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Manitoba Marathon Plan / To Take List Posted

I have posted a page with my game plan and to take list of the Manitoba Marathon on Sunday June 16th.

It can be accessed here:

June 11th, 2013 (Tuesday)

232 when I woke up and 233.5 after 3 mile run on treadmill (I watched what I ate today so not sure why the weight gain over the day)

The run tonight was not too bad – was relatively quick at 24:12 with 1 min of walking, 2 minutes at 8 mph and the rest at 7.5.  I was fighting a headache the whole way (and most of the day) so motivation was tough.

I missed several runs this past week:

  • Missed a 6 mile on Wednesday
  • A 4 mile on Thursday
  • A 4 mile on Saturday

Not a real great thing to be missing miles at this point – they were all to be mid to high speed runs so that could impact my speed for the Manitoba Marathon on the 16th missing that training but at least I got my longer run in outside on Sunday.

The Sunday run was 7.5 miles (out of a planned 8 – I cut my loops too short) in approx 1:15 with no water or fuel (I forgot my water bottle when I left the house).  Things felt good and things went well taking it nice and slow.

So no concerns at this point for the Manitoba Marathon Sunday – I will finish but time is the real question (which is where the several missed short runs in a row are going to cost me).

So why did I miss the runs?  I was relatively motivated going into the week and was ready to go but between family priorities and work starting on constructing our pool I started to run out of time really quick.  The pool construction ran into some issues as well that took away some motivation and a lot of time.  I won’t get into all the issues here but in the end it is going to cost a lot more than I would like and we had to take down a deck that was sitting on ground that eventually crashed down into the pool hole after we had moved the deck.  So my plan of jumping into our new pool after running the Manitoba Marathon on Sunday is not going to happen now.  It will probably be another week or 2 before that can happen at this point.  But at least the marathon will be done and I will be partially recovered before massive reconstruction on our yard begins and I spend days/weeks moving a wheelbarrow around.

So anyway – at this point 2 training runs to go – 4 miles on the 12th (Wednesday) and then a 2 mile stretch on Saturday.

June 4, 2013 (Tuesday)

231.5 when woke up this morning and 231.5 after run tonight

Run was 4 miles in 32:30 with 1 minute of walking, 1 minute at 7.2 mph and the remainder at 7.5 mph on the treadmill.

Everything felt pretty solid – definitely never felt out of breath and did not cheat on the treadmill.  I had to pay attention to my right leg and knee a little bit as it felt a little odd a couple times – I think this is a left over of the running outside on the past couple weekends.  Usually my outdoor runs have been in the park on pavement but the runs around the neighborhood lately have included a fair bit on cement sidewalks and side roads.  I’m pretty sure I am feeling the impacts from the cement on my legs more that I have from the pavement – something I will have to watch over the next couple weeks – now is NOT the time to get injured.

Since I can’t get my weight to budge I have decided to go back to square one with the protein breakfast concept.  When I started the protein breakfasts I had weight loss occur quite rapidly (2 to 2.5 pounds per week) – initial breakfasts were 2 hard boiled eggs, 20 raw almonds and a protein shake.  After a while I got bored with the eggs and tried to leave them out and my weight started to creep up.  At that point I added a second protein shake to bump the protein intake and that balanced out the weight again but did not really restart the weight loss.

So as of this morning I have gone back to the original diet including the hard boiled eggs – I will try this for a couple weeks and see what happens.  I need to cut back or remove the Coke from my diet as well but with only a few weeks before the Manitoba Marathon I don’t want to make that big a change.  After the marathon is done I will look at that change and see what happens from there.

June 2nd, 2013 (Sunday)

229.5 when woke up and 225.5 after morning run (bit of a surprise there – I don’t think I have hit under (even after a run) since I started this adventure back in September)

Run today was 12.1 miles outside completed in 1:55 – not as fast as the WPS Half Marathon but still pretty good considering there was no one to compete with and it was just me and my own thoughts to keep me occupied.  Only had 2 short breaks for water (at about 11.2 and 11.8 miles) totaling around a minute for breaks.

Breakfast before the run was a coffee and 2 pieces of rye toast with peanut butter.  Things felt pretty good but I could tell that I was running out of energy on the run – definitely points to making sure I bring fuel with me on the Manitoba Marathon in 2 weeks and that I will need to enforce breaks and fuel stops to keep a solid pace.

Between what I saw today on the 12 miles and last week on the 20 miles I would say that under 4:30 should be my goal – it would be great to be closer to 4:15 (and my personal best) and some of the training runs says that should be possible but I suspect that 4:30 is more realistic.

June 1, 2013 (Saturday)

230.5 when I woke up and 228.5 after morning run

Run was 4.5 miles in 41:16 outside – no stops, breaks or fuel on the run and had no breakfast before the run.  Things felt pretty good even though it wasn’t particularly warm outside and there was a fairly strong cold north wind to contend with.

A bunch of work was done around the yard today as well – our pool is going to be dug in the upcoming week and I had to get a bunch of stuff out of the way for the excavator.  This included taking out a section of fence and a gate and moving a bunch of stuff from the garage to the shed.  We also did some work on the front planters and rock garden that burnt through a few calories as well.