18 miles in 2:33:38 @ 1% incline. That was awful. First 1:30 was ok but things fell apart hard after that.

Almost quit 3 times in the last hour or so.  It took everything I had to keep going and was down to walking every 5 minutes by the end.  Only had 2 minutes of walking in the first hour and a half but at least another 10 minutes of walking in the last hour.

I’m not sure if I went out too fast or just what but I had nothing left in the tank after that first hour and a half.  The overall time doesn’t look too bad all things considered but if you compare the first hour and half versus the last hour you can see how badly I fell apart.

I did 11 miles in 1:29:48 and then reset the treadmill (our treadmill doesn’t display seconds after 99:59 so I wanted to reset at a good point for easy math for the remaining miles).  Only 2 minutes of walking in this whole period.

Then did the remaining 7 miles in 63:50. There was lots of walking involved here – at least 10 minutes and when I was running I couldn’t hit a solid pace.  I was close to quitting 3 times in this period – not exactly sure how I pushed through but I made it.

Pace for the first 1.5 hours = 7.35 mph and for the last hour = 6.58 – quiet a drop.  Obviously I am going to have to work on my endurance some more.  March is high mileage month with several long runs planned so that should help!

So I would say I have lost some endurance since the Goofy Challenge / Disney World Marathon in January but it could be worse.  If I can get back to running my weekend runs outside again in the next month or so that will help a lot as well.

Glad that one is done.

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