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Nov 10, 2012 (Saturday)

244 when woke up. (lowest this week so far was 243.5 when I woke up)

It is 8am right now and we have a blizzard moving in – I was up around 6:30 to go to the park but higher winds and deep wind chill temperatures made me decide to hold off. I will run on the treadmill later today (my son T has curling at 9:45 so need to look after my daughter K) – this should let me push harder on the treadmill than I would have outside.

Tomorrow will depend on how much snow we get – forecasts vary but could be over 20cm although I’m not sure if the radar picture supports that. If there isn’t much snow and the winds die down then I will run outside. It is only a 12 mile run so if I have to run on the treadmill it won’t be so bad.

Weight loss almost seems to have slowed down – I think I might be eating a bit too much at supper, my coke drinking could be tapered a bit, instead of taking a few hazel nut chocolates to work I have been taking an equal amount of Halloween candy bars instead (prob more calories and more sugar), been having an occasional extra bag of 20 almonds as a snack. Those are all things that could be a problem – time change has occurred as well which has screwed up my sleep a bit so I am more tired as well. I am still able to motivate myself on the treadmill but I’m not running as intensely and I think that has a direct correlation to being more tired and also to the slow down of the weight loss. (Comment Dec 15 – I think I tracked the issue to not having the hard boiled eggs in the morning – instead I had more almonds – when I switched back to eggs things seem to get back on track again)

Had to skip the Tuesday run this week due to timing with the kids’ swimming, etc but did do the 9 mile on Wednesday and 4 miles on Thursday – neither run was done with a hard drive – just took it easy.

Nov 4, 2012 (Sunday)

245 when woke up / 242 after run.

Ran 17.6 miles today – 3 hrs 27.5 minutes – at 16 miles was 3 hrs and 3 minutes – for the half marathon distance it was 2 hrs 25 minutes (approx) – 11 miles was 2 hrs 1 min. For the 8.8 mile point I was at 1 hr 33 minutes which was 3-4 minutes faster than the 8.8 from yesterday (probably pushing too hard) – I used up that time savings refilling my water from the van and loading my pockets with chocolates and eating a banana.

Early miles were decently quick for slippery conditions – 5.7 mph first hour – average was approx 5.5 for 2 hours. Got slow after the half marathon point – I started to run out of water and juice and any kind of fuel. I still need to sort out better fueling along the run and before it. I can do the med runs with a banana and some almonds but it definitely isn’t enough for the longer runs. I need to get carbs first thing before the run and then fuel better along the way.

The run/walk cycling seems to have helped – definitely got me faster along the first couple hours – if it can be maintained it can get me more speed overall. Seems to be helping the knee too – it feels good today after the run. My inner thighs are another thing though – apparently the running underwear rode up during the run and I have some pretty bad chafing – I threw out the underwear so I don’t make that mistake again. ouch

All in all things felt good up until about the half marathon point – after that I really had to push to get to the 16 mile point and to finish the run. I was running out of water and was rationing it which didn’t help things near the end – ran out shortly after beginning the final lap but luckily there is a water fountain in the picnic building right by the duck pond. By the time I realized that it was pretty much too late – I was able to finish because of it but it was definitely too late.

It was near freezing for the run but with the layers I was wearing I did sweat and get fairly wet – later in the run the wind picked up a bit and I was extremely chilled by the end – my toque was soaked as were my gloves and I had spares in the van and should have used them. This will be something to watch on later long runs when it gets colder out.

Between the cold, the lack of fuel and the lack of water I definitely had issues pushing near the end – I have to work on all 3 as I work on increasing my endurance. I also need to be careful about pushing too hard too early on the longer runs – it is the overall time that matters not making each lap faster than the last run.

After the run I had a hot shower and ate a quick breakfast (2 pieces rye toast with margarine and peanut butter, a glass of milk and some coke) before laying down for just over an hour. It took a fair bit of the nap before I felt warm again. I felt a bit drained the rest of the day until probably around supper time. Between the time change and the long run and cold a longer rest was probably necessary to restore my energy. Tomorrow should be interesting to see where I’m in pain.

