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Weekend running recap – thoughts

I was kind of distracted with company, etc when I wrote my last 2 posts so they were a touch light on details and my thoughts on how things went on the weekend runs.  I figured I would do a weekend recap post to kind of cover that off.

So I did the total scheduled miles for the weekend but not in the way / grouping that I had planned – I also didn’t get in a run longer than half marathon distance like I had hoped.  These things happen but at least I did get out and run in the heat even though I had company over and could have used either of those things as an excuse to not run.  Times were ok on both runs and they both felt relatively good considering the heat and the bit of extra weight I was (and still am) carrying.  With both I seemed to default in around 6.2 mph unless I pushed – that is certainly better than things have been in the past but doesn’t really give me a good idea on how fast I will be once I get into a race and start to push.  That being said the heat was high enough that I shouldn’t have been pushing on the weekend anyway so the lower speed isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

My next race is the Cash Store Financial Freedom Run for Diabetes Research on September 2nd.  Current long range forecast doesn’t have race day up on it yet but it does go to the day before and that shows up currently as a high of 30C (86F) and a low of 14C (57F) – that is a pretty warm temperature for the high but the low is doable for racing in – now depending on the humidity things could feel a lot warmer than that though.

This raises the question as to if I will be able to push hard on the half marathon or not – with the hope of getting nearer to my personal best for a half marathon on this race, I wonder if that is still achievable or even wise to try.  If it is going to be anywhere near what it was for temperature this weekend first thing in the morning then pushing too hard would have health risks that I won’t be wanting to deal with.

That then raises the next question – should I be bothering to taper this week?  If I am not expecting to push hard on the upcoming race then maybe I don’t need to taper and store extra fuel in the muscles but instead push harder and add extra training runs this week to start recovering my weight loss that I partially sabotaged this weekend.  I was 223.5 this morning when I got up which puts me 4.5 pounds up from last Monday – I had weight gain over the week that I discussed before in a few recent posts but I had that almost cleared up and then with company this weekend (and tonight as well) I definitely ate more than I would have planned and drank more than usual as well (both Coke and beer) – this all added up and it should all be temporary but I really want to get my weight back down as quickly as possible so that I am can continue to progress.

At this point now I am trying to decide if I should run on the treadmill tonight or not – it is not scheduled but I would be tempted to run every day this week leading up to the half marathon to help push the weight loss but I’m not entirely sure that is wise either.  So the wisest choice might be to add a run on the treadmill tonight (which was not scheduled), continue the scheduled runs Tuesday through Thursday (30 minutes each but might make Wednesday longer – up to an hour) and then re-evaluate after Thursday night after I can see a better forecast for the race day.  If it looks like it will be too hot on race day I will add runs on Friday and Saturday that aren’t scheduled to add some more miles and aid the weight loss but if it looks like the weather will be good for a push then I will avoid running on Friday and Saturday and depending on how I feel I might reduce the run length of 4.5 on Sunday down to a couple miles to aid in recovery.

Lots of decisions to be made – hopefully I make the right ones!  Even if I choose incorrectly I will still have 2 more races coming up that I can keep pushing towards.

Hmmm – Goofy Challenge race and half challenge is at 99%…..decisions, decisions.

#trainingrun – August 25th, 2013 (Sunday) – 9 miles 1:26:55

222 when woke up and 217.5 after morning run.

Run this morning 9 miles in 1:26:55 and temps were 21C (70C) and felt like 27 (81) when I started and 25C (77F) 32C (90F) when finished.  So still pretty toasty but not nearly as hot as yesterday morning.

I had 13.1 miles on the schedule for today and also wanted to try to push a little further this weekend (17.5 – 18 miles) but I got started too late and the heat made things a bit rough – I could have kept going but I could tell with the heat that if I had kept going there would have been consequences.  8 days until a half marathon race and I don’t need to get spanked by the heat possibly costing training time.

So in the end I got my full scheduled miles in for the weekend if not in the same chunks that I expected and I didn’t get the extra miles I wanted but considering the heat just getting the miles in was a nice surprise.

Spent about 3.5 hours in the pool today too trying to hide from the heat so that was nice and probably helped burn some calories.

