19.5 miles in 3:05:40 – Solid run – none of the issues I had yesterday reappeared – fhew!

I did however forget to put on nipple protectors…ouch.

I also forgot to charge my Garmin yesterday and it died on me a little over 2 hours in.  I run a running tracking app on my phone when I run as well as a back up but it is not as fast to check on the run.  So I ended up taking a guess on how far I still needed to go and figured out when I got home that I missed by half a mile.  Not awful and I was definitely still feeling good so that half mile wouldn’t have been an issue to do…but still a lesson to myself to keep the Garmin charged.  Now that I can actually run outside I have to retrain myself on that.

Other than that the run was pretty decent.  I did get a later start than I wanted but as I didn’t have any other pressing obligations this morning it didn’t cause me any grief.  I made sure to eat before the run – something simple – peanut butter toast and then for fuel on the run I had a bottle of Gatorade and a bottle of flat Coke. I also tried some spirulina algae tablets at 1 hour and at 2 hours in.  The spirulina seemed to help give some extra energy although the tablets I grabbed are a bit big to swallow easily on the run with a dry throat. I can see where the EnergyBits form factor of the tiny little tablets would be a major plus when running.

I ran 4 laps around the neighborhood (4 X 4.37 = approx 17.5 miles) and then finished out the remaining miles out and back in the neighborhood. The Garmin watch died shortly after I was done the 3rd lap so I don’t really know how fast the 4th lap was but from the 3 I timed the last one was the fastest. That tracks with how I was feeling – the first lap was pretty rough to get moving plus I had some nervousness around the distance planned for the day, especially with how I was feeling yesterday. By the second lap I had settled in and by the 3rd I was able to push and feel good. Judging by the chart in the phone’s gps app the 4th lap might have been faster still but I’m not really sure.

In the end a run that was good for my confidence for sure. If I extrapolate out the speed I would be just a touch better than my marathon PR. Considering I wasn’t trying to push for speed and I wasn’t in a race setting to get amped up, I think I am in a good position already for the Manitoba Marathon coming up on Father’s Day in 6 weeks!

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