2.2 miles in 19:57 – flu still keeping me from running very long but wanted to make sure I do some #megsmiles today

I was going to take a break today and just rest up some more but then I heard about Meg’s Miles #megsmiles –  https://www.facebook.com/events/489458451159627/.  I wanted to show my support after reading about this tragedy.  Impaired and distracted driving is a real concern and as a parent of 2 young kids this really strikes home for me.  Very sad.

A short 2.2 miles this morning – still couldn’t run at any speed longer than a couple minutes before my lungs started to burn and I started to cough.  But I could do those 2 minutes at a decent speed, so I did that and then did a 1 minute walking break and then would run again.  Physically I can run I just need to be able to breath too.

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