causing the issue. And I didn’t have any issues with my knee when I did a break in run on a different pair last week (while the cat displeasure was being washed off of this pair…) or when I did my outdoor runs over the weekend (again with a different pair of shoes than my treadmill set).

So I am going to set aside this pair and hope my knee is better tomorrow. If it is, I have a scheduled 10 miler that I will use a different set for and if my knee feels good I will know for sure it was the shoes. If my knee doesn’t feel any better with that pair then I will know it is something else….and start panicking about the Manitoba Marathon from there…less than 4 weeks to recover before that race…

I am hopeful this is temporary glitch – my knee already feels a fair bit better just as I sit here typing. I will know better tomorrow but I suspect I will be good to keep pushing shortly.

…no negative thoughts…no negative thoughts…no negative thoughts…

18.1 miles in 2:48:32 – nice long, slow run – wind was bitter here and there but otherwise a nice run

I was a little slow starting out this morning – got going late and the first lap was extra slow – wind was pretty bitter and made me wonder if needed to go add an extra layer of gear. It was only an issue though for the first mile or so – after that it was warm enough that the strong wind just slowed me down instead of freezing me.

I was practicing some marathon fueling strategy today and it seems like that should be pretty good – definitely helped keep me strong through the full run. I will tweak it a bit on my next long run next Sunday and lock that down for the Manitoba Marathon (4 week today!) from there.

Felt good through the full run – no issues with my right knee which has been bugging me here and there over the past week or so. Excellent.  Just one more long mileage week to stay healthy through and then into taper.

Feeling good.

4.5 miles in 40:40 – nice steady run – body felt good but mind was elsewhere – so was Garmin – says I did 14.1 miles…

Nice slow and steady run outside today. Nice and sunny – maybe a touch cool but perfect for a run.

I had no aches or pains – body felt good! My brain however was elsewhere – I could not focus so my body defaulted to a slower steady pace. Even still it was nice to see that the body’s default pace now is faster than it used to be. Gives me a bit more confidence as I get into the last couple high mileage weeks before the Manitoba Marathon taper.

My Garmin watch was acting goofy too – it took about 4 minutes for it to get a satellite lock this morning – so for those first 4 minutes I couldn’t tell my pace and it wasn’t tracking distance. I went to check it again at about 10 minutes in and it was tracking pace nicely finally but at that point it already had me having done over 10 miles.  So no distance at 4 minutes and then 10 miles at 10 minutes…hmmm that makes 10 miles in 6 minutes or less = 100+ miles per hour!! I wish! Luckily I was doing a lap I do around the neighborhood frequently so I know what the actual mileage was.

Hopefully that is just a weird glitch for the watch and not a sign that is getting ready to give up the ghost. Not really wanting to drop the cash right now on a new running watch…although some of the new Garmins look really nice…

5 miles in 34:44 – very strong run tonight despite some knee pain about a mile in

I am off work tomorrow so I was tempted to bump tonight’s run to tomorrow morning but in the end I decided to get it done tonight to make sure I have time to do a bunch of yard work tomorrow.

I was feeling pretty tired most of the day and I was thinking about just doing a slower run but since I had done a bit of slower run yesterday I knew I should really try to push the pace tonight…so I slammed a coffee and got ready to get on the treadmill.

Then I remembered that I still needed to lube the treadmill belt since the machine was squawking at me yesterday when I finished up. Took the 15 minutes to do that and test the machine out, cleaned up and finally got going…by now the coffee was in the system!

If Tuesday night’s run was my fastest at 5 miles on the treadmill then tonight was #2. Very strong push and felt really good cardio wise.  I did have some issues with my knee about a mile in where I was worried I was going to have to slow down or maybe even stop. But it worked itself out and I was able to keep going. No walking at all and I did my low speed / high speed interval sets again with my slowest speed being 7.5 mph and my fastest getting up to 10 mph.

Definitely happy with the run tonight and I am looking forward to getting some runs in outside this weekend as the weather is supposed to be warmer again (after the cold snap through the week – was well below freezing last night).