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March 24, 2013 (Sunday)

233 when woke up – did not weigh myself after run in the evening – more on the run below.

233.5 Saturday morning (Had Boston Pizza for supper on Friday and that probably impacted the weight) – did a 7.02 mile run in 63 minutes – 2 x 1 min walks and rest at 6.6 and 7.0 mph.  Felt strong for this run in the morning.

231 Friday morning – had breakfast with the guys at work so probably had a bigger breakfast than I normally would have.

So for Sunday – I slept in so didn’t get on the treadmill first thing so I decided to wait until the evening to do the planned 10 mile run.  We ended up having a bit of a later breakfast and I didn’t do my normal high protein breakfast (had French toast instead).  Since we had a later breakfast we also had a later lunch (ate out and had too much) which of course led to a later supper (which probably also ate too much).  I waited a while after supper before getting on the treadmill but obviously I didn’t wait long enough because I quickly felt pretty nauseous and ended up calling it a day after 2.7 miles in 25 minutes.

So between that missed run, all the food this weekend and the fact that I have had a bunch of licorice this weekend I expect my weight to be brutal tomorrow.  I am not working tomorrow so I might have to take a shot at getting the missed run in if I can get a chance.

Today also marks the 6 weeks to WPS half marathon and 12 weeks to Manitoba Marathon point – it is time to step up my game and get the weight loss going again.  Speed and distance are working well but I need to get more dedicated to getting all the runs in to get my speed and endurance up while getting the weight to drop again!

I am going to be cranky if my weight is too high tomorrow.

March 21, 2013 (Thursday)

233.5 when woke up – 232.5 after a 7.02 mile run in 61 minutes.

Was 233 when woke up yesterday.  I didn’t run yesterday – between running around and getting the kids to bed late it was too late to run last night once I got some spare time.

So to make up for the missed 7 mile run yesterday I did it tonight instead of the shorter run that I had scheduled.  Did the run in 61 minutes with only 2 x 1 min walks and the rest at 7 mph with little to no cheating on the treadmill.

Really seemed to have energy tonight on the treadmill – part of that will be the missed run last night but I think also the music I listed to tonight helped.  I had Disney marathon videos playing on the monitor by the treadmill but I didn’t listen to them (I have seen them so often the music is getting a bit repetitive and not really helping drive me much).  Instead I was listening to a playlist on my Samsung Android music player that I used on for the Goofy back in January – quite a mix of music with everything from Enya to Manowar to Weird Al to Shaggy.  Very helpful in distracting me and giving me some energy.  I need to remember that and use it to my advantage.

My weight seems to be coming back down to the range where I have been for a few months now after the spike earlier in the week.  It is definitely time to really start watching what I am doing and get the weight loss kick started again.  I am just about done the first of the 3 six week periods in this training cycle and I definitely haven’t met my weight loss goals in that period so I need to reassess my goals.  I will be doing that for Monday so that I can start the 2nd six week period with a new goal.

March 19th, 2013 (Tuesday)

237 when woke up and 235.5 after 4 mile run in 38 minutes.

Was 235 yesterday morning and 234 after an hour of shoveling.

Weight spike from yesterday to today – not sure exactly what but could have been too many snacks during the day or potentially too much cheese.  I think I am ready to focus again I just need to work on it harder.

I took it easy on the run give me an easy win without pushing too hard – I have been working on speed lately and it was just good to put in the miles at an easy pace for once.  I started with 2 minutes of walking and then the remainder was either 6.6 or 6.0 mph.

March 17, 2013 (Sunday)

236 when woke up this morning – 232.5 after 14.02 mile run in 2 hours 7 minutes.

Did the first 7 miles in 60:30 and hit the half marathon point at 1:57:20.

This was a bit of a surprise – I did the run in the late afternoon because I could not get myself rolling in the morning but I knew I desperately needed to get this run in – so I went into it not expecting much.  I started out at an decent speed to try to get the miles in (6.8 mph) but then started adding in 7.5 mph periods to see what I could do.  I was pretty burnt after the first hour but managed to push through by adding some walking and slower running speeds.

The speed overall was pretty surprising – I did some cheating by holding onto the treadmill, etc but all in all this is the first time I have hit an under 2 hour half marathon time in many years.  It was on the treadmill so I don’t know what that would translate to outside on the roads but still a very heartening thing to have finished.  Hopefully that knocks down some mental barriers and gets me fired up again.

It is 7 weeks today until the WPS Half Marathon date so if I can solidify this time and pull it off outside in the 7 weeks time I have left before that race it would be very good.  I would be more than satisfied to be under 2 hours for the WPS Half but it is also possible to get closer to 1 hr 55 or potentially even lower if I hit all my runs and really work on my speed.  I will continue to re-evaluate my times as things continue but the continuing to push and the upcoming longer runs should help.

March 16, 2013 (Saturday)

236 this morning when woke up – 235 after run.  Run was 7.02 miles in 60 minutes – total of 4 minutes of walking and remainder at 6.6 mph and 7.5 mph – two longest fastest stretches were 2 9 minute periods at 7.5 mph.

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post – things have been pretty busy and I have missed a few runs in this time as well.

March 9th – 6.71 mile run in 1 hour – 4 min walk and rest @ 6.6 and 7.5 mph

March 12th – 4 mile run in 34:20 – 1 min walk, total of 2:50 @ 8 mph and rest @ 7 mph

Missed 13 mile run for March 10th, 7 mile on March 13th and 4 miles on March 14th.

I had a 4 day training course for work this week that was pretty exhausting and required home work and had an after hours event to attend on Thursday.  I also needed had some normal work to get done in the evening on Thursday so that day was shot for sure.  Basically been busy and tired this past week.  I need to get more sleep and get my training back on track.

Judging by the runs I have done in the past couple weeks it would seem that my speed is picking up – we will see tomorrow morning what that translate to for a longer run tomorrow morning (14 miles) – I would like to do the 14 miles in 2hrs 10 min if possible.

It is 7 weeks tomorrow to the WPS Half Marathon and I need to get the running rolling.

My weight is also up a bit to 236 as of this morning – between the missed runs and a bit of a messed up diet due to the training course this is understandable.  I need to deal with this though and get things moving in the right direction on the weight loss – I have to focus on the high protein breakfast and ensuring all the training runs occur as they should.  I also have to make sure I eat correctly during the day.  If this all falls into place as it should I should be able to get down to 220 or so for the WPS half.  This doesn’t match my original plan for this period but if I can get myself to this point it will still be a very good goal.  From there I can drive harder than I had originally planned in the last 6 weeks of the training program for the Manitoba Marathon – for the weight loss aspect at least (the running training will happen as normal but the weight loss could be pushed harder).  This could still get me near the original goal weight for the full of 207 pounds.  If I can lose 2 pounds a week for the 13 remaining weeks of the training program that would still take me to 210 for the Marathon day which is pretty close and very good overall.  Really, anything under 220 would be phenomenal but I need a lower goal than that to help drive me.

All in all – it is time to refocus and get the running and diet under control.