7 weeks to go for longer training before getting into the tapering – what should be my goals be? How best to move forward and get faster?

I see a few things:

  • Continue interval training for the medium and longer runs
  • Continue straight runs for shorter runs to keep building endurance and speed
  • Work on fuelling better before the weekend runs
  • Work toward increasing the run portions of the run / walk cycles?
  • Ensure bring more water on the long run days
  • Bring extra dry clothes for staying warm and dry on the longer runs – will definitely help for the runs near 20 miles
  • Continue motivating and pushing hard during the week
  • Try to get the 17.6 mile section down to 3 hours – this would equate to about a 4.5 hour marathon. This is going to take speed training and building of endurance
  • Lose more weight – coming down another 20 pounds from 245 of this morning would be huge – but 230 would be very useful as well. This weight loss would be huge for increasing the speed in the point above. Goal would be around 236/237 by end of November and then 230 just before Christmas – any extra weight loss would be useful. Don’t expect or even want weight loss in the tapering weeks as want to make sure that muscles are well fueled prior to the runs.

Nov 3rd, 2012 (Saturday)

246.5 when woke up – 244 after run

Did 8.8 miles this morning in approx 1 hr 37 min but had to stop to tie my shoes twice on the first lap of 4 so should have been quicker – in total I was probably 3 minutes faster than the 8.8 last Saturday. I had to run slower than I wanted because of a light snow fall over night – made the road in the park slippery in lots of areas – as it started to melt I got faster – last lap was fastest of the 4 and I could have kept going easily. I did the run/walk cycles and it did seem to work well – the time just kind of disappeared as I didn’t really focus on how much I had left to do – I just watched the individual cycles. I used 4 min run to 1 min walk and it seemed to be good. I will follow the same cycles again tomorrow for the 17.6 mile run and see where it goes.

The hope for tomorrow is to be close to 3 hours for the 17.6 mile run – if the roads are clear and I am able to run faster on the run cycles it should be possible. Last week’s 16 mile took a few minutes over 3 hours so if I can meet the hoped for time that will be a 10% improvement from the run/walk cycles which would be awesome. More probable is closer to 3 hours 10 minutes which would be about a 5% increase – which is still a pretty good improvement for just changing the running style. Just over 3 hours 20 minutes would give the same average speed as last week.

My knee seems ok this morning – it was hurting a bit last night but ended up having Advil before bed and my knee seemed good first thing in the morning – I had to be careful on the slippery roads but the knee handled the 8.8 miles pretty good. Hopefully it can handle the run tomorrow as well.

Fuel for this morning’s run was a protein shake, a swig of coke, a banana and 20 almonds. During the run I only had water. After the run I had another banana and more almonds. Not feeling crazy hungry or low on blood sugar but I will have to watch what I eat today to make sure I have fuel in the system for tomorrow.

Nov 2, 2012 (Friday)

244 in the morning.

Running last night went surprisingly well – it took a bit initially to find how to run without hurting the knee but I got it sorted out and did 8 miles in approx 82 minutes doing 4 min run 1 min walk cycles. I had plenty of energy after I was done but was pretty hungry – I finished the run shortly before 10pm and I really didn’t want to eat anything but in the end had a small glass of coke and 20 almonds. Weight after the run was 245.5.

Had a fair bit of energy today – had the protein breakfast and then ended up going for breakfast with the boys at work around 10:30 – had an apple and a banana through the rest of the day but little else. Supper was spaghetti and meat sauce – probably had more of that then I should have but since I have 8.8 miles to do in the morning this probably isn’t that bad an idea.

Tried doing some chin ups and some dips which didn’t go great but I haven’t done them in a few months so it would be expected to be a bit off. I will have to try to do these more regularly if just as a confirmation that I am not losing muscle as part of the weight loss.

No running tonight – must let the knee rest for tomorrow – also need to do some studying for the midterm exam tomorrow. Tomorrow will be tough to get through with the run in the morning before my son T has curling at 9:30 then after that I will have to do the mid-term exam. In the end I also need to make sure I have enough energy to run 17 miles (17.6) on Sunday before Heather goes to a baby shower in the early afternoon. It is going to be a tough weekend.

