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4.01 miles in 30 min @ 1% – still fighting a cough from this bloody flu but was able to put in a hard push in the end

I ended up skipping a run last night because even climbing stairs would set off a coughing fit but tonight I figured I absolutely had to run no matter what.  So I took some cough medicine about an hour before I knew I would be able to get on the treadmill.

In the end that worked not too bad – I did have some coughing fits but they were relatively minor and didn’t stop me from running.  I put in a pretty hard push with no walk breaks and alternated between 7 and 9 mph for 1 minute periods and through in a couple minute periods at 7.5 mph.  In the last 10 minutes I did a couple periods where I did 2 minutes at 9 mph.  In the end 4.01 miles in 30 minutes at 1% incline on the treadmill.

The run felt good as I was doing it but I am paying for it now that I have stopped moving.  My legs, etc are fine but I can’t stop coughing.  Probably pushed too hard but maybe it will help loosen the remaining junk in my lungs and get me back on track.

I was supposed to do an 8 miler tonight and a 4 tomorrow – I will try the 8 tomorrow if all goes well.

7.21 miles in 1 hour – still trying to shake the flu out of my lungs but feeling stronger and still pushing

So with me being off work today and the kids in school, today is a day to get errands done – stuff that has been lingering since before the Goofy Challenge trip and stuff that needs to be done before our family trip to Disney World in a couple weeks.  Still wanted to get a run in early though so put in a quick hour while doing some laundry.

Had a total of 5 minutes of walking and intervals of 7.2, 7.5 and 8 mph to hit a total of 7.21 miles in 1 hour at 1%.  Felt pretty strong but did have some coughing fits that I didn’t have yesterday but it feels like everything is getting loosened in my lungs and hopefully I should be back to normal in another day or 2.

I had thought about hammering out a half marathon distance but there is just too much to get done before the kids get off school, so I will see about maybe adding some extra time tonight after the kids go down and the wife is at curling.

7.25 miles in 1 hour – my flu ravaged lungs are not 100% but they put in a valiant effort – felt good to push

Started today’s run a little unsure what I would be able to do – I had been coughing a bit here and there through the day but I figured I had to try and see where I got to.

I started doing 7 mph for 2 minutes and then 7.5 for 2 and then alternating until I hit 10 minutes then took a walk break for a minute.  Since things felt ok with the lungs, I started dropping the 7 mph chunks down to 1 minute alternating with 2 minutes at 7.5.  I kept that up and since I feeling good I started adding in a bit of 8 mph as well.  I hit just under 3.6 miles at the half hour point and was feeling really good.  I basically did 1 minute walks combined with stints at 8 mph and 7 mph for the second half hour and hit a total of 7.25 miles in 1 hour with a 1% incline.

I didn’t start having any coughs until about 50 minutes in but wasn’t going to stop there by this point.  I did have lots of dry coughing after I finished up as my poor lungs protested what I just had done to them.  But it had felt really good to push and I am glad I did it.

I don’t work tomorrow and the kids have school…what can I do tomorrow?  Maybe a half marathon distance?  If not another hour like today would be awesome too.  Yeehaw – flu is just about gone and I am starting to feel human again!!!

Goofy Challenge 2014 – how did I do?

I have been thinking most of the past week about what to say in this post reviewing my performance at the Goofy Challenge 2014.  Lots of my thoughts and reactions currently are a bit negative but I have been fighting a flu since Monday and that always takes me a bit towards the Dark Side of things.

So now that I am starting to come through the other side of the flu and have been able to do a couple short runs I wanted to kind of look at what I did do and see where the positives are.

What I am going to do is look at a couple of the things that disappointed me and break those down to remind myself that there were positives there.

The Donald Half – 3:08:25 Net Time

The Negative:

I ran my last half race in 1:47:14 at the WFPS Half Marathon in October and if I look at it solely from a numbers perspective that is a heck of a drop.  The heat was pretty oppressive that day and I am not used to running someone else’s race so my mind plays tricks on me and my memory of that day is pretty dull and dark.

The Positive:

This is the first race I ever ran with my wife!  Any of the gloom I feel about the run and the slow time goes away when I poke myself to remember this race wasn’t about me or my time.  I look at the MarathonFoto pics and we were both smiling a lot – so my memory of it being dark and gloomy really just needs a slap upside the head.