Had a fairly large supper so I might see that in my weight tomorrow too.

#trainingrun – August 24th, 2013 (Saturday) – 9 miles 1:27:30

221 when woke up and 217.5 after morning run.

Morning run was 9 miles in 1:27:30 outside in some crazy heat – when I left the house it was 24C (75F) and felt like 33C (91F) when I finished it was 26C (79F) and it felt like 36C (97F).  Despite the heat the run felt pretty good with no aches and pains or lack of energy – just slow from the heat.

My schedule had me at 4.5 miles for the day but I had hoped to get in around 17.5-18 but the heat said “no bloody way”.  I will have to look at getting in a longer run tomorrow if I can instead if it isn’t as hot.

We had lots of company coming and going through the day with snacking and a big supper today as well so it was a lot harder to watch what I was eating and I wasn’t able to spend as much time in the pool as well – expect I will see that it in my weight tomorrow.

#trainingrun – August 23rd, 2013 (Friday) – 3.94 miles in 30 minutes

221.5 when I woke up and 223.5 after run

Well it is a bit irritating that my weight actually went up over the course of the day – especially when the higher weight was even before supper tonight.  After the run my calves felt thick – I am retaining water which I think accounts for the weight jump.  After supper we went for a swim for about a half hour and I was down a half pound after that – so basically about an hour and a half after the run I had dropped a half pound even though I had supper in that period as well.  My legs started feeling better as well so it lends some credence to the thought that it is retained water causing the weight jump.  I am thinking the protein I have been having at work (dry roast almonds and jerky) is causing the grief – lots of sodium.  I will have to sort that out and find a better way to do the protein during the work days.

Run was decent though – I did a 0.16 mile warm up walk at 5% incline in 2.5 minutes.  Then went into a run alternating a minute at 7 mph and a minute at 9 mph – did that for 2 miles / 15 minutes – after that I had a few one minute walk periods and did some runs at 9 mph for longer than 1 minute (one at 2 minutes and a couple at 1.5 minutes).  This ended up with a total of 3.94 miles in 30 minutes.  Cardio vascular wise and from a strong run stand point it was a good run but as I said above my calves felt really thick by the end – but still decent overall.

I have a 4.5 mile run planned tomorrow morning and a 13.1 for Sunday morning but I have company coming so I am planning to do the longer run tomorrow instead but the low tonight is 20 C (68 F) and it is supposed to get smoking hot – so if I don’t get moving early a longer run will be a baaaaad idea – I will set my alarm for early and see what happens.

#trainingrun – August 22nd, 2013 (Thursday) – 4.4 miles in 35 minutes

223.5 when I woke up this morning and 223 after the run this evening.

Was 219 Monday, 219 Tuesday and 221.5 Wednesday – basically I have had a regression on my weight loss mostly due to eating out 2 nights in a row for supper.  Additionally I have been up late the past 3-4 nights which translates into sleeping too late in the morning and not getting the protein breakfasts in that I need.

I have also missed 2 training runs this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) tied into eating out those nights which has not helped.

The net outcome of this is a 4.5 pound weight jump in 2 days – now this should quickly get sorted out as I suspect it is not a permanent weight gain but still not something I wanted to see.  Additionally the missed training runs is not a good thing with the Run for Diabetes half marathon coming up in less than 2 weeks.  I want to taper a bit next week…not this week!

The run tonight was good for speed overall – I did a 2.5 minute warm up walking at 5% incline on the treadmill for a total of 0.17 miles and then reset and started running.  The actual run was at 1% incline and I did the first 2 miles without stopping in 15 minutes (8mph pace) – and then did mostly 8 mph with some walking and some at 7.5 mph to get a total of 4.4 miles in 35 minutes.

Most of my body felt pretty good but a couple times I felt nauseous and I had a pretty sizeable headache for pretty much the whole run.  Both kids are sick with something right now so I might have a touch of it or it could just be my body reacting to being pushed after a few days of rest.

So at this point I have to get back on track – work through the weight regression and get some additional miles in while still giving myself some taper for the September 2nd half marathon.  Should be interesting.