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8 miles in 64:14 @ 1% incline – run started kinda rough but I was able to settle in after a while – not great but ok.

After missing my run on Tuesday and cutting my run yesterday 3 miles short I needed to make up some ground tonight.  So instead of the scheduled 4 miles I put in 8 instead.

The run wasn’t bad in the end but it certainly wasn’t my best and it started pretty rough.  I had my first walk break 2 minutes in?  My legs were definitely tight and I probably would have benefited from a quick warm up walk to stretch everything out.  After that first initial rough patch though things loosened up and walk breaks cut back down to once every 10 minutes while I pushed hard on the other 9 minutes of the period.

In the end I was faster in the second half hour than I was in the first – a little redemption there I suppose.

8 miles in 64:14 @ 1% incline with a total of 7 minutes of walking and majority of the running in the first half hour at 7 – 7.5 mph and 8 mph in the second half hour.

5 miles in 41 min @ 1% – no time to get full 8 scheduled miles in tonight – will have to do that run tomorrow now

Wednesday nights our kids have music lessons and we end up basically running around with them from when I get home from work until 8 o’clock or so and then by the time we get them to bed I am kind of pooped.  Plus there really isn’t time then to get in what I usually have scheduled as an hour or more run and still get to bed at a decent time.

I had missed my run last night because of family being over so I knew I couldn’t miss tonight too – in the end I managed to force myself onto the treadmill but I didn’t go very hard.  I eeked out 5 miles in the end in 41 minutes and called it for the night.  I have more time tomorrow night so I will count tonight’s 5 as a replacement for tomorrow’s scheduled 4 and do my 8 that I should have done today tomorrow instead.

I have had issues a few times getting these medium-long runs in on Wednesday nights lately and I always seem to be moving them around or not getting them done.  So I am going to have to look closely at my schedule and see if it makes sense to permanent move these runs to Thursday instead (at least until summer and music lessons are done for the season).

I’m just not sure what that will do in the end for the weekday runs though – I usually do a hard, fast run on Tuesday, medium-long run on Wednesday at a more controlled pace and then hit Thursday hard with another short, fast run.  If I switch Wednesday and Thursday then I do 2 days of speed work back to back which might not be all that great.  If I switch the second one to hill work instead that may work out.

Putting the med-long on Tuesday might work too but that carries a risk as well – I could then potentially be doing a 10 miler two days after doing a 20 miler and I’m not sure that would give me enough recover time.  Also Tuesday seems to be a day I occasionally have to skip runs for other responsibilities and if I start missing the med-long runs even after moving them, then what would be the point in moving them in the first place?

Hmmm – will require some thinking and some experimenting I think.  Most likely next week I will swap Wednesday and Thursday runs and see how that works for me.  Time to adapt and persevere!

18 miles in 2:33:38 @ 1% incline. That was awful. First 1:30 was ok but things fell apart hard after that.

Almost quit 3 times in the last hour or so.  It took everything I had to keep going and was down to walking every 5 minutes by the end.  Only had 2 minutes of walking in the first hour and a half but at least another 10 minutes of walking in the last hour.

I’m not sure if I went out too fast or just what but I had nothing left in the tank after that first hour and a half.  The overall time doesn’t look too bad all things considered but if you compare the first hour and half versus the last hour you can see how badly I fell apart.

I did 11 miles in 1:29:48 and then reset the treadmill (our treadmill doesn’t display seconds after 99:59 so I wanted to reset at a good point for easy math for the remaining miles).  Only 2 minutes of walking in this whole period.

Then did the remaining 7 miles in 63:50. There was lots of walking involved here – at least 10 minutes and when I was running I couldn’t hit a solid pace.  I was close to quitting 3 times in this period – not exactly sure how I pushed through but I made it.

Pace for the first 1.5 hours = 7.35 mph and for the last hour = 6.58 – quiet a drop.  Obviously I am going to have to work on my endurance some more.  March is high mileage month with several long runs planned so that should help!

So I would say I have lost some endurance since the Goofy Challenge / Disney World Marathon in January but it could be worse.  If I can get back to running my weekend runs outside again in the next month or so that will help a lot as well.

Glad that one is done.

Total of 9 miles for the day – had to split the run for family stuff – 5 in the morning and 4 tonight. 18 miles tomorrow.

Between getting up a touch late this morning and my wife having to get our son to curling practice I did not have time to get in my full 9 miles this morning – so ended up pushing through 5 miles before I ran out of time.

I then hit the treadmill again tonight after supper and did a strong 4 mile run to complete my scheduled miles for the day.

5 miles in 37:22 @ 1% incline and 4 miles in 28:55 @ 1%.

Both were decent runs but I found the morning run a bit rough to get started on but I could have easily kept going on tonight’s run.

I now have an 18 miler scheduled for tomorrow – this will be my longest run since the Disney World Marathon / Goofy Challenge back in January and it should be interesting to see where I am.

Most of my runs since the January races were either short sightseeing tours in Disney World on vacation or strong, fast and relatively short runs on the treadmill.  I think I have improved my cardio condition since January but not sure about my long distance running endurance at this point.  It will be a good test of where I am 10 weeks out from my next actual race.  I will be doing the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon on May 4th and at this point I MUST beat my half PR.  I got close back in the fall but missed by 63 seconds.  I will make this work this time!  That means I will have to see how tomorrow goes and make adjustments to my training plan accordingly.

Should be interesting!  Or painful depending on your perspective.

4 miles in 29:07 @ 1% incline – felt good – now time for a recovery Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen – beer is good for recovery right?

I mean it has fruit in it – it can’t be too bad…

I found out about this beer (Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen) in Epcot at Disney World – they have it at the German pavilion in World Showcase.  I enjoy a good hefeweizen / wheat / white beer and when I had one on our family trip to Disney earlier in the month it was almost a religious experience.  I was quite happy to find that I can get it here in Winnipeg.

Bit of a rough day at work today and the strong push on the run helped burn that off and now it is time to relax for a bit.

Run was 4 miles in 29:07 @ 1% incline with no walking – alternating 7 mph and 9 mph minutes.  Things felt pretty good but my right knee was giving me a tweak now and then so I decided to avoid a hill session today.  Maybe on the weekend now?

Short post…beer.