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8 miles in 59:35 @ 1% incline – back on the treadmill again. Felt pretty good though so that’s positive.

I missed my run yesterday, but since I gave myself an unscheduled run Monday that was longer than the one I missed, I don’t feel too bad about that.  But that also meant that, even though I had to get on the treadmill later than I would have liked tonight, I had get moving and get my run in tonight for sure.

Things felt pretty good – for the first half hour I alternated 7 mph minutes with 9 mph minutes occasionally doing 2 minutes at 9 with no walking.  In the second half hour, I walked 1 minute in every 10 and then alternated doing 7 and 9 mph minutes – usually with two 2 minute 9 mph minutes in every 10 minute window.  Gave me 8 miles in 59:35 @ 1% incline in the end.  A decent run and I am pretty happy with time and distance tonight.

I have a 4 mile run scheduled tomorrow and it looks like another indoor treadmill jaunt.  I might give hill work a go tomorrow then which I haven’t done since before the Goofy Challenge in January…so I am definitely due for some hills at this point.  I will play it by ear tomorrow but so far it sounds like a plan.

I ran outside! I ran outside! Granted it was mostly through snow drifts, but I ran outside! 7.25 miles in 1:09:19

Whoohooo – finally enough of a break in the cold to be able to take a run outside!  I didn’t have a run scheduled for today but I had to take advantage of the sunlight and warmer air.  Was rewarded with a nice red prairie sunset out of the deal as well.

We had about 2-3 inches of snow come down last night which lead into 40 minutes of shovelling this morning as it got pretty hard packed with the wind.  The shovelling killed my chance to run this morning but I got a chance again earlier this evening and took it.

The snow had packed in the sidewalks and running/bike trails in my area so I fell back onto a usually abandoned old country road near our place.  I figured it would be a bit snow packed but wouldn’t be too bad and most of the road was pretty good, except for some sections that ran east/west that were very hard packed and vehicle trails were down to one lane…ish.  And luck would have it that the road was actually busy today – I saw more vehicles on that road today than I have in my last 5 trips down it combined.  This meant I had to keep breaking trail through the hard pack – great for the legs but not so hot for my time. 7.25 miles in 1:09:19

Felt good to get out there though – feels awesome to finally be able to get some miles in outside.  After the outdoor runs at Disney World a couple weeks ago the treadmill was feeling exceptionally soul crushing this past week.

Also got a chance to try out my new Nike Element Shield Max jacket that I picked up at the Albertville Premium Outlet Mall Nike shop on our drive back from our Disney World trip.  It worked very well.  I liked the thumb holes to keep the sleeves down the arm nicely – worked well to then be able to pull my running gloves over top and ensure there were no gaps for the cold air to sneak into.  The media player / phone pocket on the left breast had plenty of room for my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the headphones jacked in and was easily able to pull it out to check something slide it back in while on the move.  I would suspect that most phones will fit nicely in the pocket.  I also liked the hole for the headphone cord to come through the pocket into the inside of the jacket – usually I will end up catching the dangling cord with my hands during a run and ripping my headphones out – not an issue with the inside hole.  Overall I liked the jacket and I suspect I will be using it for all my spring and fall runs.

13.1 miles in 1:47:22 @ 1% – that felt rough – note to self: eat something before a long run!

Today’s run was a bit of a weird one.  Our daughter is a bit sick and that caused a not very great night sleep so I didn’t get up as early as I would have liked.  And that meant I skipped breakfast before hopping on the treadmill for my planned 13.1 mile run.

My intention was to take it easy compared to yesterday’s run and see how things went.  About 0.3 miles in I realized the shoes I was wearing had definitely done their duty – they were finished.  Quickly stopped and pulled them off and put on a standby pair and got moving again.  That felt better on the legs but I still felt sluggish.

By the time I hit the 1 hour mark I was around 7.3 miles in and starving – that was when I realized I hadn’t eaten anything – oops.  I pushed on for about another mile and I could tell I was slacking off and starting to shut down.  So I stopped and grabbed a Coke – slammed it and got back on the treadmill.  It took 5-10 minutes but I finally started to feel better and was able to finish fairly well.

Still managed a respectable time but kept catching myself starting to lean on the treadmill and cheat – I need to keep watching for that behavior an shut it down whenever I see it!

I don’t have a run scheduled for tomorrow but the weather might actually warm up enough for me to be outside so I might slip in an unscheduled run to help break the cabin fever.

9 miles in 64:25 at 1% incline – hard push, felt good – didn’t lose too much ground over vacation I guess.

I wasn’t able to get running first thing this morning in time for my wife to take our son to curling lessons so I ended up holding off on today’s run until this afternoon.  I don’t normally like running in the afternoon because it always feels like it takes more time out of the day for some reason.  In the morning a run starts the day and doesn’t interrupt anything. In the evening a run marks the end of the hectic day and says it is time to relax.  I always feel like there is something else I should be doing when I run in the afternoon.

So with that in mind I wanted to get the run done as quickly as possible.  To make that happened I challenged myself to break the scheduled 9 miles into three 3 mile runs and to see if I could do each successive one faster than the first.

To accomplish this I did 3 miles, wrote down how I did, reset the treadmill and did 3 more miles, wrote that down, reset the treadmill again and hammered out the final 3 miles.

My times were:

22:00 for the first 3 miles

21:23 for the second 3 miles

21:02 for the last 3 miles

Giving me a total of 9 miles in 64:25 all done at 1% incline.  Now I didn’t keep track of how long the reset period was between each run so I don’t know what my overall time really was but still a very promising time for the full run.  Plus I met my goal of getting faster in each set!

Right near the end of the last run I could tell my knee wasn’t happy but it seems fine now.  I will have to watch it on my scheduled 13.1 mile run tomorrow.  Potentially the shoes I am currently using on my treadmill runs are done – they are currently sitting at 347.33 miles which is more than the approx 340 miles and 320 miles I got out of the last 2 sets of shoes I retired.  I do have several sets in reserve but I am still enough of a cheapskate to want to milk as many miles out of these things as I can!


5.05 miles in 40 minutes @ 1% incline – felt heavy and sluggish – first day back in the office – too many meetings

First run back on the treadmill since we got back from our family vacation to Disney World.  Treadmill felt pretty disappointing after my last run being on the Boardwalk!

Also felt pretty sluggish and heavy tonight – it was also my first day back in the office today with most of my time spent catching up on email and going to meetings, I think my body was not impressed after constantly being on the move at Disney World.

Still, it was a decent run – 5.05 miles in 40 minutes with 3 minutes of walking thrown in there.