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Yay! Hill intervals – did well but that was rough – 4 miles in 33:17

Hill interval runs tonight – pretty tough – I did better than last week’s interval run but I was feeling the running in my hips and I could tell my gait wasn’t a smooth as it should have been.  Going to have to work out the kinks in the hips because I am pretty sure I would have done better tonight if I had felt more limber.  Something to work on.

Other than that though things were good – felt strong cardio wise and was able to focus – 4 miles seemed almost too short a run.  Definitely continuing to improve health wise overall – just need to keep working on the speed.

Next scheduled run is Saturday for 9 miles and then 18 miles are scheduled for Sunday – longer runs are starting to ramp up for Goofy Challenge 2014!!

Speaking of which – 10 weeks today until our travel day for the Goofy Challenge.  So a good 8 weeks of solid training to go before heading into the taper.  Lots of miles yet to go but looking forward to testing myself against the Challenge for the 4th time – this time being in the best shape I have ever been in going into one.

Race pace run tonight – 8 miles in 64 minutes at 1% incline – was a bit rough but no aches or pains – solid run

Run tonight was scheduled at 8 miles and I wanted to try it at near abouts a race pace of 7.5 mph average – and I hit that in the end.  It took some work but I pulled it off.  Most of the running was at 8 mph with the longest stretch being 9 minutes.  I also did 5 minutes of walking and the rest was a balance of 7.2 or 7.5 mph.

I also started with a quick 2.5 minute warm up for 0.16 miles to get the legs stretched out before the actual run.

I think I figured out an issue I have been having with the treadmill over the last month or so – after about 15-20 minutes of running the belt starts to wander to one side.  I would have to get out and adjust the tension and it would start to wander again a few minutes later.  But I think I figured out what was going on – the treadmill wasn’t quite square to the corner it is situated in.  Basically there is a wall to my left while running and one to the front where I have a computer monitor on the wall to watch shows or marathon videos while while I run.  With the treadmill not being quite square I realized I was not running quite straight on the deck causing it to be pushed to one side while I run.  I did a quick adjustment to get it closer and it seems to be pretty good now.  I will have to see how it goes tomorrow – hopefully when it is cooled off it doesn’t zing off in the other direction costing me a new belt….I guess we will see tomorrow.

Weight this morning was down to 218.5 and 217.5 after supper and the run tonight.  I think I am back on track but time will tell.

4 mile training run in 30 minutes – nice to do some sprints – surprisingly I am enjoying interval work

Did some pretty hard pushing on the treadmill tonight – I started with a 2.5 minute warm up at 12% incline for 0.17 miles – good leg stretch to start as I was feeling a bit tight.  The actual run was intervals tonight and I alternated a minute at 7 mph and a minute at 10 mph for 10 minutes and then started alternating a minute at 7 mph and 1.5 minutes at 9 mph.  Over a half hour I totalled 4 miles with about 3 minutes of walking in there and a few minutes at 7.5 mph and 8 mph to round things out.

I have done more miles in a half hour but those were usually alternating 7.5 and 9 mph periods and I wanted to do a bunch at 10 mph tonight so I backed off the slower portions of the run and allowed a bit more walking.  Totalled less mileage but pushed the cardio system a bit harder and gave me some confidence that I can push pretty hard if I need to.

Weight was up a bit today – I had a day off work yesterday and between too many carbs and spending a bunch of the day working at the computer the number climbed a bit.  I don’t think the peanuts I decided to snack on yesterday helped matters too much either – way too easy to eat too many of those little buggers.  So I measured out several individual portions of peanuts into baggies for lunches and snacks which should help me keep a handle on how many of them I am eating.  Weight was 221 this morning when I got up and 220.5 after supper and the evening run – so I can tell it is already starting to correct but I need to get back on course – I want to be down closer to 210 by the end of November.  Focus time!

13.1 mile training run outside – 2:02:45 – nasty, cold north wind (Sun Oct 27, 2013)

Didn’t get to bed quite as early last night as I did the night before – combine that with being tired from getting up way too early yesterday and I ended up missing my alarm.  I vaguely remember hearing the alarm and hitting the snooze button and then wondering why the button wasn’t working…it was but I was hitting snooze and falling back to sleep so fast that when it went off again I didn’t realize time had passed.  So I ended up starting my run a little later than I had been wanting too but at least the sun was up!

I had 3 laps (13.1 miles total) planned and the first lap went well with a bit of a chill in the air and a bit of wind but by the time I was getting near the end of my second lap the wind had picked up and it was very cold and very strong.  Nicely its direction was lined up so that most of the last 1.5 miles of my local loop that I run was directly into the wind.  It was strong enough that it heavily impacted my speed (and motivation) on that portion of the lap.  This made it a bit of fight to convince myself to do the third lap and then it made the last lap pretty tough.  It was a pretty tough go for the last 20 minutes or so today because of that wind!  But I got it done and in a decent time 2:02:45 – most of the reason for that decent time were because the first 2 laps were strong – the 3rd one was tough and it showed in the time for that lap.

Weight was down this morning after the bump yesterday morning – 219 when I got up and 216 after the run.

9 mile training run outside – 1:22:30 – it is really dark outside at 5 am (Sat Oct 26th, 2013)

I went to bed pretty early last night and instead of sleeping to my normal body decided if I wanted to go to bed early it wanted to get up early.  So there I was laying in bed at 4 am waiting for my alarm to go off at 6:15 and then I started doing math – if I got up at 6:15 like my alarm said it was actually going to be pretty tough to get my scheduled run in before our son had to be at his curling lesson.  Crap.  Up I got – grabbed a quick drink and went out and got the run done.

It was pretty chilly out and there are a few stretches that get pretty dark so it was an interesting run.  The moon and stars were out so that was nice although I am not used to seeing Orion in that area of the sky.  I am used to seeing Orion rising…not setting.

Run was good if a bit slower than normal as it was a bit hard to focus.  1:22:30 for the 9 miles.  After the run I had a quick shower, grabbed a blanket and crashed on the couch – I think I was back to sleep before my alarm had been set to go off.  Got in a good hour nap before the kids were up and the scrambling began to get the boy to his curling lesson.

Weight was up a bit this morning – last night was a bit of a scramble as we took the kids to swimming lessons right after work and then got them in their costumes to go hit a mummy exhibit (an actual mummy) and trick-or-treat thing at the Manitoba Museum.  There was a line up out the door so we went and had supper before heading back.  Supper was good but it was a place that does multi-course meals and it was way too much food even though I was watching to make sure I didn’t over do it.  The museum stuff was fun – did a wander through the whole museum with volunteers in a variety of costumes related to the exhibits giving out candy and treats – the kids were overjoyed to be doing it.  The mummy exhibit was pretty good too – I want to go take a second look when the kids aren’t hopped up on excitement for candy.  Was 217.5 yesterday morning and 220.5 this morning before the run  218.5 after the run.