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10 miles in 76:23 @ 1% incline – trying to make up some miles from a missed run yesterday – felt good – now to keep packing for #disneyworld!

Started off slow tonight as I just wasn’t focussed at all and I figured I would go easy and let my mind wander.  Still finishing off packing for our family vacation to Disney World starting in a few days and I couldn’t get my mind on track to run properly.

After about a half hour or so my brain straightened up and I was able to push a bit harder but still didn’t go all out – just went strong.

Overall 10 miles in 76:23 is not too bad, all things considered.  I had about 6 minutes of walking in there and most of the first half hour I never got above 8 mph.  After the first half hour though, if I wasn’t walking, I was doing 8 or 9 mph.  Felt good and could have kept going but I need to get a bunch of laundry done and stuff organized before getting to bed tonight.  Tomorrow is the last work day before vacation!  Whoohoo!

Training plan updated to take me to June and the Manitoba Marathon

Updated my training plan to take me to June and the Manitoba Marathon

Also created a new page to keep what my training plan was to run 3 half marathon races in the fall of 2013 and the 2014 Goofy Challenge.

4.31 miles in 30 min @ 1% – good strong push – 2 more high intensity runs before heading to Disney World for family vacation

Good strong push tonight – wanted to get as much as I could in tonight as we head out on the road on Saturday morning for our family trip to Disney World.  With our kids having music lessons tomorrow night and swimming lessons Friday night that only leaves tonight and Thursday night for packing so the runs this week have to be short and fast.

Things certainly felt fast tonight – 4.31 miles in 30 minutes – alternating between 8 and 9 mph with no walk breaks.  Felt good and lungs seem to have finally recovered from the flu of the past couple weeks.  Whoohoo!  I can breathe!

13.1 miles in 92:56 @ 1% incline – apparently waffles and syrup is high speed fuel

Got up this morning and my legs were feeling a bit off after the double runs yesterday so I decided to hold off and do the run later.  And since my brain is already starting to settle into vacation mode for our family trip to Disney World next week we decided to go out for breakfast.

I was craving fruit topping on something and settled on waffles with blueberries – awesome.  We had some running around to do after that and then when we got hope I hit the treadmill.  And had a hell of a push.  Was not expecting that at all….but I will take it!  13.1 miles in 92:56 @ 1% incline on the treadmill – only about 4 minutes of walking total and the remainder was at 8 or 9 mph.  After my shower I then had to go shovel snow for half an hour – burnt now.

I now have about another 18 miles to go before we head out on vacation – I am going to have to make sure they are done hard and fast as well to keep up this momentum.

We are staying at the Beach Club Resort for our family trip and my intention is get out and do a few laps of the boardwalk area most mornings – to help keep me moving, get some runs in outdoors and to burn off the way to much Disney food I suspect I will be eating.  And the beer, will need to wear off the beer.

6.2 miles in 43:01 at 1% incline – awesome push not sure where that came from – gives me a total of 9.3 for the day –

Didn’t have time this morning to get in the full 9 miles I had scheduled for the day before Heather had to take our son to curling lessons.  So I hammered out a fast 3.1 miles in 21:59 @ 1% incline expecting to get back to run the remaining miles scheduled tonight.

By the time we got the kids to bed I was pretty burnt but forced myself to get on the treadmill figuring I might not get in all the miles I needed to hit the schedule for the day but I would at least get something done.  Not sure where it came from but I was able to push hard, like really hard.  In the end I did 6.2 miles in 43:01 – phenomenal push considering I am still fighting this bloody cough.

Felt strong the full run and did not walk at all – did alternating minutes at 8 and 9 mph – with some 2 minute and 3 minute 9 mph stretches.  Feels good to be able to push!

I have a half marathon distance run planned for tomorrow – from there I have several more runs this week that I will be pushing hard for as I want to build a bit of a bugger before vacation starts next Saturday!  With tomorrow’s run I have a total 31.5 miles before vacation.