2 runs today – total of 17.65 miles

Mothers’ Day today so I wanted to make sure to go get a run done before the wife got out of bed.

I needed to get 18 miles in today and by the time I woke up I realized that wasn’t going to happen before breakfast so I headed out to do a shorter run. I did 2 laps around the neighborhood for a total of 8.83 miles in 1:19:22. My right knee wasn’t feeling great for the first lap but it slowly sorted itself out and the run was decent in the end.

Rolled through the day and then after an early Mothers’ Day supper of Chinese food and a bit of a break to digest I headed out for a second run to see if I could get myself closer to the 18 mile total for the day. The first part of the second run felt pretty rough, I almost stopped in the first 5-10 minutes! But my Garmin didn’t register a signal until about 4-5 minutes in when it did I was way over my normal easy pace. I backed off and after a little bit I was able to settle in and keep going. I did the evening run of 8.82 miles in 1:18:31. A faster pace than the morning run! I did get some more tweaks from the right knee again but not too bad and I was able to work through it pretty well.

So total today was 17.65 miles – 0.35 short of my scheduled mileage but still pretty good. Now 2 more hard weeks coming up before taper begins for Manitoba Marathon in June!

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