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10 miles in 78:56 on the treadmill – strong half marathon pace test run – felt strong

I decided that tonight I should try a mid length run at near the pace I need to run at to hit my half marathon PR on the Winnipeg Police Service half marathon in a week and a half.

I ran the first hour without stopping at 7.5 mph before taking a 1 minute walk.  From there I did add in a few one minute periods at 9 mph to push a bit harder at the end and to try and finish strong.

In the end I did 10 miles in 78:56 @ 1% incline – I felt good during the run without any issues.  I am certainly where I need to be cardio wise to try and beat my half marathon PR but it will take some more outdoor running before I can be sure.

Still – feeling confident that I will do well and considering the winter we are coming out of that is still a very good place to be.

4 day weekend running update – almost a mini Dopey Challenge…

Since I got into the Dopey Challenge through early registration as an Annual Passholder and the weather finally turned nice enough to run outside, I figured I would give myself a bit of a challenge over the Easter long weekend.

I had 4 days off work and was able to get out and run.

So I did one lap of my neighborhood on Friday for 4.4 miles, 2 laps on Saturday for 8.75 miles and 3 laps on Sunday for 13.1 miles. This left Monday – I had been thinking at the beginning of the weekend that I would shoot for 20 miles to make up for my missed 20 miler from last weekend but other obligations meant I had to back that off.

Still when I headed out I expected to do 2 laps at least and for the first 15 minutes or so of the first lap I was moving – I was well on track to have my fastest lap of the entire weekend…but at around 17 minutes or so my GPS watch locked up and I couldn’t tell how fast I was going or anything like that. This threw me off a bit and I definitely slowed down and started thinking about all the other things I needed to do (like fix my computer and get a new bike for our son) and I ended up stopping after one lap. I was then able to check how fast that lap was on my smart phone’s gps app and it was still my second fastest of the weekend even after slowing down.

So, on one hand I am disappointed I didn’t go further on Monday, since I definitely still had energy and was physically fine. But on the other I am feeling pretty positive about how I was feeling and that even though I stopped the run early on Monday it wasn’t because I was feeling drained or messed up.

Top those 4 days of running with an solid run tonight to make 5 days in a row and I am in a good spot for physical conditioning at this point.


Based on what I saw I have no doubt in my mind that I could have finished a Dopey Challenge this weekend…the question now becomes “how do I make sure I don’t lose that and continue to get better for the next 8 months or so?”

Best answer? Probably “consistency” – My current schedule takes me through the Manitoba Marathon in June and from there I will have to make a new one to take me through the summer and into the fall and winter. I’m not sure what that is going to look like yet but I bet it will mean moving around how my running days are split. Right now I run Tues-Wed-Thurs and Sat-Sun for 5 days of running a week – I will probably still do 5 days a week but will need to get some 4 days in a row running practice in. So my initial thought is a mid-length run on Tuesday and then run Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun with progressive mileage increase each successive day. That is still a ways off as I need to stay focused on the Manitoba Marathon right now.

At least it is nice to know what I will be obsessing about for the next 8 months…

5 miles in 39:56 @ 1% incline – steady test of repaired treadmill. Both the treadmill and I survived

Decent run on the treadmill tonight even with a headache plaguing me through most of it. I didn’t want to push too hard after putting in over 30 miles over the weekend – plus I repaired my treadmill on Friday and I wanted to make sure it was solidly functional before I tried to kill it again.

I spent the first 10 minutes at 7.2 mph and then bumped up to 7.5 to finish out a half hour followed by 1 minute of walking. I then did 2 minutes at 7.5, 2 at 8, 2 at 8.5 and then finished out the almost 3 minutes at 9 mph. Overall I felt good (besides the head ache) with only a slight twinge in my right knee.

I still have to write up my runs from the weekend but I did 4 days of running back to back outside this weekend and to still be feeling good on day 5 is a pretty good indication that I am doing pretty good here.

The weekend write up should be out shortly.

Warranty parts for the old treadmill arrived – spent the afternoon getting them installed – only one small blood sacrifice required!

The warranty parts for my old treadmill showed up on Wednesday and since I was off work today I got a chance to fix the machine.  Ended up getting a new breaker, on/off switch, power cord socket, some power cabling (that had gotten crispy), a new motor control board (that had gotten kinda smoky) a new deck and a new belt.

Not too bad an installation in the end. I started by taking off the old belt and deck and the motor housing.  I cleaned up the motor area and replaced the electrical parts and control board.  I then installed the new belt and deck. From there I lubed the deck/belt and gave the machine a quick test.

Once I was sure it was functional, I re-installed the motor housing and deck side rails.  From there it was just a matter of leveling the machine (side to side AND back to front this time) and doing some minor adjustments while doing a more thorough test.  Works like new.

Only one minor cut on one finger to show for the work – so not bad. Blood sacrifice has been made so the repairs will take!

So now out of this we have 2 functional treadmills – something I don’t think anyone needs plural of but maybe this way I can avoid utterly destroying them before the summer is out!  Basically the old one will most likely be off warranty if it breaks again but the new one has a longer warranty period and we should be good with that one until March 2016. Maybe with 2 functional treadmills I can avoid downtime as well when one of them does inevitably breaks.  I can hope anyway.

Two treadmills? Man. *shakes head*  Well at least they get used and aren’t slowly collecting laundry!

4.4 miles in 38:58 outside – nice sunny morning! Temps still below freezing though but getting better

Whoohooo – 4 day weekend!!! And so far I am on track to get 4 runs in outside this weekend.  I will be doing 4.4 mile laps during the runs – 1 lap today, 2 tomorrow, 3 Sunday and ? Monday. On Monday I want to do 3 laps for sure but maybe more if I am feeling good.  If I do more than 3 laps I am in Disney World Marathon Dopey Challenge territory for the weekend.  That would be cool to be see that I am close to ready for Dopey with almost 8 months to go! Knowing that I could continue to train as I have been without stressing about completely changing things in my training schedule right away would be nice as well.

The run itself today was good – I always run better with a nice sunny sky. No aches or pains – things felt pretty slow to start today but I settled in after a mile or so and had a nice relaxing run. I like when there is no drama!

I am breaking in a new set of shoes this weekend as well since my current outdoor pair is close to 300 miles and they will be done before my next race at the WPS Half marathon on May 4th so I want to break in a new pair now so that they are ready for the race.  My current outdoor pair have been cleaned up and I will be running them on the treadmill until they are toast.  My current treadmill pair gets put on hiatus until that point and then I will bring them back into service.  That treadmill pair is getting in the high 200 mile range as well so both of those pair will probably be done by summer time but the new outdoor pair should be good until after the Manitoba Marathon in mid-June.  Between my various shopping trips I still have 3 pairs of Nike Pegasus shoes waiting to come into service (1×30+ LE lightning, 1×30+ and 1×29+) and my hope is that I can make them last until the Dopey Challenge without having to buy anymore shoes! Even with the really good deals I got on these shoes that is still a lot of money sunk into foot gear for this year of running!

The Nike Pegasus 30+ LE lightnings I am breaking in are a half size larger than I am used to and they felt like skis initially but once I got used to them I am really liking them – I might have been wearing shoes a half size too small before!