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May 23rd, 2013 (Thursday)

228 when I woke up this morning and 229 after the run tonight.

Run tonight was 5 miles in 41:10 with 3 minutes of walking and almost all of the rest at 7.5 mph – there was a minute and a half at 8 mph and I tried to get up to 9 mph but the breaker in the panel for the treadmill tripped after about 10 seconds.  Run felt good and there was no cheating on the treadmill so that was good for the confidence.

I have a fan on the same circuit as the treadmill and it looks like the breaker is popping when the treadmill starts drawing more current for the faster speeds.  In the past couple weeks I have had the breaker trip twice – both times when I was above 8.5 mph – so it looks like the higher current draw in conjunction with the fan motor draw is enough to pop the breaker.  I will move where I have the fan plugged in for the next run and test the theory.

There are some shorter runs coming up in the next few weeks as the tapering begins and I would like to try some of them at higher speeds so I am going to have to sort this out for that to happen.

May 22nd, 2013 (Wednesday)

231 first thing in the morning and 229.5 after run in the evening

Weight yesterday was 233 when I got up – not good – this was probably due to a road trip on the weekend and eating out on Monday.  Monday was a holiday here in Canada and the restaurant effected my system and it showed in my weight on Tuesday morning.

Things cleaned up a little by Wednesday morning but I did not run Tuesday night due to how I was feeling.  There is the potential I was fighting something as well since both the kids had had fevers and had gotten sick over the past week – with my daughter actually having a fever Tuesday night.

Run tonight was 10 miles completed in 85 minutes with 5 minutes of walking and the rest at 7.2 and 7 mph with several minutes up to 7.5 mph for a total of 1820 calories burnt.

The run felt not bad but I am definitely having troubles maintaining focus and keeping myself interested on runs over an hour long lately so I really need to work on that – once the weather sorts out again I should be able to move outside and that should help at least a little.

May 19th, 2013 (Sunday)

231 when I woke up and 228 after a 13.1 mile run later in the afternoon

The run went ok but I got super bored on the treadmill – it was raining outside pretty heavily and running outside for that long a period was not going to happen.

Time for the distance was 1:52:15 which is faster than I did the WPS Half Marathon but I would expect to be faster on the treadmill than outside most days anyway so this probably shows that I haven’t lost ground but isn’t likely to mean that I have actually gotten faster.

Basically I have been having trouble lately getting motivated mostly due to work stress and probably some stress eating on top of that.  I need to find my focus again – hopefully this coming week as it is scheduled to be a 50 mile week.

Weight is up and down but as I mentioned I probably am doing some stress eating and I will need to get that under control.  At this point even if I get things under control I suspect that I won’t be down to under 220 for the Manitoba Marathon on Fathers’ Day but I will try my best.

May 16, 2013 (Thursday)

227 when I woke up this morning and 229 after run this evening.

Run tonight was 5 miles which I managed to complete in 40 minutes flat – there was no walking and the entire run was at 7.5 mph with no breaks.

Things definitely felt pretty good on the run (especially since I almost had myself convinced not to run tonight) – there was no cheating on the treadmill and I never really felt out of breath – I’m not sure how much longer I could have sustained that speed without a break but it is definitely the fastest I have done 5 miles in years.  So things are definitely continuing to get better which is good to know.

Not sure why my weight seems to have spiked over the course of the day – I did go out for breakfast with the boys from work but I don’t think bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast would have caused a spike.  Supper wasn’t anything out of the ordinary either so the weight spike is a bit of a mystery and is something I will have to watch.

May 15, 2013 (Wednesday)

229 when woke up – 228.5 after evening run

Run was 10 miles tonight instead of the scheduled 6 – I need to make up some miles from what I missed last week so the extra miles tonight will help.  I did the 10 miles in 85 minutes which is pretty good considering I had absolutely no desire to get on the treadmill at all.  Plus we had a late supper and I didn’t get on the treadmill until much later than I normally like – in the end it was well after 10pm when I got off the treadmill.