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5 miles in 38:30 at 1% on the treadmill – not my fastest but still a strong push – 115 training miles til #goofychallenge

A good strong push tonight – wasn’t sure where it was going to go but finished realizing I could have started stronger and done even better.  That’s good to know!  Just around 115 training miles to go before Goofy Challenge in January (in just over 3 weeks!).

This is the last real tough week and as long as I can get through it strong I know I will be ready to tackle Goofy hard this time.  Interestingly in the September to January time frame last year I did just over 500 training miles for the Goofy – so far for the same period I am over 560 miles and still have 115 to go. Definitely getting in more training miles more consistently this year compared to last.

My weight is being kind of strange though – I think I have narrowed down what the issues were and have fixed a couple but still need to sort out one or two more.  Basically I added soy nuts and a bit of beef jerky as protein snacks and both caused issues for different reasons.  The soy nuts have caused me grief before with bloating and things like that so I should have known better – those are gone.  The beef jerky was more of an issue with the salt and water retention because of it – gone as well.  But I am still having a fight with getting my weight to go down and that seems to mostly be due to substituting carbs for sleep lately – tis the season but I still need to start getting to bed earlier!  At this point it is going to be a hard push to get down to 210 before Goofy but I am going to keep trying.

13.1 miles in 1:45:34 at 1% on the treadmill – legs loosened up early and I was able to push – felt good

Not sure what to think about this run – on one hand it was a half marathon distance faster than my PR but on the other I kept catching myself cheating by holding onto the railing of the treadmill.  So while a strong push I don’t think it truly accurately reflects my current speed level.  That being said though it was definitely good for the mental game so that I can go into a my last 50 mile week (last tough week) before starting to taper for the Goofy Challenge in January.

I was doing some interval training as part of the run using 6.6 mph as my default slow speed and I always recovered quickly and felt like I could go forever at that speed.  This tells me I do have a solid shot at beating my PR for the full during the full marathon portion of the Goofy Challenge.  My PR is 4:15:01 and if I can get the first half done in around 1:55 I should have lots of energy left in the tank to almost coast out the last 2:20 to tie my PR.  So new PR should happen – but I still need to keep working at it – can’t get complacent now.  Setting a new PR is only part of the goal for the full though – I would like to break under 4 hours (preferably with authority) which means I probably want my first half closer to 1:50 if I can do it without killing my legs and then have 2 hours or so to finish up the second half.  Now if I could negative split that would be awesome but I have never pulled that off in a race yet so we will just have to see what happens there.

OK – keep pushing!  I got this.

4.54 miles in 40 minutes at 1% – slow run – did not start out very well but finished ok

My short run yesterday was delayed because we were painting our daughter’s room and with everything else that was going on I didn’t managed to get to the treadmill until after 8pm.  Of course the run might not have been delayed so much if I hadn’t accidently dropped the paint roller on the carpet.

The paint colour is very close to the Disney’s Rapunzel’s purple colour which looks great on the walls but not so hot on the beige carpet.  We eventually managed to get it cleaned up with cycles of oxy clean in hot water sucked up with our wet/dry shop vac.  Looks ok this morning so that’s good.

We’ll have to load back in her room today so I think my 13.5 miles scheduled for today will be delayed until later as well.  Temperatures when I woke up this morning were -35 C / -43 C with the windchill – looks like another treadmill long run today.

The run last night ended up being ok in the end but definitely started rough.  I couldn’t even seem to sustain 7 mph properly and ended up backing off to 6.6 mph for a while until I started to feel better.  I then slowly built back up to 7 and finished the last 2 minutes of running at 8.  Felt good at the end but felt like crap at the beginning of the run – hopefully that is a temporary thing that works itself out.  So 4.54 miles in 40 minutes at 1% incline with no walk breaks.

4 weeks today until my travel day for Goofy Challenge – where do I stand with my training?

So with today being 4 weeks until our travel day to head to Disney World for the Goofy Challenge in January I figured I wanted to sit down and see where my training has gotten to and see if there are any tweaks to make to my training.

Before I even start looking at the numbers I know that my mental game and training were going really well up until the week of  November 13th.  We had company staying over that week and basically sleeping within 10 feet of the treadmill so I had to do a bunch of my mid week runs that week outside and I wasn’t able to push the speed the way I would have on the treadmill.  It didn’t help we started getting a whack of snow and it got cold that very week so those runs were cold and dark – maybe not the best for the mental game.  By the Sunday that week though I knew I needed to do a 19 miler and it happened to snow several inches that day – I got in 4.5 miles outside then had to come into the treadmill (company had just left for the day so could get on it) due to the snow but after 7.9 miles I let out the magic black smoke and the treadmill was pooched.  After that every run had to happen outside and with the cold and snow the runs were slow and I missed a 10 miler outright and had to cut a 20 miler short at 6.6 miles because my face was frozen through my balaclava.  The treadmill did get fixed after a couple weeks but some damage to my mental game had already been done.

I did some work to get some of that 20 miler back by increasing my Saturday and Sunday mileage on what was supposed to be a rest week.  I did get a about 12 miles back that weekend over my schedule and with the runs last week I did get 2 back to back 30 mile weekends in.

The 20 miler this past weekend was very good considering it was done on the treadmill but downside of bumping my mileage on my rest week is that I am kind of bone tired right now.  I don’t have the option right now to get extra sleep (who has any spare time around the holidays?) and those 2 things combined is resulting in me substituting carbs for sleep and my weight is showing it.  I was on track to get down to my goal weight of 207 before the Goofy Challenge (giving a total of 50 pounds weigh loss) but instead of going down this past couple weeks I am in fact up a couple pounds.  This should mostly be temporary weight but does mean I am under the gun if I want to get to my goal for the Goofy.

The numbers:

Miles to go until Goofy:                                  138.5

Miles in since September 3rd:                       540.96

Miles over schedule Sept 3rd – Nov 1st:         52.71

Miles missed since November 1st:                  26.95

Miles over schedule September 3rd – now:     25.76


So what it comes down to, is I think I was in better shape as of November 1st than I am now.  Speed wise for sure and probably over all training level.  I think I can get back to where I was and probably make some improvements before Goofy in January but it means I have probably lost a month and a half of improvements that I should have been making.  Kind of disappointing.

But…I am still in very good shape to do this thing!  I had in my mind maybe trying for 3:30 back in October – realistically I am probably looking at breaking under 4 hours as my goal but anything under my current PR of 4:15:01 set way back in 2005 will be a major accomplishment.

That is what I need to take with me on my runs right now.  I am doing great – I have had a set back but that is life and I will overcome and I will make this Goofy (my 4th) my best one yet!

7.5 miles in 60:30 at 1% incline – missed my run yesterday so added a few miles tonight – felt kinda awful

Head just wasn’t in it tonight.  I missed my run yesterday due to a Christmas concert – 2nd concert night in a row!  We were at our daughter’s on Tuesday and then our son’s last night.  With a bunch of other stuff going on it was just too late to get on the treadmill last night once I had some free time.  I didn’t want to lose the entire 6 miles with the Goofy Challenge just 4 weeks away though – so I told myself tonight I would get on the treadmill for a full hour and see where I got to.  I had 5 miles scheduled so I knew I would easily hit my scheduled miles and the extra time would be used to pull back in some of the lost miles from last night.

I kind of felt crappy all day and definitely was not feeling right on the treadmill tonight.  My stomach is definitely off and my legs were really tight and my calves seem kinda swollen.  My diet is off the past few days and that probably accounts for the issues but I had a major tough time getting the miles moving.  I never did find my stride the whole run.  So really not a pleasant run but I got it done!