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20.1 miles in 3:25:30 – still slow and icy. Luckily no rain last night after all. Mind got a bit dark at mile 13 but got it sorted

I was happy to see when I got up that the freezing rain did not come through the night after all.  So I geared up and headed out for my 20 miler.  It was still icy in several areas but it was better than yesterday.

Things started out fine and felt very good for the first 9-10 miles even if it was a bit slow.  At that point I started hydrating and fueling.  I also tried a hit of spirulina algae to see how that would go (experimenting to see how something like EnergyBits would work for me).

Things went well for another few miles and then I had a choice to make around mile 13.  I could continue my 4.4 mile loops around the neighborhood to finish up which would leave me a weird out and back at the end on one of the iciest paths. Or I could take a turn and head out on a country road that would give me my remaining 7 miles in one long out and back with no ice.  I decided on the country road and I got about a 1/4 mile down the road when my mind went kind of dark.

It had gotten kind of cloudy and dull out and the country road just runs along farmers’ fields that are nothing but dirt and snow right now.  Basically I was about to start a long dreary out and back and my mind rebelled and I felt like I shut down.

So I turned around and walked for a bit and fueled a bit more (and had a bit more spirulina algae) and then was able to start running again.  At this point I finished up all the fuel I had with me and I was close to my house (around 14.5 miles in now) where I had left a bit more fuel accessible in the garage just in case.  I took a quick pit stop for about 5 minutes to refill my fuel bottle and refocus and got moving again.

I did another loop around the neighborhood and at mile 17.7 I had the same choice to make that I did around mile 13 – continue the short loops and have to do an icy out and back or head out on the country road.  I think I had to prove something to myself so I headed down the country road for a mile and was able to hold off the darkness.  It probably helped the sun had come back out.

Once I hit 18.7 I turned back around and headed towards home – hit the driveway at 20.1 miles.

So it was definitely a slow run due to the ice and I can see I need to fuel more earlier than I started to fuel today but I still feel relatively positive about the run in general.  I got it done without injury (or falling like yesterday) which is a positive as well.

I am glad I got this one in the bag – I was hoping to better understand where I was for outdoor running that this run really tells me.  When I had clear patches I was up above 6.6 mph easily most of the time but as soon as there was ice I was done around 5 mph – so I don’t really know where I stand after the winter spent on the treadmill.  I can’t help but get the feeling that I have lost something but I can’t be sure how much if I did.  With 5 weeks until my first race of the season (Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon) it would be nice to have a better idea where I am but I still have time that if the weather turns I can figure it out…hopefully with enough time to focus on any problem areas.

10.1 miles in 1:38:29 outside – very icy – fell once

Got up early this morning to get an outdoor run in.  Still fairly cool with the wind but not too bad. There has been a bunch of thawing / refreezing going on and the paths were very icy today.

I was fighting some G.I. issues as well so I decided to run slow and steady and just relax….only fell once…

I was about 4 miles in and my left foot went out from underneath me on a downhill slope.  With my momentum combined with the slope my right foot slipped in a strange way and my leg bent over and down I went with most of my weight on my right knee for a bit before I then toppled backwards. I managed to control the topple and I landed almost gently on my butt and back and was able to keep my head up.

I had some pain in my right knee after that but I was able to get up and start running again quickly and the knee handled the remaining 6 miles fine.  I will monitor it over the rest of the day to see if I should ice it but so far it seems good.

They are calling for temperatures around freezing with light snow leading into rain (so freezing rain) later today and into the night.  I’m thinking that isn’t going to be great for the paths – more ice. Yippee!!

So my 20 miler scheduled for tomorrow should be entertaining.  I definitely want to do it outside but not if the risk of injury is too high….

Where the heck is my spring?

5 miles in 41:44 @ 1% incline – took it easy and watched a The Walking Dead episode…maybe not the best show to watch on the treadmill

At least I didn’t trip…

I knew I wanted to take the run easy tonight on the treadmill since I did a pretty hard run last night.  I also need to catch up on The Walking Dead with the season finale coming up.  So I figured if I took a solid steady run the timing would almost be perfect to watch one full episode while getting in my 5 miles.

The timing did work out but the show is way too damned distracting!  At least I didn’t trip but I certainly wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing.  Great show but not my best choice for treadmill runs.

I set the speed on the treadmill to 7.2 mph and kept it there until I finished – 5 miles in 41:44 at 1% incline.  Definitely no issues on the run but I honestly can’t tell you if it was a good run or not…like I said, too distracting.

Going into a hard weekend of running – 10 miles on Saturday and 20 on Sunday – looks like I should be able to do them outside – weather still won’t be great but the paths should be cleaner.  Looking forward to getting outside!

5 miles in 35:26 @ 1% – time limited tonight so pushed hard – felt awesome to move!

I only had a bit of time to run tonight so I had to get my 5 miles done fast.  With that in mind I decided to push a bit harder than I have been to see things fell.

I basically ran 5 minute cycles where I would do 1 minute at 7.2 mph, 1 minute at 9.2 mph, another minute at 7.2 and then finish with 2 minutes at 9.2.  And then I would continue on to the next 5 minute cycle with no break.  This got me pretty close to 5 miles at the 35 minute mark and instead of starting a new cycle at 7.2 I stayed at 9.2 to finish out the 5 miles.

It felt really good – I still feel strong after the run and could have kept going.  That is a good feeling.  It also means I can probably push a bit harder on my next 5 miler – time to start finding where my boundaries are.  It is just 5.5 weeks until the Winnipeg Police Service half marathon and I want to have a bit of an idea where I am and what I need to focus on to finally break my half marathon PR. But so far it is looking positive!

Weekly weigh in – most of the week went well but some issues in the past 2 days

So a week into my renewed attempts to get my weight moving in the right direction I really haven’t made progress.

As of this morning I was actually at the same weight or higher than what I was a week ago…but that doesn’t really tell the whole story.  Yesterday morning I was 2 pounds down from a week ago but this morning I was 2.5 pounds heavier than yesterday!?

Now I didn’t run yesterday but I didn’t go crazy and do some crazy eating or anything like that yesterday to get that large a weight jump.  In fact I ate pretty healthy yesterday.

So what is going on?

Well, I felt bloated most of the day yesterday and that never seemed to go away and then it go a lot worse today.  I think I can trace it to having an apple yesterday and one today.  I did some hunting around the net and it seems like what can happen is the the water soluble fiber in the apples can have some issues in the intestines causing bloating, etc.  I also find I drink a fair bit of water at work to avoid coffee and Coke and on days I eat apples I seem to retain some extra water too.

Last week we didn’t have any apples at home so I didn’t take any to work with me and the training and diet did bring my weight down a couple pounds.  I also didn’t have any apples over the weekend. So that tells me my diet plan is probably working but the apple yesterday and today might have derailed me.  That also tells me that the bloat is not real weight gain and it should pass (in more way than one I guess).

My plan will be to skip putting an apple in my lunch over the next couple days to see if my system starts to sort itself out or not.  If it doesn’t there is something else I did over the last couple days that caused the issues and I will have to find out what that could be besides the apples.

I will continue experimenting!