On the 8.8 tomorrow I am going to try to do run/walk cycles to see what that does to overall speed – I’m hoping that will get me a few percentage points faster and hopefully will make the time go by faster.

For the run/walk cycles I will be trying a program on the media player that will give verbal cues at the proper time – this will be running at the same time as the gps app and the music player – hopefully the player doesn’t choke on it. (Comment Dec 15: I was using a running app on my android media player that I use to listen to music while running, it is basically an Android phone but without the phone part (wi-fi only) – I listen to music, run a gps tracking app and also use a run/walk cycle trigger app – but I kept having the gps app crap out so haven’t been using it in a while – did have some issues with the micro SD card later though so might have to try it again.)

Sounds like my knee issue is probably runners’ knee – treat with ice, rest and anti-inflammatories basically. Usually triggered by poor form or working too hard. I know the initial trigger was on the treadmill while cheating so I definitely had poor form. The trick will be getting through this weekend with decent times without aggravating it further. It was not bad today after the 8 yesterday but it kept giving me a shot if I stepped wrong or started to cheat. I will have to watch it on the runs over the weekend.

I think I should have a better idea after the weekend where I might end up for times on the runs. I’m hoping to get some speed from the run/walk cycle plus will get improvements over Nov and early Dec through training. If I can keep the weight loss going strong then I should get a boost from that too. Put this all together and I hope it translates to meeting my initially set goals – if all goes really well maybe I can get closer to the 6.6 mph that would put me back in the vicinity of where I was in 2005/2006. That may be asking too much but it is good to dream.

I have been sitting here typing for just a short while and I have already gone over a full page of text – I should probably start to think about if blogging would work for me or maybe contributing occasionally to a site. (Comment Dec 15 – well…trying the blog thing, we’ll see how it works)

Nov 1, 2012 (Thursday)

248 this morning was 246 last Thursday morning

Over the weekend I did 8.8 on Saturday but wasn’t able to run on Sunday due to a race in the park. Did 16 miles in just over 3 hours on Monday in the park but now I am having trouble with my right knee. I kind of tweaked it last week on the treadmill but it got pretty aggravated on the longer runs over the weekend. Because I had to do the long run on the Monday and my knee was bugging me I took Tuesday and Wednesday off of running which might be why my weight seems up a touch. I need to get on the treadmill tonight and hopefully things go ok – I probably won’t run tomorrow night but will have to do 8.8 on Saturday and 17 on Sunday this week. Plus I have to do a midterm on the course I am taking on Saturday so hopefully I can make things all balance out this weekend. I would like to do longer than 17 miles on Sunday but we will have to see. My thought is to run for an hour and then start doing interval running from there – if that goes well I should hopefully be able to make the miles disappear.

Still doing the high protein breakfast – vitamins and water, 2 hardboiled eggs, 1 protein shake, 1 small glass of coke and 20 raw almonds – totals out to about 50g of protein. I am also sticking to taking lunch with me usually consisting of an apple and a banana, a few small pieces of chocolate as a snack and a ham/turkey wrap with a bit of cheese and some barbeque sauce. This all seems to be working well for keeping the snack urges away. Do have to keep working on the weight loss though. (Comment Dec 15: This seems to be a big part of the weight loss I have managed to attain so far – protein shake and 2 hard boiled eggs is what really is working – I will write this up more throughly in its own page soon)

10 weeks today to the travel day for the marathon weekend – basically about 8 solid weeks of training left so hopefully I can get my knee through it and get the weight down too. With what time I have left 240 should be more than doable with just maintaining my diet and the running – this would be about 1 pound per week. It should also be possible with some focus and watching how much coke I drink to drop 2 pounds a week getting me closer to 230-232 range before the race. 240 is now my short term goal and 230 is my mid term goal prior to the marathon. If I can get there then it should be a matter of continuing to train for the Manitoba full marathon and get the remaining weight loss I want out of that training.

I will try to update after I try to run tonight.