Plus having done the race with my wife I was able to help her understand that considering the heat she had done quite well and that, yeah, the full was possible for her if she wanted it.  If I hadn’t been there with her and observing she might not have trusted my opinion as much and missed out on completing her first full marathon.


The Mickey Full – 4:39:47 Net Time

The Negative:

The initial review looks disappointing with my full time being only 22 seconds faster than my Manitoba Marathon in June (4:39:47 versus 4:40:09).  Many months of training for a 22 second gain?  That’s it?

I went in looking to set a new PR (4:15:01) with the hope to beat it by up to 15 minutes…but instead I was 25 minutes slower.

I made the mistake of using on course fuel even though I know the risks it brings to my system.

The Positive:

Again looking at the time to finish alone is deceiving – I didn’t have gastro issues at the Manitoba Marathon making me run slow or lose a full 10 minute period in the porta-potties.  My gastro issues started around mile 15 and I couldn’t run quickly or I would get gurgles but could run slower and still keep moving.  Which is what I did and that slower pace was at least a minute per mile slower than I felt I could be doing.  So I did that slower pace for about 11 miles – 11 x 1 min = 11 minutes + 10 minutes in the porta-potties = 21 minutes right there in the second half of the race that I lost.

I started slower than I wanted and couldn’t maintain a faster pace – I did more damage during the half marathon than I would have thought.  The issue here was that we walked almost the full half marathon – walking works the legs a bit different than running and it beat the crap out of legs not running more.  Basically it meant my steady pace had to be slower to deal with the unexpected damage – I felt strong to run faster everywhere else but the legs would have none of it.  I think this probably cost me at least a mile distance in the first 2 hours of the race – so between 8.5 to 9 minutes.  Add that with the time lost in the second half of the race and a new PR was definitely there.

This race also represented a 46 minute improvement over last year’s full.

I have now come to fully understand too that I cannot rely at all on on-course fuel except water.  If I am going for a PR or to push myself as hard as I can then I have to bring my own fuel.  Period.  Time to break my Camelbak backpack out of storage.

I should look at how I felt after the race as well compared to the Manitoba in June.  That race I was basically done at the end – I was strong and could walk but it took a bit to recover – I could walk fine the next day but stairs were harder than normal.  This race?  I had a snack and a beer and headed back out on course to meet up with my wife and shadow her to the finish.  I did at least an extra 4.5 miles and maybe closer to 5 (Garmin died) and some of that was running before I got to even go have a shower.  Then the next day we spent several hours in a water park swimming and climbing ladders to slides and tube rides and I felt no after effects at all.

I should then also look at how I felt mentally after the Manitoba in June versus now – with that race I was just done with running mentally for a little bit and had to do some pushing to get out of that funk.  Today, with this race, I am chomping at the bit – if this flu had not occurred I probably would have done an hour run today with similar planned for tomorrow.  As it is I am thinking about doing a daily running streak until we head out for our family vacation 2 weeks today.


So overall – even though I have some negative thoughts – I do feel good about what I have done and I want to keep going – there is no urge to just drop the marathons and do something else.  This is good!  With this in mind I am developing a plan that will most likely involve a half race in May followed by a full the next weekend and then followed by another full in June.  This will lead me into the summer and all the pool fun I expect to have this year.  Then in September I will do multi half races again leading into Goofy 2015.  My thoughts and hopes for that race is that I will be in one of the early corrals again and I will run the races as a series of sprints between character spots for pictures and time will not matter.


Ahh good – got out of the funk.  Come on 2014, lets run!

2.2 miles in 19:57 – flu still keeping me from running very long but wanted to make sure I do some #megsmiles today

I was going to take a break today and just rest up some more but then I heard about Meg’s Miles #megsmiles –  I wanted to show my support after reading about this tragedy.  Impaired and distracted driving is a real concern and as a parent of 2 young kids this really strikes home for me.  Very sad.

A short 2.2 miles this morning – still couldn’t run at any speed longer than a couple minutes before my lungs started to burn and I started to cough.  But I could do those 2 minutes at a decent speed, so I did that and then did a 1 minute walking break and then would run again.  Physically I can run I just need to be able to breath too.